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Pics from lastnight's hunt This report contains photos
by jedipimpvp
1,493 5 bugs
by  isucrazy300
June 18 at 6:06pm     July 28 at 9:30pm
Hog Wars
by eco man
179 0 Hog Wars
by  eco man
July 25 at 10:29am     July 25 at 10:29am
Video: Big Boar Down!
by CatchDog
484 1 Kier video footage
by  Shipwrecked25
June 10 at 7:08pm     June 19 at 11:43am
Getting Hard To Catch This report contains photos
by KenneyD
1,757 2 Catchin Pigs
May 19 at 6:13am     June 14 at 12:58am
Jay's Big Bow Kill This report contains photos
by Toothpic
1,696 3 Jay
by  Hydra-Sports
October 27, 2006 at 6:58am     June 13 at 7:48pm
Morgan city area
by 1wv2sc3la
441 0 Morgan city area
by  1wv2sc3la
June 05 at 9:15pm     June 05 at 9:15pm
by Capt Bob
877 4 so
by  isucrazy300
May 05 at 8:56pm     May 06 at 11:26am
not hard to figure
by joeynavis
397 1 yep
by  isucrazy300
May 05 at 8:20pm     May 05 at 10:56pm
21rst century squirrel guns
by lanco1
623 1 .35 whelen
by  lanco1
April 25 at 2:17am     April 25 at 2:32am
All out war on the hog
by bluediamondent
4,015 93 working man
by  sigen925
April 22 at 8:08am     July 27 at 2:55pm
Legalities on trapping hogs (selling live or dead hogs)
by hogboyz985
3,329 5 30 Pounder
January 29 at 6:10pm     April 15 at 6:10pm
Advice Hog Hunting. Where to go?
by krsgypsy@gmail.com
1,041 3 once again you distort
by  isucrazy300
April 13 at 8:21pm     April 14 at 9:38am
Hog Hunting This report contains photos
by vermillionville
1,023 0 Hog Hunting
by  vermillionville
April 13 at 6:04am     April 13 at 6:04am
Hittin the Hogs Hard This report contains photos
by Jared Serigné
2,549 0 Hittin the Hogs Hard
by  Jared Serigné
April 07 at 5:05pm     April 07 at 5:05pm
by bougechitto1
1,319 8 i guarantee
by  isucrazy300
March 12 at 6:59am     April 06 at 11:28am
Hog regulations need to change on WMA\'s!
by dunkingmofo
3,043 32 go get
by  isucrazy300
February 23 at 9:26am     April 05 at 9:33pm
Airboat Hog Hunt This report contains photos
by SportsmanTV
1,064 0 Airboat Hog Hunt
by  SportsmanTV
March 28 at 1:04pm     March 28 at 1:04pm
Hog Trapping for Dummies This report contains photos
by dmckinzey
1,108 0 Hog Trapping for Dummies
by  dmckinzey
March 27 at 10:52am     March 27 at 10:52am
Wild Hogs
by henryPAI
737 2 Transport Hogs
by  Capt Bob
March 25 at 6:43pm     March 26 at 10:40pm
Hogs and Dogs
by bougechitto1
2,539 28 sounds like a hastle
by  isucrazy300
March 08 at 10:32am     March 24 at 12:33pm
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