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About Us

All things trailer! If it's on wheels but doesn't have a motor, Trailer Kings is your trailer center. From flatbed, cargo, car, motorcycle trailers to dog, horse, dump trailers and all kinds in between, trailer kings has your trailer! Need replacement parts or trailer repairs?

Call or come by Trailer Kings and let us treat you like royalty.

Just wanted to say hello to all of my buddies out there....I have joined Louisiana Sportsman and will be providing support with your trailers, whether you have a boat trailer, enclosed or flatbed, etc.. Many of you know me from other fishing sites and I am excited to be on Louisiana Sportsman. If I do not know you yet, I will!

My family owns Skipper B Boat Trailers (sales, parts, service, maintenance and repairs) located at 805 Westbank Expressway in Westwego, 504-340-4553. We also own Trailer Kings (cargo, flatbed, dump trailers, horse trailers, name it, I either have it or can get it!), specializing in new and used trailers, parts, service, repairs and maintenance, located at 1125 Avenue H, Westwego, LA, 504-340-4553. My personal cell phone number is 504-570-9832 and those of you who know me know I am just a phone call away.

Please feel free to call me or email me at if you have any questions or need trailer advice. I already recognize a lot of names on this site and I am sure that my friends will tell you I love what I do and will help any way I can. Although my family owns several trailer businesses as well as the ABC Title and Notary offices, I will gladly share information with you, regardless of whether I ever meet you or not. My intention is to keep you all safe and off of the side of the road. Sometimes, I get business from the information I offer, sometimes I do not, and that is okay. Just ask and I will help you! Friends, tell them it is true, lol!

Goodnight for now....hope you all bombarde me with lots of questions!!!!!

Jo Anna Boesch....a.k.a. the Trailer Queen!

From Louisiana Sportsman, a reader emailed with the following (in summary):

"Good grief you came along at the right time. I had bought a new grease gun about a month ago and put it on one of my bearing buddys to grease them up. Well, we couldn't get it off no matter what we would do. Finnaly had to remove the bearing buddy after we pulled springs and all out trying to get the grease gun off.

Went to auto parts store and bought a set of bearing buddys (the original name brand too)and a new grease gun lol.
I went ahead and took the other one off and replaced both bearing buddys. They went on great but they keep backing out. In fact the one one the port side of the trailer came out completely and I replaced it with another brand and it came off too. The starboard side stayed but backs out about 1/4inch. Please help with advise."

My response is as follows:

"I will be glad to help you with this or any other problem you may have. And, you can always call, 504-340-4553 or 504-570-9832. Now, to help with your problem.

Without having the benefit of seeing your trailer, I would guess that whoever installed your bearing protectors bent them a bit during installation. The problem is now that you may have messed your hubs up a bit trying to get the bearing protectors out and re-install. Not a hard problem to solve. (By the way, why were you removing your bearing protectors and when was the last time you de-greased and re-greased your hubs?)

First, if you live anywhere near Westwego or come over here, I would like to look at your hubs. Then, I would know for certain. (You definitely have a little something going on but in the grand scheme of things, not too bad.). Now, if you were to put a "mic" on the hub you would probably find it is slightly off somewhere, probably due to efforts in installing or removing the bearing protectors. Now that you have this little problem, your hubs are probably not too damaged to continue using. Many people simply apply a thin layer of adhesive silicone to the bearing protector and re-install them. This is not optimal but it beats the options- 1) not using bearing protectors....really not an option, and 2) having to buy new hubs. The adhesive may last a little while or a long while, seen it both ways with no explanation as to why it works sometimes and not others.

My suggestions are this: 1) Take your trailer by a reputable trailer repair shop and have them look at your hubs. (I would do the inspection for free.) This gives you the information you need to proceed. The trailer company may at that time notice something else, like possibly a bent axle or spindle that is chewed up, which may be another cause for your problems. 2) If your hubs are good but just a little wobbled out, buy 2 new hubs and install them on your trailer. Take the wobbled out hubs, assuming they are usable, pack them with bearings, salt-water application grease and a fresh seal and grease cap and keep them in your truck in case of an emergency.

Again, without seeing your trailer I am guessing...but I am a pretty good guesser.

I have a buddy who is looking for free aerial maps in the Delacroix, Hopedale area. Are there any free maps, etc. for this or are they purchase only?

A fellow LAS reader called, wisely I might add, asking questions before he purchased a boat trailer owned by a "friend" in Mississippi. The friend did not have a trailer title but could offer a bill of sale which would include the VIN on it. Question was asked about whether he should go ahead and buy the trailer. Seems like a nice guy he is buying from, the LAS reader says.

After discussion, I learn that the Mississippi guy has recently gone through a nasty divorce and thinks the ex threw away all paperwork on the trailer. Things that make you go hmmmmm. It's a good deal for the buyer but should he purchase the trailer under the current circumstances?

I told him I would not give the guy any money or even consider purchasing the trailer all of the following has happened:

1) Call the guy and ask him when his next day off may be. Schedule a day off as well and meet the seller at a Mississippi DMV. Have the gentleman get the most current registration card from the MS DMV, be there with him to see if there is any discussion that would indicate there is a problem with ownership, etc. (By the way, MS does not do boat trailer titles, only registrations.) Ask the clerk if the trailer is stolen or if there are any comments or flags posted.
2) Make sure that the guy you are buying from is the person on the registration. Ask for his ID. Check his picture. Compare signatures. Get a copy of his ID. Keep that copy.
3) Make sure the seller's wife is not on the registration. If she is, haul behind out of there and fast. Odds are real good at that point that the seller is trying to dispose of the trailer and make money without her knowing.
4) Make sure there is no lien holder listed for the trailer. For obvious reasons.
5) Check the VIN on the registration card to that on the trailer. Sound silly, but believe me, the old switch-a-roo does happen to trusting souls.

The last thing you want to have happen is to purchase a trailer you cannot ever title or get caught up in a stolen property catastrophe. Believe me, real nice guys get caught up every single day...don't be one of them. It is super sad when old people fall into this trap...hate it so bad.

BTW, Louisiana does not just issue new VINs readily. The rumour that you can just go to Troop B, etc. and get a new VIN is told mostly by the people trying to sucker you into buying their crap, and they know exactly what they are doing.

Spread the word. Seems like I hear about title shananigans more frequently now that the economy is, shall we say, not as perky as certain body parts used to be. Buyer beware. The person trying to sell a trailer may one day try to sell one he stole from you.

I am pleased to find that many of you are taking the time to get your trailers in good working condition before the warmer weather gets here. Generally, people wait until good weather is upon us and trailer shops are full. I am impressed that people are not putting safety on the back burner, especially in this economy.

I need to add a mechanic at Skipper B and Trailer Kings before we get any busier (to ensure they get a lot of focused training before they start doing supervised jobs). Both shops are located in Westwego.

I want to talk to individuals with two different experience levels:
1) Mechanic: Has worked on trailers in the past (boat trailer mainly, enclosed and flatbed a plus but not a requirement). Experience can come from working on a personal trailer, not necessarily from employment. Absolutely must be a fisherman or fisherwoman (?, funny) who has trailered for years. No greenie to trailers need apply for that position. Welding experience a plus.
2) Apprentice: Someone with very little to no experience who is looking for an opportunity to learn a trade. We will train that person from ground up. It would be awesome if we could find a younger person who needs a chance in life and needs to work.

Trailer work is not easy, clean or climate controlled. Must be reliable, professional and able to withstand working for me. Must be courteous and be able to take direction as given. Period. I will not accept average outcomes or interactions. It is not enough that we meet your expectations. I aim to exceed them each and every time.

If you know someone who fits these requirements, please call me. 504-570-9832. I know I sound mean but I am not. However, I am tough and my customer satisfaction rates tell me I am doing something right.

When they say "It's a dog's life", I don't think this is what they mean. I just added dog trailers and dog boxes to my trailer line-up if anyone needs a more convenient and safer way to carry your canines hunting. The name brand I have aligned with is Jones Dog Trailers out of Texas. Most units come in aluminum and stainless steel. There is a good variety of trailers and dog boxes to choose from...I was surprised they even made a dog box designed to mount on the back of an ATV. If anyone is interested, call me...Trailer Kings...Jo Anna the Trailer Queen, 504-340-4553 or 504-570-9832.

I posted this a little while ago but now it has disappeared...very weird. If someone is deleting me, please let me know why. Although I am a paying advertiser on this site, you can clearly see that I never mentioned either business I own, so it can't be that. So, I will try again.

Well, I joined this site to help all of you have a safer trailer, no matter whether it is a boat trailer, enclosed trailer, dog trailer, car hauler.....if it is on wheels and does not have a motor, I probably know a good bit about it.

I heard LAS was huge and that a lot of you would appreciate free far, very few takers. Does anyone have questions or need advice??? I am used to posting trailer info regularly, like daily, but not here. And I know I have a lot of friends out there already (Jason Pittman, where are you? Captain John L. and Capt. Mike W....give me a shout out, the rest of you.....I see ya here!)

Golly, I am kinda bored, surprisingly! Work me a little, will ya???

Our beloved Chichi, ten years old, left us tonight after struggling many long months against cancer. She should have only lived a couple of months but lasted eight, a testimony to her valiant nature. Chichi wanted to stay with us so much and we wanted her to stay so badly. It was not meant to be.

Her nature was the sweetest you could ever imagine and we miss her already so, so much. Our veterinarian, Dr. Pam Doskey, was kind enough to come to our house at 10:00 in the evening to ease her pain and I can not thank her enough.

I wanted to make this post because so many of you knew how much I was hurting watching her slowly fade away and have asked me to let you know when it happens. She is gone but will never be forgotten. Thank you all for showing me kindness throughout all of this. It meant more than I can ever tell you.