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A comment titled: MY Friend in response to a report titled: CAPTAIN JOHN L. TAYLOR PASSES AWAY

I have known JLT for a long time. We were members of the same bass club together back in the 1990's in Shreveport. We even fished some tournaments together. He is the reason I have been a guide in S.E. Louisiana for the past ten years. I remember the day I started guiding in Buras was just after he found out he had cancer. We were sitting on the porch anc he was really down. He was telling Cathy (his x wife) and I all we needed to do was put him in a casket wearing a Columbia shirt and holding a Shimano V Rod and he would be happy. I am glad he beat it for another ten years. It is truly a sad time for the fishing world. Whether you agreed with him or not, whether you loved him or not, he made everyone think. John always had an opinion and he was most always right.I sadly have not seen him for a month or so and I wish I could change that, although my wife got to see him last week. I will miss him and think of him every time I fish an area we have fished together in the days gone by. So long my friend. Captain Billy Wallbaum

December 19, 2010 at 9:13pm
A comment titled: line in response to a report titled: braid question

o.k. here's the deal. First fill your spool one third of the way with mono. Ten to fourteen pound test. This will work for spinning or a baitcaster. You never want to put pure braid on a spool. The mono acts as a cushon. Then fill it up with Suffix Perforanced Braid. Suffix has a smaller dia. than any other braid. Then I use 25lb fluorocarbon for my leader. If you hang up, the leader will break before the braid wiil, unless you have a weak point in the braid. Tie them together with a uni to uni knot. The knot will take some practice but it's worth it. You won't loose any fish with this set up.Most redfish pros use this set up.You can use 20lb. braid on a spinning reel but I wouldn't use anything under 30lb.on a baitcaster.It won't cast as smooth.Anything under 20lb. tends to dig into itself on a baitcaster.I hope this helps.

March 27, 2008 at 10:01pm
A comment titled: boat cover in response to a report titled: Boat cover

You can call Skeeter at (903) 984-0541 and get the phone number to Aurora. They are the offical boat cover for Skeeter. They have all the measurements for all the boats in the Skeeter line.

March 01, 2008 at 10:05pm
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