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mike the tigreProfile Photo
Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Who Knows the GPS coord. to the Pencil Canal at little lake in delacroix
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May 01 at 7:51pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Southeast Louisiana
Got some boys across the street aprox 12 yrs old dad works offshore I bought some crawfish nets thinking of south farm any help let me know bet they would love this (they love to fish our ponds in the area
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April 15 at 7:06pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Southeast Louisiana
Why/Why is 22LR ammo so hard to find and so expensive? Went to Bass Pro Sat. afternoon non in stock but all the 9MM or 45acp or seem to be every other type of ammo inc. 223/ What is up with the cheapest shot of the past? This round is for target or small varmits ect.
March 15 at 5:37pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Southeast Louisiana
I need some help if possible///live in Abita La. //PROBLEM WIND/// Who knows how to find condition of lake P or Borgne from Abita????Hate to ride to Slidell with no wind at house none nada and find 2 ft waves in slidell or even in Mandeville. Any Camera's or any real time weather/wind forcast. Tired of watchin News and they say 5 to 10 winds and get to water for a....  Read More
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April 01 at 6:31pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
Technical in Southeast Louisiana
Any Advice where to find Instructional videos on operation of LOWERANCE gps Old dog needs to learn new tricks/////////mike
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March 31 at 7:18pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Do you or anyone know where to get video info to use (instructional video) for this unit? Also can GPS coordinates or waypoints be taken from google earth and put on sds card then entered in this unit??????
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
March 26 at 9:38pm
Google earth waypoints to Lowrance units
I do not know of any CD or DVD that offers an instruction in the use of that unit.

I can accommodate you if you wish. If so contact me at captainpaultgps@gmail.com

Check the post that asks basically the same question or my Story in the current issue of the Louisiana Sportsmam Magazine concerning Google Earth waypoints.

Captain Paul
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March 26 at 10:32am
mike the tigreProfile Photo
Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
I just purchased a lowerance HDStouch 7 Does anyone know of real instruction videos and can you load waypoints on a sds card and put them in this unit
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March 25 at 6:18pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Bayou Bienvenue in Southeast Louisiana
Who saw Swamp People tonight on the History Chanel? On the show they showed a fort in the Vioilet area//Is there such a place? Only one I would know of is gone (Mortello Castle) Was this just TV?
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March 23 at 9:18pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Southeast Louisiana
How do You keep hooks sharp and non rusted on all your lures? Is there some lubricant to use that does not leave an offensive smell?
March 23 at 4:47pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Southeast Louisiana
I am thinking of a new bay boat Looking at one in slidell at Boat Stuff Is this a good place to buy? all comments wanted/////////////
March 19 at 2:15pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Southeast Louisiana
Went to sportsman show yesterday and stopped at Bass Pro on the way back//looking for 22 lr none /none almost all others there but no 22's whats up with this 9mm /45 acp all rifle rounds this is a small low power bullet for target or squirrels. These are not intended for large animals or military use/why is there a problem these use to sell for 1/2 cent and should be the cheapest and most....  Read More
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March 15 at 10:37am
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Southeast Louisiana
Has anyone been to the kenner gun show? How is it? How large//how does it compare to Slidell?
March 12 at 11:17am
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Southeast Louisiana
Why is it so hard to find 22 long rifle ammo? Do anyone know who has some bricks???????mike
March 07 at 11:04am
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Leeville / Golden Meadow in Southeast Louisiana
I hear that there is a push to ban certain ammunition. Why can't a law abiding citizen own whatever they want?????? where is the harm??????????I own guns and ammo and never shot anyone and don't think I will ever have to, but why can't I buy what gun or ammo that I just want even if its only to look at? Please forward to all congress people if you agree. mike
March 03 at 6:58pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Louisiana
Capt Paul please give detailed instruction to get GPS coordinates off Google earth///I would like to find points in Delocroix and Hopedale areas and put them in my Lowerance HDS7 touchscreen as waypoints Thanks in advance
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
February 13 at 5:03pm
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Mike the Tiger ~

Ok Mike, there are two ways of completing your mission. I suggest that you try both and see which one works best for your unit and your piece of mind. Both require a two part operation on your part.

Either way, you should do the first part for either of the options.

First, get a SPARE data card that will be used to ONLY make data transfers from your computer to the GPS unit. Place it in the unit and turn the unit on and change any function in the unit. Remove the card and bring it to your computer.

Then make a folder in the Google Earth client window (c: program files/google/googleEarth/client/MY GPS points). Name it something like my GPS points.

This will be the location where you save the Google “Places”. They will go to the general CLIENT file, so you may have to “move” them in to the proper GPS named folder.

Open the Google Earth program and In the VIEW link, select Tool Bar and Sidebar by checking the links. This will allow you to see a bar on the left side of the screen as well as a toolbar at the top of the view.

The waypoints will appear in the PLACES box in that bar. Organize it to your taste.

Google Earth can record and save the places in a variety of position formats. I suggest that you use the Degrees and Decimal minutes (DDD,MM.mmm) as this is usually the default setup for your GPS unit. If it is not, change it to this setting in the Google Earth Options / 3D View in the Show Lat/Long settings. They also use a WGS84 DATUM in plotting and displaying their mapping images. It is a locked in setting that you are not able to change in the Google Earth program. Your GPS system should be set to the same WGS 84 datum setting. Both categories must agree in both the position format and the DATUM settings.

Google Earth saves the positions as an .kml or a .kzm. files. These files will be the ones that you convert and transfer to the computer then to your GPS unit.

Zoom in the Google Earth program and mark your places (waypoints)

Mark and save your positions by using the ADD PLACEMARK icon link or by using the Control + shift + S key strokes.

Save your locations as a Placemark (waypoint) one at a time. You can select color of the map pins by using the right click of the mouse in the Waypoints box and selecting the PROPERTIES button.

After all of the waypoints are saved and moved into the MY GPS file you are ready to make the transfer.

Select the location where you want the data to go (MyDocuments or My Library/GPS WAYPOINTS/HOMEDALE (or DELACROIX) whichever is appropriate for the area you converted. Copy the Google Client file to that location,

Part Two

On the web, go to www.GPSBabel.org and start the download by clicking on the link. It is a FREE data internet download. Install an icon on your desk top for the program.

Open the Babel program and select the INPUT format as Google KML and select the Google place file where you placed it in the Program files/google/googleEarth/client/MYGPS/Delecroix (or Hopedale) folder. All of the Google Earth place locations you marked should be in that one folder.

Indicate that file in the Babel program. Click the WAYPOINTS box in the Babel Program and then select the Lowrance or the Lowrance version 4 for the file type depending on what version of Lowrance software your unit is running. Try the Version 4 first.

Click the OK. The data your place marks should all be converted to Lowrance .usr waypoints and should me in the appropriate folder.

Now copy the converted file to the spare memory card. In doing so, you may want to rename it or use the full name. Place the memory card in your GPS unit and using the MENU features in that unit, transfer the data from the data card into the internal waypoint memory. All of the waypoints should appear as overlays on what ever mapping program you may have.

Another Option.

If the unit does NOT recognize the file, you will have to use the Lowrance data program called INSIGHT PLANNER. It is a “For Sale” item on the Lowrance web site. Check out the Mapping links, or search the site for INSIGHT Planner. You will note that Lowrance offers several type of supplemental mapping that you may be interested in, including Insight Topographical maps. I like this type of mapping, as I believe that it shows the Louisiana coastal marshes with much better detail than some of the other mapping versions.

The INSIGHT PLANNER can read Google KMZ files so it saves you the trouble of having to use the Babel program. However it is a good idea to download and install the Babel program in your computer is it is a great tool for converting waypoints, tracks and routes from one manufacturer’s format to another.

From there, open the Lowrance INSIGHT PLANNER, and click on the TRANSFER button then the IMPORT then the FILE ON DISK then the GOOGLE EARTH option. If the Babel copy you first tried did not work on the memory card, you can select the Lowrance .usr file to import into the Insight Planner. If you by passed the Babel option, simply select the GOOGLE file option and import it into the Insight program.

Once there you can delete and add additional waypoints, combine several locations together and when finished you can EXPORT the USR file by selecting the TRANSFER/ EXPORT/ File on Disk and save it to the spare memory card. This program offers you several of the older versions of the USR format. You may have to experiment which version will work in your newer unit.

Contact me if you need any additional help.

~ Captain Paul ~
February 13 at 11:39am
mike the tigreProfile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
Who has been to the Biloxi boat show this year How is it?????? give comments///
February 06 at 4:27pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Louisiana
Since the Saints are home now Does anyone care who wins the game today????????????
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February 01 at 4:40pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Southeast Louisiana
SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST NOT NICE Went out to the rigolets for a lil boat ride it got dark so we went over to some piers with lights no one out so I started tossing a lure at popping shrimp//picked up a few small specks tossed them back. Moved over to one pier (no one there so did the same/ someone came out so I said to him let me know if I get to close His reply was If I can see you than you....  Read More
September 26, 2014 at 4:08pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
Public Lands in Louisiana
It has been years that I have hunted in bucktail campground just out of homer La. Anyone been there lately? looking to go. info wanted
November 05, 2014 at 7:28pm
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Southeast Louisiana
I am looking to Capt Paul or Anyone else that could give advice on how to use my new HDS touchscreen 7. The book is hard to understand// I was used to a small garmin but wanted something better Don't know where to get instruction/////
January 01 at 9:18am

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