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Cajun Knot Reel adventures offer you a chance at the high energy "Big One" tournament style, just a nice relaxed day, or anywhere in-between fishing adventure. We have the experience necessary to make it happen. We put in the time and work necessary to get you what your expecting, a great unforgettable experience. We operate in blue water and the coastal arenas. We can cater to almost any request or party size.

Made an early morning run out of Grand Pass. We were into them at seven-fifteen. Bull reds early then turned into really nice fat trout. Austin, Sarah Beth, and I netted fifty-five real good ones by nine. We left them biting. Had to get in for baseball practice in Mandeville. Live bait, DOA's, and split tail beetles were our choice. All worked equally well. Calm and smooth seas coming out and heading in. Who could ask for anything more?

Great day on the water!! BIG TROUT!! Captain Jeff Motes now of Belle Chase took us right into a trout feeding frenzy! Giant trout. I could not believe it. All plastic. A couple of nice reds as well! Hands down one of the best trips this year. Remember be courteous and safe!!

well after deciding last night to go on the east side of the river.. everything seemed all good. got down to buras abour 530 and put the boat in the water waited till daylight and took off and before 630 me and my buddy we in the water with mud up to our waists.. run up on a mud flat. then fished till about 1230 and didnt catch much about 20 specks most throw backs. and on the way back to fort jackson missed the turn and ran up on another flat.. broke the throttle cable.. and had to idle back.. so all in all had a good but very frustrating time

Found a cool picture of Austin with a really nice brown trout. Check-out the date. As you can see this was shortly after Katrina. We evacuated to Northern Arkansas in our camper.

Anyone have any real experience with the brush cutters that you pull behind an ATV? Like the Swishers. I was looking to get one to make trails and help out in those deep woods food plots. Thanks

Nice trip on the East side of the river Saturday morning. The weather held out for us to catch our fish. We saw numerous boats around Sable Island as we passed on our way to MP35. We set-up and the bite was slow at first but picked up rather quickly. Quality fish! Really appreciate the red VIP hull with the Honda outboard. They were great. Those guys were peeling the trout! They limited, slowly untied, and quietly drifted out of the area. That is the way it should be.
We saw a Pathfinder that had two dads and their young boys. It was a blessing to see them boys in a life jacket and just loving the action. The dads were snatching and then handing the rods to the young ones. Those boys were 5 or so and were getting it done. Great job all around! Teach them young and you will not have to worry as much as they grow up.

Can you believe that this trout and this snapper were both caught in 50' of water? I would have not believed it if I had not seen it myself. We had a great day fishing. We caught our trout on plastic and live shrimp. The seas were calm so we headed offshore for a few snapper. The snapper were hungry and willing. Friday was great early then turned nasty with lighting and wind. Saturday was great all day. Great trip all around.

I am looking for opinions on best hunting boots available. Taking the following into consideration comfort, durability, warmth, traction, waterproofness, value, etc. I am looking for two pairs. I am heading to Alberta for a November hunt. I will need a pac boot and a pair of seasonal leather boots. I have a pair of the lacross cold weather rubbers and may use them but with all the experience on here I figured I would poll the masses. I am not set on style or brand. Danner, Irish Setters, Muck, Lacross, Rocky, etc. My feet are closer to archless than high arched. Thanks all.

Good luck to all you folks lucky enough to get that opening day start with a bow. May the day bring you success and enjoyment!! I am stuck offshore until the 2nd. Man, I love that opening morning sunrise and the anticipation of what may appear after an entire year of waiting.

I purchased a Koplin tailgate drop basket for my ATV. I mounted it on the rear rack with no trouble. I was somewhat displeased with the plastic brackets. They looked pretty weak to me. It looked good and strong but when I opened the tailgate my dog jumped up on it and it broke. Now he is a lab and probably is in the 80# range but my word. That was a $180.00 POS. I can only imagine if I loaded a deer in it. The load range is a weak 50#'s. I tried to get Koplin on the phone for over 5 hours. They finally called me back. I was too tired of dealing with that POS so I told him to forget it and I planned to return it anyway. The main reason is if you set a kid on the tailgate to tie their shoes or a small piece of equipment back there BEWARE it will break and fall on them or you. If you own one be careful.