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1 CHASING TAIL Charters offers a unique charter fishing service. We simply go where the best fishing for the time of year and type of fish you desire to catch. We offer two locations.The famous Lake Pontchartrain Trestles and The Rigolets (which holds several state & world record fish) out of the Rigolets Marina, Slidell, LA. The Biloxi Marsh, Mississippi Sound, Chandeleur Sound, and Lake Borgne out of Bordages Marina, Bay St.Louis, MS. Specializing in sight casting to hard fighting shallow water REDFISH, SPECKLED TROUT, FLOUNDER, TRIPLETAIL and much more "cajun style".

We'll put you on the FISH & FUN GUARANTEED!

Tuesday,I run deep down into the Biloxi Marsh from Bay St.Louis area looking for some clear water and get away from the 20kt.SE winds.My crew were Ms.Bonne Bowen from Australia & son Chris.Ms Bonne is 77 yrs old so we brought some live cocahoe's to make fishing a little easy for my outback fishing BOBBIE.One stop is all it took to ice down 15 nice Speck's(2-3.7lb),10 slot Redfish,& several heads.All the fish were caught on dead or alive cocahoe's carolina & 3/8oz.jigheads on the botton.The winds started to blow & we started to go.What a great mothers day present from her son Chris.

Thank ya'll Ms.Bonne & Chris,
it was my pleasure.

Had to show the RIGOLETS SLABS caught on a scouting trip.

Capt.John Haller



My crew of 2 from Texas ran deep to join Capt.Mike Gallo's 3-crew & Capt.Terry Watson's 3-crew for the 7 annual TEXAS SHOT OUT.The marsh was set on fire by the HOT SHOTS.The HOT SHOTS were throwing chart.chatter baits,gold spoons,& H&H gold spinners.The Reds were deep in the grass waiting for a FREE MEAL.Total count 72 FAT SLOT REDFISH(16-28).

To get in on the hard fighting shallow water action call




Running day trips out of Bay St.Louis.Ms & THE RIGOLETS


My crew for Friday & Saturday were Mr.Daryl Jackson & son Daryl Jr.from outside Little Rock,Ark.They were pumped up on fly fishing the famous BILOXI MARSH for Redfish.So who do you call, Capt.John Haller with over 50 years experience fishing the back waters of the marsh.I was also told that this will be thier first time fly fishing for the hard fighting shallow water Redfish.Man,I knew they were in for a treat.I also told them the baits of choice were the Clouser fly,Flexso crab,& spoon fly.They took my advice.The fly of the day went to the crab.They were sight casting to so many Reds that I lost count,but my crew stayed with it fly fishing in 20 kts se winds.Believe me fly fishing in that kind of weather will work you out.I was able to put them in some real skinny water.The guys did great catching 10 fat Reds(16-28)& a few Trout mixed in.

Thanks Daryl Sr.& Jr.

The marsh is HEATING UP & I'am not referring to the weather.


I forgot my camera,but I will post them if Daryl e-mails me them.

On Fed.23,1945 five U.S.Marines and one Navy Corpsman rised our great flag on the top of Mt.Suribachi Iwo Jima.The battle was know as "Operation Detachment".It was one of the fiercest fighting battles in our history.We had 26,504 casualties and the enemy had over 20,000 in 35 days of fighting.
There have been many battles before and after.We are at battle today with terrorist.My prayers go out to all military who have served,serving,and have fought for our freedom.Please remember what this day is all about,because it came with the ultimate price.

Semper Fi-Always Faithful

The REDS are slamming H&H gold spinners in the BILOXI MARSH area.The best colors are LSU,BLACK/CHART.,& HYBRIDS in Full trottle.The SPECK action is hot & heavy @ gas wells in the LAKE.The bait of choice are live shrimps carolina or 3/8oz. jig heads on the bottom & HYBRID magic minnows tip with shrimp.You better have lots of live shrimps.The HEADS,CROAKERS,WHITES,& SHARKS are eating it up out there.The fishing has been best on incoming tides & look out for the big thunderstorms in the afternoons.
Be safe & bless all,Capt.John Haller

The call came in from Capt.Mike Gallo of ANGLING ADVENTURES of LOUISIANA about taking two DUDES from Savannah,Ga.redfishing.LET'S DO IT!was my reply.I meet Josh & Morgan @ the famous SPOTS & DOTS LAKE HOUSE to start there ANGLING ADVENTURE.The boy'z were redfisherman from Georgia.The funny thing was they had never fish for Reds with spinners.I quickly changed that for the boy'z as I got them throwing gold H&H spinners tip with HYBRID FULL TROTTLES spiced with HOT SAUCE.The marsh was set ON FIRE as the boy'z started slamming Reds on spinners.After 15 hook-ups & landed 9(all caught & released)to fight another day.They were hooked on fishing LOUISIANA'S CAJUN STYLE.The boy'z were planning there next ANGLING ADVENTURE before we got back to the LAKE HOUSE.

It was truly my pleasure guy's,

Capt.John Haller


My crew of 2 made a run due south out of Bayou Caddy MS in search of REDFISH.We hit the marsh around the 3 mile area to find dirty water.The strong Northeast winds did not stop Danny & Jenny.They come down every year for some hard fighting shallow water action.They love sight casting to the BULLDOZERS of the marsh.I set them up with shrimp under corks & gold spoons.We make a couple of moves & bingo the bite was on!The Reds were up in the gin clean water up tight on the lee shore.They just could not turn down the shrimp under corks & gold spoons which made fishing easy & fun for my couple.All 14 Reds (3-8 lbs)were sight casted to which made it a heart pumping day.The fishing is only going to get better as we get into the fall.LET'S GO FISHING! 1-888-734-2469 www.fishinglouisiana.net

My crews have been fishing from the trestles in Lake P.to the Biloxi Marsh areas in search for the BIG BITE.The puppy drums are littered all over Lake P.& the marsh are holding tons of fish.The back waters are starting to clear up in the marsh & giving up some great fishing.Live shrimps carolina on bottom & H&H Salt & Pepper/Chart.under popping corks have been the meal tickets.Keep moving around until you find clear water & bait. The fish will be waiting for you to feed them.

Trip 1 solo crew was one of my regulars Mr.T from Ms.Pulled out the Rigolets Marina headed to the run.Fished 3 hours with cut bait=15 Flounders(1-4#).

Trip 2 solo crew was also one of my regulars Mr.Chris Smith from Wheats Curve.We hit the RIGOLETS AROUND 10:30 headed to the run.Fished 4 hours with cut bait=8 Flounders(2-4#).

Trip 3 crew were Mr.T & Zac.The word spreaded a little.Mr.T wanted some more & man did he get it.Got to the hole for the BIG RUN around 1:30.Fished to 4:30 limiting out & releasing several with cut bait Texas rig=30 Flounders(1-5#)4 @ 5#

Trip 4 crew were Mr.Q Tran from Houston(before the storm N.O.) & boy'z from California.Fished the trestles & then headed to the Rigolets for the BIG RUN.Fished live shrimp Texas rig=23 Flounders(2-4#),4 Drum,2 heads,dozen Trout.

Trip 5 crew were Mr Kenny Capritto & father from Manderville.Kenny is a hardcore Lake P.fisherman & a great one @ that.The strong east winds(we put a bounty on the weatherman)made fishing tough.Headed to the run,but had to move inside to Lake C.pass.Fished live shrimp carolina rig=20 Trout,4 Flounders,2 Drum.

Trip 6 crew were regulars Mr.Milt & couz from Ms.Pulled out of the marina around 12:00 armed with live shrimps headed to the run,but the strong tides & muddy waters made fishing for Flounder tough.Made a move over to Lake C.pass & got on a late afternoon bite shrimps carolina= 35 Trout,7 Flounders(1-3#).

Trip 7 crew were more of my regulars Merrill Lynch group.Mr.Ted Longo from Diamondhead was the ring leader.I need 2 boats so who do I call.My good friend Capt.Kenny Kreeger on the "STATE RECORD" had 3 anglers & I had 3 on the "CHASINTAIL".Both boats headed to the hole around 7:00 for the BIG RUN,but the conditions were not right.We both moved one more time to Lake C.pass & bingo it was on(TEAM WORK).Fished live shrimps carolina=28 Reds(2-10#)released over 20,5 Flounders(1-4#),3 heads.A big THANK YOU goes out to my friend Capt.Mike Gallo of Angling Adventures of Louisiana for letting us run out of the famous SPOTS N DOTS lake house.She sleeps 10 quest great,has satellite TV,BQ Grill,boiling pots,wet bar,larger dock with lights,& some kick a$$ night life only 3.5 down the road.WORLD CLASS FISHING @ YOUR DOORSTEPS!

Trip 8 was solo crew Rhett Haller(14 years old)from Picayune.Looked @ the water conditions(did not like).Fished 2 hours with shrimp Texas rig & plastics=6 Flounders(1-3#).

FISHING IS ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER!1-888-734-2469 www.fishinglouisiana.net

Tyler Davie with a Tripletail! Just could not resist big ol' live shrimp under popping cork and Bubba's nice speck fishing the tracks.