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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
I want to purchase a Lowrance HDS 7. The options have 2 types of transducer frequency 83/200 and 50/200.

Which one is the better choice for inshore?
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16 hours ago
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Boats in Louisiana
I am considering a 2002 Pathfinder 2400v with a Yamaha 200 2 stroke or a 2003 Bay Stealth 2430 with a Yamaha 225 4 stroke. I plan on using the boat in the marsh and for going out in the bays. I don't plan on using it off shore. Any advice on the models? Pros/Cons? Thanks friends!
Yesterday at 6:39am
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Boats in Louisiana
Photo Album
Hello all,I need some help reading a faded capacity plate. I am mainly trying to figure out the manufacturer of the boat so I can call and get pertinent information based off the serial number. Any help, is appreciated
June 28 at 4:32pm
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Boats in Louisiana
Looking to buy a boat that will accomodate a ~400 pound person... but not wanting to get into a 20+ foot long rig.

I mostly fish alone but would really like to take my good friend along... without worrying about a big person making a small boat unstable.

Redfish are the primary target.
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June 27 at 8:57am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Louisiana
I have a Humminbird 1197C SI with the lake maps card. The map is a little limited. I am looking for SP 152 out of Fourchong. We used to fish it when I was a kid. Not sure if it still there. Is there a book with all the passes and rig numbers for purchase?
June 27 at 11:49am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
Captain Paul,

Does your SD card for Vermillion Bay contain GPS coordinates for abandoned rigs or underwater shell beds at Tiger Shoal or similar?
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Response by Captain Paul
June 25 at 8:33pm
Info Edge for Vermillion Bay

Captain Paul's response to WBratcher,

The CAPTAIN PAUL's Fishing edge of GPS WAYPOINTS is NOT sold as a file on a data card. It is an electronic download file that you install in your GPS unit. Some units require all data be transferred to the unit via a SPARE data card. Most also require that you use their manufacturers data trans program. Lowrance, Garmin, Humminbird and Raymarine all have such programs available on their web site. Even if you do not purchase my Edge file, it is a worth while in time to get and install their data Transfer program as it will allow you to transfer waypoints, tracks, and routes to and from your computer and GPS unit. It is way easier entering the position data while on your computer than trying to enter one at a time directly into your GPS unit. A transfer of over 100 waypoints can be transferred under two minutes, whereas it may take you five minutes just to enter one directly into the GPS unit

The Vermillion Bay Edge has positions for many of the inshore reefs shell beds in and around the bay. It has the La Wildlife &Fisheries inshore artificial reefs in the area and some of the near shore reefs such as Diamond Reef, but it does NOT have off shore reefs, shoals, or oil/gas platforms.

It does NOT have any positions around the Tiger Shoals area.

All of the Edge downloads come with a READ ME, Instructions File and the data file in the proper format for your brand of GPS unit, an Acrobat .pdf file which is a general map of the area and all of the waypoints listed. Many have a HOW TO FISH the location. In addition, there is also included a spread sheet file of all of the data. I suggest that you print out the spread sheet and .pdf file and take them on board in a two gallon size plastic bag.

Contact me if you need any additional information.

Captain Paul
June 25 at 8:32am
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Technical in Central Louisiana
I have a 36v system. i need to wire that to my 12 cranking battery for emergency starting. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this? Thanks!
June 16 at 7:23am
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Boats in Louisiana
I am starting to shop for a new boat and it want be to next year but I like to shop around before I buy. I have an 18 ft xpress xp I love the boat but need a deeper v. What is you guys opinions on the crestliner bay boat or they durable as the express and do they ride good! Any input will be appreciated
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June 23 at 7:53pm
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Technical in Southeast Louisiana
looking to build a boat hoist. anyone no where I can fine I beams( preferred used)to hold 2000 lb bay boat, and used or new hoist gear and motor assembly. Thanks Richie
June 22 at 4:29pm
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Boats in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
I have a brand new utility trailer single axle about the size of an airboat trailer. Is there someone who can help me convert it into an airboat trailer? I will have to measure it out but I would use it to pick up an airboat in Orlando. My wheels are also water sealed for boat launching. It is a good trailer. Thoughts?
June 19 at 7:01am
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Technical in South Central Louisiana
Need some help finding a small engine repair shop in the Lafayette area to do some work on an 04 yamaha dirt bike. Having a lot of trouble finding anyone to work on something more than 10 years old.

Any help would be much appriciated.
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June 19 at 12:43pm
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Boats in South Central Louisiana
What's happening guys, I am looking for some advice on bringing back the color of my fiberglass bay boat. it is a red and white triton bay boat and the red coloring on the boat is faded pretty badly. I am trying to bring back the color myself. What would you guys recommend to get the faded oxidation spots off of the red paint on the sides of the boat and also on the center console? I have....  Read More
April 14 at 1:38am
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Guns in Louisiana
Wtb a 45 caliber pistol for a decent price open to all trades just offer Text 985-201-4582
June 14 at 11:14pm
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Technical in Louisiana
Looking to purchase some new batteries for my boat. Need three deep cycle 660 MCA 470 CCA and one starting 1000 MCA 875 CCA. The ones I currently have are deka AGM sea mate and deka AGM marine master cranking that are sealed, leak proof, and maintenance free. Any lower cost but good options out there?
June 10 at 6:05pm
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Technical in Louisiana
looking at purchasing another offshore boat the two boats I want to look at both have Mercury 150 optimax motors can anyone give real input on these motors reliability good bad etc never own a mercury befor one has 2003 480hrs and other 2006 400hrs thanks
May 02 at 7:30pm
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Technical in Louisiana
Need info if anybody has had stator failures on
Mercury 155 hp ..mine is 1995 I have replaced 4 and had another one go out!!!
June 10 at 4:36pm
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Boats in Louisiana
Hi All,
I am lookin to buy a used blue color bass boat along the style of: Stratos, Nitro, Hydrosport, Champion, Javelin, Ranger, or the like.....(200 horsepower range....)
June 09 at 9:25pm
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Guns in Louisiana
opinions on taurus millennium pro g2 9mm pistol capacity 12 rds double and single action thanks
June 09 at 2:04pm
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Boats in Louisiana
We intend to have the best trolling motor battery for our boats. A trolling motor needs special deep cycle batteries for best performance. These special trolling motor batteries are very much different from car batteries or truck batteries, which has a short-cycle and only needs to kick-start an engine or run other equipments in case of an emergency. These are heavy duty batteries which offer....  Read More
June 09 at 1:04am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Capt. Paul

I have a new boat just finishing up being built and I have the 698CI HD SI COMBO. Could you recommended which GPS card is the best for this unit for the cocodrie area.

thanks in advance

swapped to lowrance
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
June 02 at 9:57pm
Maps for Humminbird GPS
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Duck Shoot ~

The features of the Humminbird 698CI HD SI is a state of the art unit, however the base map called a UniMap, I believe, needs to be supplemented with one of the available accessory mapping programs.

Humminbird offers a series of maps they call LakeMaster. There is one for our region, but it is mainly for inshore freshwater fishing lakes and locations in our area. They also offer a Navionics South, but it is featured as a multi state lake maps. I don’t believe that either of these products would serve your southeast Louisiana salt water marsh fishing.

Try calling the Humminbird support section at 1-800-633-1468 and see what they recommend for the salt water marsh area of Louisiana.

These supplemental mapping programs will run the better part of $150, so just don’t get the first one they recommend. After getting their recommendation, go to a stocking Humminbird dealer and ask to see the recommended map(s) in Humminbird GPS unit. If they have the map, zoom in on your fishing areas and see if it gives you the detail that you want.

That way you will know what you are getting and if it will serve your needs.

~ Captain Paul ~
May 26 at 11:04am
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Bows in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
The 3rd Annual Josh Castile Archery Shoot at Lake Charles Archery Club (www.lakecharlesarcheryclub.com)
For flyer and/or entry from please visit our webpage:www.dctofla.com.
All funds raised goes to help children with life threatening illnesses to receive a dream, as Josh did.
June 04 at 5:47pm
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Boats in Louisiana
21' xpress center console for sale under boats classified ads. it's a scam dont buy into it!!!
June 04 at 9:59am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Lake Borgne / Chef Menteur
Cpt. Paul,

I am looking for coordinates of shell pads that may exist in Lake Borgne and around Bay Eloi. Any old rig pads, old islands or points, etc. would be great. Thanks.
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Response by Captain Paul
June 03 at 8:12pm
Lake Borgne well sites.
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~Ryansr ~

I have most if not all of the old gas well sites in Lake Borgne in my CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING WAYPOINTS OF GPS POSITIONS listed in my Lake Borgne file, which are available on this web site in the OUTDOOR STORE.

But, you can find all of these sites on your own. The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources has a web site that list all past and present oil, gas and water wells in the state. The Site is called SONRIS. It has a data base of the sites that allow you to access the information in a variety of ways which includes via a general map of the area, by parish, by gas or oil field name, well number and or name and by operator to name a few of the many ways to access the data.

You can access the site by going to http://sonris-www.dnr.state.la.us/www_root/sonris_portal_1.htm

Note that the positions provided are stated in Decimal Degrees (h, DDD.ddddddd) and were determined using NAD 27 Datum.

The removed wells are generally listed as a “well hole ~ not operating.”

It is a very useful program to find the shell or gravel pads that were once installed around the well sites. As you know, these “pads” often offer ideal fishing habitat.

By the way, I offer a CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE of GPS WAYPOINTS that has included a number of these sites in the Lake Borgne area. My Lake Borgne Edge file has over 160 waypoints in and around the lake, many of which are the present and past well sites in the lake.

The EDGE files are designed to be electronically loaded into various GPS units via your computer.


The “CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE” is a very unique ELECTRONIC MEDIA program that can be downloaded directly into various GPS units from their manufacturer’s Mapping program or via several of Maptech’s mapping software programs. This technology saves countless hours of having to manually enter each separate waypoint values into GPS receivers.

I call the Programs, CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE,” because I believe that they will give the fisher and hunter an advantage in getting to, finding fishing spots, moving around, and getting back from some of the more favorite fishing and hunting areas in the state.

The entire procedure of loading over 150 odd waypoints from a typical CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE file takes less than three minutes from the time you view the email file to the time that they are loaded in the GPS receiver.

Presently I have TWEMTY-ONE Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge Files. They include Barataria Bay, Hopedale ~MRGO to the MISSISSIPPI SOUND, Hopedale to Bayou Terre Boeufs, Delacroix to Point a la Hache, Bayou Bienvenue, Port Sulphur, Lake Calcasieu, Lafitte, Leeville ~ East, Lake Pontchartrain, Myrtle Grove-Lake Hermitage, Empire to Buras, Leeville-West, the Pearl River WMA, Vermillion Bay, Cocodrie ~ Dulac, The Rigolets, MRGO dam and Markers, Bayou Sauvage NWR and Big Branch NWR and the LAKE BORGNE areas.

To download The CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE program(s) in your GPS, you MUST have FIVE items.

FIRST, a GPS Receiver that can accept a computer download; SECOND, your GPS manufacturers Mapping Program or its Waypoint Manager software; THIRD, a computer with a connecting cable to the GPS unit or data card; FOURTH, a valid E-Mail Address that accepts attachments, and FIFTH, a CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE FILE.

Separate Program Files are designed for GARMIN, MAGELLAN, LOWRANCE, DELORME, RayMarine, Humminbird and others that require a GPX data exchange protocol and their mapping programs as well as for MAPTECH TERRAIN NAVIGATOR. These Edge files are NOT interchangeable.


The OUTDOOR STORE link button may be found in top banner at the top of SPORTSMAN’s HOME PAGE. The Captain Paul's FISHING EDGE button also flashes across the top banner of the ”REPORTS” pages on this web site.

The EDGE files are available exclusively on the LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN web site in the OUTDOOR STORE. Look them over, I am sure that you will find that the EDGE waypoints give you a quantum leap head in navigating to and fishing or hunting the area locations.

Some of the many Lake Borgne well sites as listed in the EDGE program are as follows:

I have DESIGNATED these positions in my EDGE file as waypoint numbers that begin with “BOIL” (representing LAKE BORGNE OIL sites). I believe that some of the many, many platform sites you are looking for may be found as indicated below.

BIOL # 27 =29°59.045’ N. Latitude ~ 89°37.252’W. Longitude;

BOIL # 28 = 29°57.723’ N. Latitude ~ 89°35.150’ W. Longitude;

BOIL # 38 = 30°00.709’ N. Latitude ~ 89°43.055’ W. Longitude;

BOIL # 39 = 29°56.545’ N. Latitude ~ 89°42.475’ W. Longitude;

Like wise you can use the State site to search for the locations in Bay and Lake Eloi, or you can order the Captain Paul’s Edge for the Hopedale ~MRGO to Miss Sound.

Unless otherwise specified, all positions are stated as Degrees, minutes and thousandths of minutes (DDD,MM.mmm) and were determined using WGS 84 Datum. All bearings and courses are stated in Magnetic degrees.

~ Captain Paul ~
June 03 at 8:10am
Mr. FiberglassProfile Photo
Boats in Southeast Louisiana
I wish I had done some of these on my cockpit deck, woulda saved me some money. Thought I'd share
June 02 at 10:21pm
tombranchProfile Photo
Bows in Louisiana
Just an fyi any trailer without papers is essentially worthless and should command the scrap price as top dollar which hovers around 8 cents per pound. There are numerous trailers for sale in the classifieds and i would like to buy one but none of them have papers rendering them totally useless you couldnt give me a trailer without papers so just who are you selling these to.
May 29 at 9:24pm

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