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A comment titled: Good Trip in response to a report titled: 60 trout,6 drum, 2 reds, 04-07-13

Thanks for another great trip. Capt. Kim is easy to fish with. Boys had a great time. We must have gone through three bait wells of live shrimp with the size to keep ration a bit slanted this afternoon; however, we had a couple really nice, solid, 3 lb. fish mixed in with the keepers. Looking forward to the next trip.

April 07, 2013 at 8:21pm
A comment titled: Taxi?? in response to a report titled: 60 TROUT, 13 DRUM, 2 REDS, 12-08-12

What? Lost me on that one. But thanks, it was a nice Drum. We 're-dunked' the big ones to spawn another day.

December 09, 2012 at 8:54pm
A comment titled: A Great Afternoon in response to a report titled: 60 TROUT, 13 DRUM, 2 REDS, 12-08-12

Thanks Capt. Kim for an enjoyable afternoon and evening in the Delacroix marsh catching some fish. We had a great time. This trip was a perfect example for us experienced fishermen with our own rigs who just like to leave it all behind sometimes and jump on board with an experienced guide like Capt Kim. My attitude has always been: 'You can learn something new on every single trip'. Capt. Kim posted it above just as it was. He tells it like it is. While it wasn't fast and furious for us this afternoon, it was a good, steady bite and we put a really nice box of fish together for about 3 hours of fishing. 60 trout, a couple of nice reds and a bunch of perfecting eating size drum is a good day, all day and any day in my book. Spending a beautiful, warm December Saturday afternoon and evening in the marsh with my son and brother as the sun set over the horizon: Priceless. Thanks again Capt!

December 08, 2012 at 10:06pm
A comment titled: Nope! in response to a report titled: Remington 887

Charlie, Refund from Remmy NOT LIKELY. Go in a different direction my man. The 887 is junk. Sorry, I'm a big Remington fan and collector; however, IMHO, you would have been much better off with older 870 or 1100 auto for the money. Specifically, the nice Remmy 870's (pump) and 1100 Autos are a dime a dozen at the gun shows, etc. You won't have any problem finding a very nice one for 325-400 (maybe cheaper). If you go with an older 1100, have gunsmith check/replace O Ring/gas seal to ensure proper functioning. Very cheap to do. I don't want to get into the whole '2 3/4, 3' versus 3 1/2' debate; however, I have many of each. I can very honestly say that I can do just about anything with my old Remy 1100 2 3/4 30' barrel fixed full choke that I can do with my most recent very high dollar Berettas and Benellis. Sure! My old Remy kicks more, isn't as fast or as smooth, and doesn't have a choke system or the latest technology; however, it's reliable, still reaches out there, and drops birds. When I look back on it: We all love our newest 'latest and greatest' products (guns, boats, motors, etc.) But ya know what? Now that you have me thinking, my old 1100 has been lost in the swamp for 3 days, dropped off the dock in salt water, used as a crutch and split the first barrel due to a bad shell misfire. Remington DID send me a new barrel, by the way. I think they were just glad it wasn't the barrel and no one got hurt. I was a poor college student at the time and sent them a nice letter explaining what happened and asking what a new barrel cost. A new one arrived at my apt. complex office in Baton Rouge three days later!! Has kept me a Remy fan since. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck!

November 18, 2012 at 7:16pm
A comment titled: Nice Fish in response to a report titled: after the rain

Great Fish! Paw Paw is a good man for taking you fishing. Love him and enjoy those times with him. Stay safe.

July 13, 2012 at 7:22pm
A comment titled: Priceless! in response to a report titled: My Baby's First fish ever!

Absolutely Priceless!! Man, I remember those days! (and miss them). They grow too fast. Keep up being a great dad my man! The world needs more of us.

July 10, 2012 at 6:08pm
A comment titled: Lot Of Misconceptions in response to a report titled: how to go about selling a 22. RIFLE

Nope. Sell it just as you would a pair of rubber boots. I was an FFL dealer for a number of years. There is a lot of bad info out there about private sales of firearms between individuals and so called 'registration' of firearms. No such thing exist in this state unless its a Class III (ie: suppressed, full auto) or other similar restricted weapon (serial number obliterated. True in all 50 states). Bottom line, as long as you legally own the weapon in this state(ie: legally purchased it or was given it as a gift, passed down to you, inherited,and so on), you can sell. With the above said, its; obviously, prudent and responsible to BE responsible in such a sale of any firearm and to NOT sell to a minor, an obvious crack head, drunk or someone with a sign on their back advertising his or her propensity for violence or criminal activity. Hope this helps.

January 05, 2012 at 6:30pm
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