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looking to sell some coyote to a fox pen any one know whos buying
tangipahoa parish
985 517 8322

February 13 at 12:18am

wild hogs for sale tangipahoa parish
085 517 8322

February 13 at 12:15am

Can someone help me with this picture it looks like the deer has mange on its rear hind quarters and on her neck

January 02 at 8:33pm

After finding the perfect spot a half a mile from any access by vehicle I set up my old man climbing stand along a scrape line I've been hunting this deer for three weeks and it finally paid off this afternoon then the real work begin i had to get my dad to help me drag it almost a mile back to the buggy he's no record breaker but definitely a shooter

December 19, 2016 at 11:20pm

congratulations on the find and the kill

January 06 at 9:34pm
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