Bayou Fiberglass

 66358 Chris Kennedy Rd. Pearl River, LA 70452

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Monday through Saturday by appointment only.

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About Us

We build pirogues that will last a lifetime with rolled gunwales and solid fiberglass seats,theres nothing to ever rot! They are offered in a variety of colors and options.Custom mudboat hulls and flat boats are available. We also build fiberglass duck blinds,crawfish skiffs,ice chests,dry boxes, and replica sugar kettles. Over 20 years experience in fiberglass boat building and repair!! Structural or cosmetic! Give us a call for a free estimate.

I am trying to find out if you can run dogs for hogs in Bayou Sauvage.I was told you can without a firearm.any info will be great.thanks

Can anyone recommend an aluminum welder on the Northshore.I need a trolling motor mount welded on the bow of my boat.Thanks

Just wanting to know if anyone can recomend a good guided goose hunt in Louisiana.I checked out all the guides on the Sportsman but really want some opinions.I used to hunt in Gueydan but the guy that used to let me hunt moved up north so I have no where to hunt geese anymore.I went on a guided goose hunt in Tx.last year and will never go back there.

Does anyone out there have a Yellow Lab stud?Need one ASAP.Must have good paper work.Thanks

I have a female Black Mouth Cur.When I get home after a long hunt I noticed her two front paws get really swollen.I check her out for cuts,ticks,thorns,etc. and never found any.She is the only one that gets like that.I am going to try and shoot her up with Pennicilin.Any suggestions?

I am wandering if anyone on here has ever tried catching catfish in Lake Ponchartrain.I am thinking about going juggin.

My trail cam took a pic of what I think is a couger.I dont know how to post it on here b/c it is a printed picture and I don't have a scanner.One guy I showed it to said it was a bobcat but everyone else agrees with me thats its a couger.If you would like to see it for yourself or have a way to post it on here give me a shout.thanks Jay 985-774-6020

hey guys I lost two black mouth cur dogs last night on Apple Pie Ridge in Slidell.Last I heard them they crossed 90 headed to the marsh.If anyone hears them or sees them please give me a call.Thanks 985-774-6020.

About 20 min ago my father and I saw 2 cougers cross the road in Pearl River,La.I know there will be some critics but I know what I saw and I'm not the only one.I am going to try and tie a chicken up by the leg tonight with the camera out.Will let ya'll know how it goes.

I am getting ready to set up my flat boat for bowfishing and would like some input.I know lots of you already do this and I am just getting started.I am having a bow fishing platform built for the bow that will be removable and the lights will be between the boat and platform.Just wandering if one of those little Honda generators will work or will I need a big one?Will i need to invest in a fan or will a trolling motor work fine?I was also going to set up my old Darton bow for this,will that work or do I need to buy a bowfishing bow?Any help would be great,Thanks!