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My 11 year old son Jesse Kadrovich finally got him one for the wall. Him and I have hunted Fort Polk WMA hard all season and he passed on a lot of smaller bucks but it paid off on Christmas morning. He had already killed a 7pt and doe earlier in the season so on Christmas morning I asked him what was he shooting today and he said an 8pt or better. We hadn't seen a deer till around 8:30am that morning when a spike and 4 does came out of branch and started feeding on some fresh grass. Later a 6pt and 2 does came out for a while then left. At 9:20am a 6pt, 8pt, and 2 more does came out and started feeding at about 150 yards. I told Jesse that the 8pt was a shooter and we watched him for about 10 minutes to see if he would get any closer. Finally at about 120 yards Jesse took the shot and the Howa 308 dropped him in his tracks. The buck was a dark horned 8pt with a 18' inside spread.

January 01, 2014 at 3:23pm

Chris Kadrovich of Pitkin, La.
I shot this buck on the morning of 12/18/12 at Fort Polk WMA. I had been sitting on a red oak ridge that was dropping lots of acorns which the deer and hogs had been grazing on for the past several days. At about 9:30am several does and this strange buck came out of the creek bottom and began feeding. One look thru my scope and I knew what he was. He was still in full velvet and had a messed up rack, it had to be a 'Stag' buck. After one shot thru the lungs, he ran about 20 yards and piled up in a blown down tree top. After pulling him out of the tree top, I was right about the deer, Mother Nature forgot his 'Jewels'. He was in full velvet and 17 points growing in every direction. He had actually broke off about 7 inches of a tine on the left side when he ran thru the blown down tree top.

December 27, 2012 at 7:37pm
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