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About Us

We are always striving to exceed our customers' expectations by providing the best quality product that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our decay resistant cedar will last at least 25 years in the ground. In some cases, cedar can last much longer than that. For instance, an older rancher living near my family's place in Mount Enterprise, TX has had his cedar posts in the ground for over 50 years now! In addition to being rot resistant, the straightness of our fence posts make them look very uniform. Our hope is that by buying our quality product, our customers will not have to replace their fence again.

Prices: Our prices are competitive with treated pine poles. Unfortunately, most of these treated fence posts will last only 3-5 years before showing signs of rot. That means people who go with treated posts will have to replace their fence at least five times before our customers need to even think about replacing theirs. Our main business focus is on semi-load 24 ton orders. If you go to our truckload order form page, you can request a free quote. Also, we have a retailer in Humble, TX, 30 miles north of Houston, who provides our fence posts to customers who need smaller orders.

In addition to cedar fence posts, we are now selling quality cedar lumber and saw logs. Please visit our website for more information.