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Boats in Southwest Louisiana
Good morning to all! I am seeking any advice I can get regarding boat performance. I currently own an 18' 44' custom with a vented tunnel and a stoke 2014 2 stroke Nissan 40. I am not sure of the make on of the prop but it is a 14 pitch with cup added to it. By myself, 5 gal of fuel, and three batteries( one at the rear and two under front deck) I run a solid 36 mph trimmed out. If I add.... Read More
7 hours ago
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
A friend of mine e-mailed me some of his way points and I opened them via Garmin's 'home port'software program on my apple pc.

I have a lowrance Elite-7 HDI chartplotter with a Standard Mapping chip. If I copy the way points to a blank micro sd card, will my Lowrance read them or will the code only be read by a Garmin GPS? Is there a way I can transfer the data without manually.... Read More
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Response by Captain Paul
4 hours ago
Garmin Data to Lowrance protocol
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Dog dude ~

No! Waypoints written in a computer language for a Garmin unit will NOT work in a Lowrance unit and conversely.

You MUST change the format that Lowrance has designed for their units.

The hard way is to re-enter all of the waypoints manually into your Elite-7 unit or find a way to convert them.

I use a program called GPS BABEL. It has the ability to reformat many different types of formats from one to another.

It is a free program on the internet at http://www.gpsbabel.org/

I suggest that you download the program in your computer and experiment with the conversion options. It is a real time saver.

First save the Garmin waypoints to a file then do the conversion, never overwriting the saved file.

To use the data, you will need a SPARE DATA card and the Lowrance transfer program called INSIGHT PLANNER. This is a worth while investment as it will allow you to transfer data from the GPS to your Computer and from the computer to your GPS unit. Saving your waypoints to a computer or thumb drive, etc, will give you the option of backing up all of your data.

Captain Paul
Yesterday at 9:14pm
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Boats in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
I have a Yamaha 150 2 stroke91999) that needs the upper unit rebuilt.I would like to get rid of this motor and upgrade to a new one.How do I go about this and where would I be able to get rid of it.Any help would be useful
July 21 at 2:31pm
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Boats in Louisiana
I'm replacing an old rotten transom in a small 12 foot bateau. I'm just curious as to who has done this before and what tips you can give me. What type of wood? Did you treat it with anything special? I figure someone out there has some really good homemade ideas. Thanks in advance.
July 23 at 11:32am
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Boats in Central Louisiana
I searched all over on here for info about this, but I couldn't find anything, maybe I didn't look hard enough. oh well This is my first post.

I recently bought my first real bass boat. A G3 eagle talon 17dlx. It came with two Gamrin depth finders. A Garmin Echo 200 in the dash, and a Garmin Echo 100 on the bow. I know how to turn it on and thats about it. I've never used any type of.... Read More
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July 14 at 10:06pm
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Hey guys, this is Sandy(the wife) lol, with Tri-Parish Fiberglass. We are slow right now its driving me crazy! A girl can only do so much house work! We can jump on your boat right now. We get slammed at the end of Jan. Then there will be a wait time. We are 20 yrs. exp. lic and insured. Family owned and run business. Great prices. In fact we can beat any bodys. We stand by our work and we treat.... Read More
January 05 at 10:40am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Please Capt. explain why or what advantage is your edge program. I just got a new lowrance hds and I am thinking about your edge program. How hard is it to put in my new lorance? how does it work ect Some info to make a good decision please/////mike
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Response by Captain Paul
July 15 at 8:35pm
EDGE for your GPS unit
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Mike the Tigre ~

The CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS programs are positions (waypoints) that are written in a computer language that is recognized by the various GPS consumer systems. These waypoints are designed to give you an “Edge” on getting to and fishing various fishing areas in the coastal marshes. They are sold exclusively as a download from the Louisiana Sportsman’s OUTDOOR STORE. They are lat~long positions that can be transferred into your GPS unit.

In order to transfer the data from the download into your GPS unit, you will need the data transfer program offered by the manufactures. Lowrance offers their INSIGHT PLANNER on their web site (www.lowrance.com) as a “For Sale” download. The Insight Planner allows you to exchange tracks, waypoints, and routes between your PC and your GPS unit via a spare memory card.

The data is transferred in computer language that your GPS will understand. All of the positions are transferred as overlays to what ever mapping program you may have installed in your GPS unit. After the installation, the waypoints will show up in an index and as named positions on the maps.

It is necessary that you specify your correct GPS system as the waypoint language is generally not the same for difference unit brands.

The Edge consists of mainly fishing locations supplemented by key intersections of canals and other navigation points.

It IS NOT A MAP that can be installed in your GPS unit.

Captain Paul
July 14 at 12:37pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
I have an Apple laptop and I am looking for a way to get my Fishing edge to my Lowrance GPS. As far as I can tell Insight planner only works with windows based computer. Do you know of a program that will allow me to get my waypoints to my GPS
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Response by Captain Paul
July 01 at 7:33pm
Insight for APPLE
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ RIG MAGICIAN ~

Mike, I am sorry that the Planner will not work in an Apple computer. Check with Lowrance Support at 1-800-324-1356 and see if they will have a correction download.

Sometimes you can simply copy the USR file in the Edge program to a Lowrance memory card and place it in the GPS unit, but sometimes the newer Lowrance GPS units will not accept the data unless it comes from the Insight Planner.

Let me know what you find out from Lowrance.

Captain Paul
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June 26 at 6:02am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
hey Capt. You misunderstood me I want to know what you think of lowrance with a 7 inch screen which model is the best for the price. seems there are many models Hds /touch/ chirp. What is your opinion of structure scan? Can a map be made on a computer easily for this unit EX google earth how hard to enter your chip Capt paul edge. give you thoughts on these units please
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Response by Captain Paul
July 09 at 4:21pm
Which Gps to get? ?
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Mike the Tiger ~

~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Mike the Tiger ~

Sorry Mike,

If you are set on a Lowrance GPS unit, start with the HDS series Gen2 units are the top of the line in performance and price. For such Gen 2 they start at about $850.00.

I personally don’t like the touch screen models as they are sometimes hard to operate in bad weather and cold temperatures when you have to wear gloves.

Lowrance also has a line that they call the ELITE line. I would start with those units as a starting point.

Remember that the price increases as the size of the screens increase, as well as if it is a colored screen. I don’t know of a program that will allow you to use Google Earth images while under way. The Earth programs requires a link to a Wi Fi or cell phone data link in order to display the maps.

When planning your purchase be sure to include the Lowrance INSIGHT PLANNER. This will allow you to save and install tracks, routes and waypoints to and from your computer and GPS unit. It is a for sale item on the Lowrance web site.

I am sorry, but I can’t give you the expertise you will need to assist in the selection of the sonar ~ depth ~ fish finder part of the system.

Most sonar units will have a hard time giving you an accurate image of the bottom when traveling at today’s boat speeds in two feet of water. You may find one but I doubt it.

Captain Paul
July 02 at 7:47am
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Boats in Morgan City in South Central Louisiana
Looking for boat trailer 14 to 16 ft flat with papers. Thanks
July 08 at 5:05pm
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Boats in Louisiana
I am trying to decide which boat would be better to fish bays and large lakes. I am thinking about a Carolina Skiff 218DLV or a regular vee bottom bay boat like a Nautical Star or Epic. Any opinion, comments, experiences, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
July 07 at 6:35am
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Boats in Southeast Louisiana
Can anyone recommend a mechanic within a 100 miles of new orleans that does good and reliable work on Mercury 2 strokes?

I have a 05 115hp optimax and my local guy cant figure out the issue. Would prefer someone who doesnt take forever to look at it either. thanks for any help.
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July 06 at 12:17am
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Boats in South Central Louisiana
This summer I plan to build a 14'-16' wooden bayou skiff. Can you guys please give me some advise on where I should get plans etc? Your advise is greatly appreciated! I plan to post my progress!
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July 01 at 8:35pm
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Boats in Louisiana
Photo Album
Thought I'd post this video I made if it helps any boat owners out there - cheers!

July 02 at 12:15pm
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Technical in Louisiana
Photo Album
Thought I would share this video I recently made if it helps any boaters out there. Cheers!

July 02 at 12:14pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in South Central Louisiana
How long you think before Academy will offer the humminbird 999 in store or on website? they have all the other new models in stock.
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Response by Captain Paul
July 01 at 7:24pm
Humminbird 999 in Academy stores
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Accordionman ~

Both models of the 999 are in the $1500 range. As a top of their line units it may be some time before they filter down to Academy and Wal-Mart. I suggest that you contact the Academy people and ask them when it will be available in their stores.

Captain Paul
June 28 at 7:04am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Hey Capt Paul looking for info on lowrance 740 series what model would be the best at the best price? I would like good GPS mapping (maybe use standard map chip for Lakes P.and borgne and some hopedale/delocroix areas These are my usual areas that I go. Also I want some good imageing of the bottom and fish or bait If possible will this unit give dept under power so I can tell if Iam in.... Read More
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Response by Captain Paul
July 01 at 7:16pm
Lowrance 740 ? ?
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Mike the Tiger ~

Mike, I could not find a current model 700 etc., as a current model on the LOWRANCE web site. It certainly not listed as a current model, but may have once been a production model.

However GARMIN currently and a GPSMAP® 741xs and a GPSMAP® 721xs @ 1500.00

The premier Garmin GPSMAP 721xs combination chartplotter/sounder has 60 percent more processing power than its previous generation. Includes a 7” touchscreen with pinch-to-zoom, HD-ID™ sonar and CHIRP capabilities (transducer sold separately, some versions). Built-in high-sensitivity 10 Hz Garmin GPS/GLONASS receiver updates position and heading 10 times per second. It lists at $1,399.99 USD .

Naturally any map, accessories or charts for a Lowrance would not work in a Garmin unit.

I am not sure this is what you want. Get back with me if you can get any other information on the Lowrance unit.

Most sonar units will have a hard time giving you an accurate image of the bottom when traveling at today’s boat speeds in two feet of water. You may find one but I doubt it.

Captain Paul
June 25 at 7:36pm
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Technical in Louisiana
Hey Chris, I've been trying to send an e-mail to Dave66, one of the users without success.

I click on the 'USER DIRECTORY' and find the user. Then click on 'Email' option next to the user's name. The e-mail screen appears and I type in my message. But when I click on the 'Submit' button I get a message saying something like 'the ad cannot be found'.
June 29 at 3:57pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Captain Paul,

Is there a program available for this unit that give a true satellite image mapping option? If so what is it. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Response by Captain Paul
June 24 at 7:11pm
Try Garmin g2 VISION mapping
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Chocohead ~

The Garmin BlueChart G2 Vision should work in the unit, but call the Garmin support section at 1-800-800-1020 to be sure. Garmin has another program called Bird’s Eye, but I don’t believe that it will work in that unit.

The Support section should be able to tell you about the Bird’s Eye program.

The BlueChart is ordered for different North America zones, and is a non refundable item. So, to be sure, go to a stocking Garmin dealer and ask to see the BlueChart g2 VISION program in one of their units. Go to an area that you know and zoom in on the location.

The BlueChart g2 has charts only, the BlueChart g2 VISION has ortho corrected aerial photo maps.

Please let me know how you make out.

~ Captain Paul ~
June 20 at 8:04pm
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Boats in Outside Louisiana
Hello gang, newbie here.

I'm looking into setting up an alweld 14' aluminum modified V boat with a 92' mariner 40hp magnum tiller. The boat weighs approx 200lbs. Whats to be expected with proper setup, pitch, rpm outta this rig speed wise?

I see these videos on YouTube of what looks like 14' alweld boats with 40hp mercury and these lil boats are flying! The one video.... Read More
June 14 at 4:40pm

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