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A comment titled: Rough Country in response to a report titled: Truck Question

I agree with swampthing13 on the rough country lift.I own a 2008 crew 4x4 and was debating on different kits.Rough countryhas the cheapest and easiest set up around!I have purchased 5 kits for friends and no one has had any trouble with them. The cost is $65 and a front end alignment!Very easy to read instructions and can be done in about 1.5 hrs.Didn't notice a difference in the ride until I purchased 10 ply tires. I put the lift on then a few weeks later got the tires. The handleing was slightly diff. but makes the truck look 100% better..

October 21, 2009 at 1:59pm
A comment titled: GM in response to a report titled: general motors

I saw a show on tv the other night on was call "the last truck, the closing of a gm plant"!I am currently a gm owner,but after watching the show I realized how many hard working innocent workers lost their jobs 3 days before Christmas...this is due to a lack of poor management and best of all the economy as everyone knows.I hope this new "chairman" can help turn thing around and offer these hard working people their jobs back!!!!

September 16, 2009 at 11:50am
A comment titled: 4x4 in response to a report titled: Mahindra Tractors

I have a John Deere 30Hp 4x4 w/ front-end loader. I know the Mahindra tractors are tough, but like the other guys said...I wouldn't buy another tractor without 4x4 and a front-end will be suprised how much you can use the loader!!!!!

February 09, 2009 at 3:33pm
A comment titled: Not 100% in response to a report titled: Tuna Time Charters

Are you a man or a mouse? At least post a picture with a pole in your hand. Not on your daughters bean bag. Hang in there one day you will be able to take an overnighter with the big boys.

July 14, 2008 at 11:52pm
A comment titled: Lime & dirt in response to a report titled: dirt & limestone

Jeffery Lacombe (Hessmer,la) 318-452-0606

July 07, 2008 at 11:31pm
A comment titled: bows in response to a report titled: PSE X-FORCE

DuckDR.....I thought you changed your mind about the bow and you were going with the gasoline engine airplane...

May 23, 2008 at 6:32pm
A comment titled: ? in response to a report titled: PSE X-FORCE

DuckDR....I don't know where you live.I am from the Broussard area..I would like to get together....maybe meet in the middle and have a lil competetion. See if you can round up some guys for a little Sat. event. It will get me in the mood for some BIG BUCKS AND A FEW GOBBLERS this comming year!!Let me know when and where!!

May 23, 2008 at 5:14pm
A comment titled: MIRAGE gone X-FORCE in!!!! in response to a report titled: PSE X-FORCE

DuckDR....All in all I do hear a lot of great reviews about the PSE X-FORCE, like speed accuracy, and is a great bow and you can't beat LA Archery's price...I have always been a Browning fan but this morning I traded for the PSE X-FORCE after reading the reviews I had a spurr-of the moment jesture to get one!!!I shot it a few times today and LOVE it...can't wait for the competetions and the near arriving hunting season!!I took a beating on the mirage..but hey it was a gift soo I got what I could for it!Good luck and hope you post later what you decided..either choice is great........

May 23, 2008 at 4:14pm
A comment titled: JUNK in response to a report titled: PSE X-FORCE

They are all junk need a browning mirage!!!

May 22, 2008 at 9:37pm
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