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About Us

“Work or Play – We know families” is more than a tag line for Chuck Henderson, President of Henderson Implement & Marine; it is the foundation of the company.  Every staff member and customer is valued at Henderson; they are worth getting to really know and to listen to. Chuck says that the success of the business is not solely that of its leadership, but that of the hard-working, dedicated staff and the loyal customers the company is so lucky to have.

Started in 1967 as a small family business, the company grew right alongside the growth and needs of Southwest Louisiana.  Henderson started out as an industrial Implement dealer servicing the growing local agricultural farming communities.  As the communities grew, so did the type of products and services they needed, and Henderson listened to these needs.  They added Kubota equipment to help support the smaller farmers and growing construction needs. As the innovation in equipment grew, it made the work life a little easier, yet more productive, giving their customer more free time to enjoy life. With more free time, the requests of their customers changed, and again Henderson listened.

They next expanded into boating and marine products by taking on several boat lines; Tracker Boat, Sun Tracker, Tahoe, and Nitro boats.  This was an easy decision for Chuck, as he and his family are avid boaters and have been for more than 40 years.  Some of his fondest memories, and family traditions, have been made while boating with his family, his love for which he is passing down to his grandchildren.  Over the years they have expanded the lines of marine equipment because of requests from customers.

In addition to boating, customers started requesting ATV and UTV vehicles, and again Henderson listened by expanding with the Polaris line. This has been an exciting addition because of the wide variety of use these vehicles offer; from trail riding, to racing, hunting, or work, these vehicles offer a multitude of uses for work and play, fitting right in with the company’s motto.

Chuck is proud of the fact that Henderson Implement & Marine offers a more diverse variety of products and services than any other dealer.  This diversity in products is because Henderson listens and cares about the needs of the staff and customers that made the company what it is today.  What Chuck and his wife, Karen, love most is that the product lines their company offers help to make work life a little easier, and play time a lot more memorable, for the staff and customers they call family.

“Work or Play – We know families,” because we listen!

Break through concrete, rock, and asphalt easier with the powerful force of the hydraulic breaker.

The hydraulic breaker delivers maximum efficiency by matching hydraulic capacity of the carrier to the breaker, allowing consistent machine to breaker performance. It provides a quieter and smoother operation while still maintaining blows per minute.

Turn your compact loader or excavator into a powerfully precise demolition machine with the hydraulic breaker attachment

Top Tasks.

Precise demolition jobs

Interior demolition

Flatwork demolition

Road repair


Auto Power: Automatically regulates pressure, ensuring hydraulic breaker operation regardless of changes in outdoor temperature and delivering maximum performance across a large range of carriers. Also, limits excessive pressure at the time of start-up, preventing possible downtime.

Breaker Cradle: The cylindrical design improves access to jobs in confined areas, providing accurate attachment operation in more operating environments.

Carrier Versatility: Quickly and easily switch the hydraulic breaker attachment from a loader to excavator with the Bob-Tach and X-Change? attachment mounting systems, maximizing attachment utility.

Easy, Minimal Maintenance: Designed for minimum downtime, the internal power cell has fewer moving parts. Also, the attachment design includes only 12 main service parts, reducing time spent on maintenance and improving overall lifetime of the attachment.

Easy Mounting: The Bob-Tach and X-Change attachment mounting systems make attachment mounting easy, decreasing amount of time spent attaching and increasing amount of time spent operating.

Energy Chamber with Diaphragm: Offering a distinct Bobcat? advantage, the energy chamber keeps the nitrogen pressure constant that maintains attachment performance. No periodic charging required, making it virtually maintenance free.

Quieter Operation: Upper and lower shock absorbers isolate the breaker from the housing, reducing noise and vibration to deliver operator comfort without sacrificing performance.

Hose Guard: Protects hoses and fittings from damage when working in tight spaces, providing uptime protection while increasing the utility of the attachment.

Steel-Ring System: An innovative Bobcat feature, the steel ring system retains the tool bushing and protects the grease access and provides for quick tool changes.

Included Go/no-go Gauge: Allows operator to quickly verify three critical wear areas. Gauge tells operator whether components meet spec or not ? no measuring required.

Single Lower Bushing: Most models only have a single lower bushing that is easily replaceable on the job.


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Located at our Lake Charles Showroom

2351 E. McNeese

Lake Charles, LA 70607

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The Land Pride RTA12 Series Rotary Tillers till soil for seedbed or planting preparation and have uses in applications such as residential landscaping and gardening. The offset capabilities allow the tiller to work closer to objects such as fence lines, buildings, or trees. Operator can control the tilling depth with the adjustable skid shoes. A 15' rotor swing diameter turns the soil over faster, and enables deep tilling action.

74' Width

Forward rotation

Offset capabilities

Lower clevis hitch for easier hook-up

Steel plate upper hitch

Seven position skid shoes.

15' Rotor swing.

4 'C' shaped blades per flange


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Located at our Abbeville Showroom.

11238 Veterans Memorial Dr.

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The all new RCF3010 Dual-Spindle Rotary Cutter from Land Pride is the perfect medium-duty cutter for pastures and roadside applications. Available in 3-point, semi-mount or pull-type, the RCF30 features a 2.5' cutting capacity and side skirts. Plus, every RCF3010 comes with the rugged dependability that Land Pride Rotary Cutters are known for.

10' Width

3-point, Pull-type or Semi-mount

2.5' Cutting capacity

Clevis hitch on 3-point.

Stump jumper standard

Choice of tires

High blade tip speed

All-welded deck


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Located at our Abbeville Showroom

11238 Veterans Memorial Dr.

Abbeville, LA 70511

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Features may include:

Hardest Working Features.

The ProStar Engine Advantage

The RANGER XP 900 ProStar engine is purpose built, tuned and designed alongside the vehicle resulting in an optimal balance of smooth, reliable power. The ProStar? XP 900 engine was developed with the ultimate combination of high power density, excellent fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance

NEW Pro-Lock On-Demand All-Wheel Drive.

Pro-Lock is our fastest engaging AWD system ever! All four wheels engage near instantly when your vehicle needs more forward traction and reverts back to 2WD when it doesn't, no need to wait for pressure to build up or to stop and lock in a diff like our competitors. Also, when in 2WD, the VersaTrac Turf Mode switch unlocks the rear differential for easier, tighter turns that won?t tear up your lawn.

Class-leading Towing and Payload

With a monstrous class-leading 2,000 lbs. towing capacity and standard 2 receiver, the RANGER XP 900 allows you to tackle the toughest jobs with confidence. Additionally, a class-leading 1,500 lbs. payload capacity is highlighted by a rear box with gas-assist dumping operation that can tote up to 1,000 lbs. of materials and a full-sized pallet.

RANGER Works on Your Schedule

RANGER is there for you all day and doesn't stop working when the sun goes down. RANGER XP 900 features high beam 60W headlights and 83 miles more fuel range than the John Deere Gator XUV825i so you can keep working when others quit.

Smoothest Riding Features

All-Day Riding Comfort

We designed the RANGER XP 900 with an ideal seat height combined with wide foot clearance for easy entry and exit. Plus, experience a plush split bench with adjustable driver's seat, a full 10 inches of tilt steering adjustment and room for three full-sized adults.

Smooth Riding Suspension

A full 10' (25.4 cm) of Dual A-Arm suspension travel up front, that's 23% more than the Yamaha Viking. Also 10? (25.4 cm) of Independent Rear Suspension travel keeps the ride smooth, even when hauling up to 1,500 lbs. (680.4 kg) of payload and towing up to a full ton!

Class-Leading Ground Clearance

To navigate deep ruts, roots, and trail obstacles it takes more ground clearance, RANGER XP 900 gives you a full foot of ground clearance so you can go farther and get more done.

Innovative and Convenient Storage Solutions

With the RANGER XP 900, enjoy a full 37 L of enclosed storage plus plenty of easy-to-access in dash storage that keeps items at the ready when they're needed. Compare that to Pioneer 700 that only has 6.1 L of internal storage.

Designed for Easy Maintenance

RANGER is engineered to make maintenance quick and straightforward in your garage with easy to access service points for the oil filter, dipstick & drain plug. The Polaris Engineered? PS-4 Extreme Duty and PS-4 Oil Change Kits are engineered to offer the right protection for your engine, the right amount of oil and the right filter to get the job done fast so you can get back to riding.

Standard Electronic Power Steering

The smoothest, most responsive electronic power steering available, with Variable Assist for easier steering at lower speeds and more response as speed increases. Our EPS lets you work and ride all day with less fatigue..


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Located at our Lake Charles Showroom

2351 E. McNeese

Lake Charles, LA 70607

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Don't let the size fool you. Edge's compact mount is built with extruded, anodized aluminum for rugged, no-nonsense strength. Add a rock-solid Latch & Door mount and an impact resistant composite head, and you have a motor that's perfect for smaller boats and big days on the water.

Features may include:

Latch & Door Bracket: This bracket gives you a rock-solid hold while stowing your trolling motor and makes for easy removal at the end of the day..

Heel-Toe / Cable-Steer Foot Pedal: Get heel/toe control of your motor with this ultra-responsive foot pedal that includes speed control, and momentary and constant on/off. Made with a high-impact composite material for unparalleled durability.

5-Speed Settings: Choose from five speed settings to dial in the right speed control when you're trolling.

Directional Indicator: Easy-to-read directional indicator is built into the top of the trolling motor head on Edge foot control models.

Power Prop: For 3-1/4' motor diameters, this prop delivers extra power to push throw heavy vegetation. Includes prop pin, nut and washer.

Indestructible Composite Shaft Guaranteed for Life: At the core of your Minn Kota trolling motor is an indestructable composite shaft. It's a Minn Kota exclusive, and we guarantee it for life.

Cool, Quiet Power: Every Minn Kota lower unit runs cool to extend trolling motor life, and stays quiet.

For more information call (888) 712-0624

Located at our Lake Charles Showroom

2351 E. McNeese

Lake Charles, LA 70607


The FasTrak? is a true commercial-grade mower, built for the homeowner who wants more of everything - more horsepower, wider tires, a welded steel deck and neighborhood braggin' rights. SmoothTrak? steering makes operating a breeze - from zero-turning in tight spaces to covering straightaways at an industry-setting 9 mph. Most importantly, the FasTrak SD delivers a professional cut every time. The FasTrak SD has it all, and can do it all..


Kawasaki FS Engine: Premium commercial grade engine backed by a 3 year engine warranty.

Heavy Duty Welded Steel Decks: The heavy duty welded steel deck offers superior strength and durability.

Tough Frame: 1.5' x 3' steel frame. Toughest in the industry.

Warranty: 600 hour warranty offers peace of mind.

Control Panel: Simple to use control panel.

Custom Bolstered Seat: Custom, bolstered vinyl seat with internal suspension.


Manufacturer: Kawasaki

HP: 23HP* - FS691V (*per SAE J 1995)

Displacement: 726cc

Cooling: Air Cooled

Engine Warranty: 3 year

Drive System

Type: Dual Hydrostatic

Transmission: HydroGear ZT 3400

Speed: 9 mph

Parking Brakes: Patented Automatic


Cutting Width: 54'

Cutting Heights: 1.5' - 4.5'

Deck Lift: Foot Operated

Depth: 5'

Blades: 3

Blade Length: 3 - 18.5' x 2.5' x .20'

Blade Tip Speed: 18,910 fpm

Spindles: Aluminum w/ 1.0' shafts and sealed ball bearings

Drive: Electric PTO Clutch

Construction: 10 ga. Fabricated

Spindle Mounts: Reinforced 11ga.

Impact/Trim Areas: 3/8' x 1' steel bar


Frame: 1.5' x 3' x .125' steel

Front Axle: Fabricated w/ sealed ball bearings

Front Caster Wheels: Commercial duty ball bearing, greasable

Front Caster Forks: Fabricated 3/8' steel


Seat: Custom, bolstered vinyl seat with internal suspension.

Fuel Capacity: 5 gal.

Cup Holder: Yes

Front Tire: 13 x 6.5 - 6

Drive Tire: 22 x 11 -10


Weight: 860 lbs

Height: 44.3'

Length: 74.42'

Width: 55.1'

Tire Width: 52'


Acres Per Hour: 3.93* (*Number based on 80% efficiency. This rating is to account for actual mowing conditions including overlapping, turning and terrain.)


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Lake Charles, LA 70607

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48 in. Zero Turn Mower

With a 48 In. mower deck, the all-new Z121S is built to easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces without compromise to power. And, just like the rest of the OnDemand lineup, this innovative machine offers unmatched comfort and stability with well-placed controls and a low center of gravity..


Located at our Abbeville Showroom.

11238 Veterans Memorial Dr.

Abbeville, LA 70511

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Kubota's heavy-duty, high performance RTV Series utility vehicles give you the power and durability to tackle the toughest tasks on a variety of terrain. From the daily dependability of our workhorse RTV900XT, to the exclusive, industry-first, air-conditioned comfort, protection and quietness of our factory-cab RTV1100, to the unique transformability of our new RTV1140CPX, to the compact, efficient and technologically-advanced performance of the gas-powered RTV500, there's an RTV model to meet your exact needs.

Features May Include:

Kubota EFI Gasoline Engine.

Kubota's legendary engine success has always been build on the foundation of the diesel engine. But what if that sound technology and robust power were transfered into a gasoline engine? Presenting the fuel efficient, powerful and reliable, 15.8 Hp Kubota gasoline engine. The EFI provides on-demand power, optimizes acceleration and enhances quiet operability. Plus, the EFl eliminates the need to adjust the carburetor-enabling better engine start-up in cold weather or after long-term storage, and improving engine serviceability.

Kubota VHT Plus Transmission

Kubota's exclusive and innovative hydrostatic plus transmission (VHT PLUS) eliminates the need to adjust belt drives and provides the RTV500 with an execeptional level of performance, handling, and reliability under tough conditions. Ride the hills with quick acceleration and smooth, engine-assisted deceleration. In addition, the VHT offers outstanding traction and impressive power, providing the muscle to take you almost anywhere.

Comfortable Operator Area

Get in and get going. The RTV500 features ergonomic, well-placed controls for easy operation, and a comfortable seat, so both the driver and passenger can enjoy a full day of work or play without fatigue. The low operator platform offers ample and obstacle-free legroom, so it's simple to step on or off.

Smooth Suspension

The front indepedent MacPherson strut-type suspension allows you to tackle the uneven terrain, without the uncomfortable ride. A semi-indepedent multi-link rear suspension cushions the cargo load, providing smooth travel for site to site.


Located at our Abbeville Showroom

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The M9960 provide powerful yet clean and economic performance, along with a more ergonomically designed cab for easier operation. Work hard, while being gentle on the environment..

Product Features:

Kubota's revolutionary Common Rail System (CRS) with Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler combine more torque at low RPMs with less harmful emissions and better fuel efficiency.

The V3800 Engine complies with Tier 4 Interim Emissions.

The M8560 engines feature a new electronic governor that gives you electronic control of engine RPM. With a push of a button, the system keeps engine revolution constant, making working with PTO-driven implements much more efficient

These tractors have been designed for more space and better visibility. The rounded glass and curved upper windshield increases visibility and provides a more spacious feel, while the wide fenders protect drivers from mud splashes and the pantograph-style front wiper provides a wider coverage area for rainy weather

State-of-the-art hydraulics improve the lifting power and offer easier maintenance, 15.9 gpm on the ROPS models, 17.0 gpm on the cab models.

A choice of three transmissions gives you the tractor performance you need with less hassle. Choose from the F8/R8 transmission, the F12/R12 transmission or the F24/R24 transmission with dual speed on the M9960


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