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Big Buck Photo Contest in Central Louisiana
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  • 12 point buck in St Landry parish on family land at 205# and a shoot of 225 yards the browning 30-06
  • 12 point 205# at 225 yard but the browning 30-06 got the job done. Who would have thought the only s
  • big boy
Heard they had been killing a few nice ones on the family property so I got in stand at 530 on dec 29 and saw a deer at 610 walking in the water only 40 yards ahead of me, but couldnt see what it was and At 715 it walks out on a lane cut 8 yards wide. When they come out they don't stay long usually walk across quick. So before seeing it was a buck I grabbed my gun and stuck it out the window.....  Read More
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February 10, 2013 at 8:29pm

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