The Crawfish Company

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Mon- Fri 8-5
Sat 8-1
Sun Closed

Payment Accepted

We Only Accept Cash

About Us

Our goal at The Crawfish Company is to deliver the freshest & cleanest "Purged Crawfish" to our customers. We are currently working on expanding our business and offering regional Crawfish Company Franchise's for Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, & Florida.

We will offer franchises driven by our Expertise in the following areas:
Crawfish Catering
Live Crawfish
Website development and Search Engine Optimization.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about our Franchise opportunities, call our office @ 713-758-0972

The Crawfish Company specializes in Six areas of Crawfish related business.

1. Live Crawfish - Sales

2. Crawfish Catering - Corporate & private events

3.Custom Crawfish Boilers/Cookers - Build custom cookers, pots, burners, etc.

4. Customer Crawfish Trailers/Boiling Rigs - Build custom catering trailers, rigs, etc.

5. Setting up regional franchises: Cajun Drive Thru, Crawfish Catering, & Live Crawfish Sales.

6. Purging Facilities:Setting up efficient purging facilities for Crawfish Farmers.