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This is my 8 yr old son's first deer. It was taken in Grant parish on the 22nd near Lake Nantachie. At first he was not too thrilled about going to the stand in the rain but I think he may have been a little excited just 10 minutes into shooting time. Oh and by the way, his name is John so I guess this will become his lucky shirt.

November 28, 2013 at 12:36am
A comment titled: Pre Rut Activity in response to a report titled: What is this deer doing

This is common activity from Bucks just prior to the rut and it is very similar to what Dogs do when they urinate at every chance they get to mark their area. You will also find scrapes in the area. This is the buck using his orbital glands to scent his area for any other bucks as a warning and also to lure in the does. If you are seeing other bucks on the same tree then chances are these 2 bucks will meet again in a battle over the does during the rut.

December 14, 2013 at 9:24pm
Boutte, LA

My Son has some moderately high end air soft rifles with lots of add ons for sale as he is getting out of the game due to school and work. [B]1[/B]:G&P M14 DMR in FDE. It will come with scope rail, sling, 3- mid capacity mags, and a 1000 mA battery with charger. He said the only issue he ever experienced with this rifle during the few games he participated in was the magazine fit was not tight so he had to use some duck tape on the top of the mag for it to feed properly. He is asking $120 for this package. [B]2[/B]: G&P Full Metal Troy licensed M7A1. It will come with a red dot sight, single point sling, foregrip, flashlight with mount, cushioned rifle bag, 1- high cap magazine, 2- mid cap magazines, with a 1000 mA battery. This one will also come with a BlackSheep Milsim Pathfinders patch set which is worth a $50 to $60 dollar discount at any of their games. He is asking $250 for this higher end package. He can be reached at 985-413-2917. If he does not answer, leave message.

January 18 at 9:17pm
Boutte, LA

To all Preppers and Survivalists; I have a large lot of military surplus. It includes cold/wet weather clothing, BDU's, ACH's (kevlar combat helmets),Combat Shelters (single person tents), camelbaks and cleaning kits,gloves and glove inserts,Nomex balacavas, Wiley X SG-1 goggles, low frame NVG/ACH compatable goggles,LBV's (load bearing molle vests), Sleeping Bag Systems, Alice Packs w/or w/o frames, Poly Pro under garments for cold or extreme cold weather, Fleece overalls and jackets for extreme cold. I also have military issue AR type rifle accessories including rail kits from KAC, KAC handle mounted co-witness rails. Way too many items to take pictures of but if you contact me for specific item I can have a picture texted or emailed to you. Please contact me by email at if you can not reach me at 985-859-6422 I can email you a detailled list with quantity available and pricing.

July 31, 2016 at 12:43am