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Reel Tite Fishing Guide Service is your #1 stop when visiting Louisiana! We are located in Venice Louisiana and offer the best fishing experience you will find in the United States! We also have a lodge that can sleep and feed 12 people, so wether its a group of friends,family or a buisiness trip we got you covered. So come on down and see us and we promise it will be a fishing trip you will never forget.

Just another day at the office! I had two guys with me today and caught a limit of Reds and Specks and threw back alot too.If you would like to book a trip call Capt. Boola(504)416-3092.

I had the same 2 guys today and limted out on Reds and trout again, these 2 guys had several doubles back to back non stop action!!!! To book a trip call Capt. Boola at (504)416-3092

I had two new guys today and we went made a lil sneak attack before the bad weather hit. We had limit of Trout by 8:15am and then went after Reds and was just a couple short of the limit before the storm hit us. The guys decided they would rather stay dry and go in instead of finishing the limit but all in all another good day! To book a trip call Capt. Boola at (504)416-3092 or visit

20-30knots no problem I took three new guys today looking to catch some Redfish and we took a gamble and it payed off. We hit the first spot and limited out on Redfish in 45 mins(I know some were small but a limits a limit)and then we threw back another 30, after that we checked out a couple of other spots to have a back up plan for tomorrow and all those spots produced about another 20 fish. Bottom line it was a tough day and we came out on top! To book a trip call Capt. Boola at (504)416-3092 or visit

Another tough day due to wind but it didn't stop us! From past experience I know if you catch one fish on a day like today don't move, well thats what we did and it paid off. I had 2 people today a father and son trip so I know I had to catch fish because I knew what it would mean to his son. I went to a spot where I knew the fish would be even with the water being dirty I still felt confident. Well to make a long story short we caught a limit of reds and threw thirty plus back. Sometimes you just have to make them bite!

To book a trip call Capt. Boola at 504-416-3092 or visit

I had three young gentlemen today and boy did they have fun! They huckered down in the boat as I cut across the rough water and they enjoyed the wild ride. We pulled up to the honey hole and caught our limit of reds in just a lil while and continued to release 50+ reds as the day went on. Its pretty special when you get to take kids on a trip because you know they will never forget it!

To book a trip call Capt. Boola at 504-416-3092 or visit

I had two people today a husband and wife, well we took a chance noing how the weather was. The first words out of the lady's mouth was I want a BIG RED. Knowing the situation I told them we would get a quick limit of reds and then go chase the big boys, well we got our limit of reds quick and then the lightening came and we ran for cover and waited it out. The weather cleared up somewhat and we went back at it and started catching some big ones but not the one she was looking for well finally before the day ended she hooked in to a 39" red and landed him and got the monkey off my back lol ! Bad weather good day!

To book a trip call Capt. Boola at 504-416-3092 or visit

I had two guys today that just wanted to catch a few fish, well they did lil more than that we limited out on Reds and Specks and threw Bull Reds back until there arms were sore! I'm taking the day off Thursday to spend a day with my son at the Aquarium of the Americas, the fish need a break anyway lol! I'll be back on the water Friday. To book a trip call Capt. Boola at (504)-416-3092 or visit

P.S. Every thing was caught on purple and chartruse(Lsu) and I wouldn't call that a standby color.

Well the day started off with a cop showing up at my door with a subpeona from my exwife trying to milk me for even more money(FRIDAY THE 13TH). So we got off to a late start with a 50 min. boat ride ahead of us. We arrived to the spot and I hooked a trout right away and we picked and pecked at them and managed to catch 60 Speckled Trout so all in all we survived Friday the 13th. To book a trip call Capt. Boola at 504-416-3092 or visit

P.S. I'm in need of a very good Lawyer if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Capt. Boola

We made a lil creap after being weary of the weather. I had the same guys from yesterday and they were ready for Reds. We didn't have a whole lot of time but we made the best of it and managed to catch several Bull Reds. To book a trip call Capt. Boola at 504-416-3092 or visit