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A comment titled: Nautic Star fish box in response to a report titled: Nautic star fish box

I have a 2010 1810 NauticBay. I have the same issue with the 'insulated' fish box. It's really my only gripe with the boat. Early Spring/Fall fishing it holds ok, but Summer fishing it is mostly melted by the end of a 6-7 hour trip (5am till about 11am). This is with usually 3 twenty lb. bags of ice. I've started carrying an ice chest on the boat, but that defeats the purpose of having an insulated fish box built in. Clearly the top hatch is not insulated since it's just a fiberglass lid. I imagine they must blow a bunch of foam insulation around the bottom and sides of the fish box so they can call it insulated. It's also a PITA to clean.

August 24, 2012 at 10:28am
Boutte, LA

About 4 years old and shot about 50 rounds through it. Also have ammo to sell to buyer for cheap. I am the original owner. It is and has been all stock ex rot for a different strap.

October 02 at 1:37pm