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Guns in Louisiana
Maybe someone can help me understand why the used guns for sale in the classifieds section are listed for more than you can buy them brand new for. My theory is that the people buying these guns have less than stellar back grounds and can't buy new. If that is the case it won't be worth the 100.00 you made selling the gun to have to spend an afternoon with investigators when something goes.... Read More
6 hours ago
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Henderson Lake in South Central Louisiana
Capt. Paul,

I just purchased the edge file for Big Lake but wasn't paying attention and accidentally purchased the one for Delorme. I have a Lowrance and am wondering if I can convert it to upload and if so I will also need the Lowrance install instructions.

Thank you
17 hours ago
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Boats in Louisiana
Photo Album
21ft. v-haul aluminium boat, center console with 8ft. beam and 6ft. bottom. 140 Suzuski 4-stroke. Trolling motor. Boat was built by Charles Leonard.15,500 firm. 225-305-6019
18 hours ago
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Capt. Paul,
I am in the waiting process of my new bay boat. I have the new Lowrance HDS9 Gen2 touch being installed. I am thinking of adding the Standard Mapping map to it for a true life look. I was wondering if your fishing edge will work with both the Lowrance and the Standard mapping maps? Also will I need anything else to install them on my unit?
Yesterday at 5:40am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Louisiana
I just purchased the Garmin 1040xs I am looking for a sd card that can be read in this unit for Toledo Bend that will show me major creeks and feeder creeks road beds bridges,pipelines that run under water and boat run markers hope you have some info on this thanks.
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Response by Captain Paul
April 21 at 9:14pm
Toledo Bend
Sorry, but I don't have an EDGE file for the Bend area.

I am working on one, but it is several months away.

Captain Paul
April 21 at 9:02am
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Technical in Louisiana
I currently have a Lowrance M56 installed in my boat and this past weekend I could not get any power to it. I still plan to look into this, but I also wanted to know what would be a good replacement for it thats not real expensive? I mainly need the GPS portion of the unit. Also would like to know if the units are pre-loaded with maps or is that something I have to get separately? Please.... Read More
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April 21 at 11:56am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Louisiana
Capt Paul,can the Edge .usr file for Lowrance be imported into apple iPad as you explained for a Garmin user in a similar fashion?Thanks
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
April 18 at 1:03pm
Lowrance files to iPad
No you cannot transfer Lowrance Data (.usr) files from your compuer to your iPad, but you can transfer the data if you can get in a Google Earth format.

To convert the Lowarance file(s) (.usr) to a Google I have found a FREE converting program.
Go to http://www.gpsbabel.org/download.html
Once it is installed in your PC, follow the directions to make the conversion, then follow these instructions for installing the Google data into your iPad.

Google earth to iPad
First install Google earth in your iPad or iPhone. Then open the program.

Open your Google Earth in your PC and save the waypoints to a file, preferably a Google KML file.

Once done send your self an email with the saved file as an attachment. Open the attachment file in your iPad then using the out source (the icon representing a document with an arrow pointing upward.
When the option opens select the open in Google Earth. Icon.

All of the waypoints should appear in the Google Eath program on your iPad.

By the way this will also work an any of the Google files I offer in the Captain Paul's Fishing of GPS Waypoints.

Simply substitute the Edge files opened in the PC Google program And them send as an attachment to your iPad.

Google luck, contact me if you need any specific help.

Captain Paul
April 16 at 9:57am
bayou1974 Profile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Where do I go to purchase the Edge(Grand Isle/Leeville) programs for the Lowrance Elite 5 DSI? I have looked on the Outdoor Store and do not see where it can be purchased?
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
April 18 at 12:49pm
I am gald you brought this to my attention.
I relayed the deficency to the web site.

In the meantime, go the the Outdoor Store, then search for EDGE. The list will appear and you can order the EDGE from there.

Captain Paul
April 16 at 11:27am
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Guns in Southwest Louisiana
Looking for a gunsmith in the Lake Charles area. If anyone has any recommendations on a good one Id be grateful. Thanks
April 16 at 10:39am
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Technical in Southeast Louisiana
CAN SOMEONE GIVE INFORMATION ON MOUNTING A UNIDEN VHF RADIO INTO A DASH I want a smother and compact look than just mounting on dash with a bracket
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April 13 at 10:28am
boater33 Profile Photo
Guns in Southeast Louisiana
This is just my opinion but I wish folks would stick to listing guns only in the guns catagory--there seems to be too many items for trade----or so many duplicate adds. We all may be willing to trade any thing for a gun but the guns catagory is getting flooded with too much non gun stuff....
April 11 at 7:45pm
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Technical in Central Louisiana
Hoping someone can help?

I purchases a used FEMA trailer for a deer camp. The hot water heater seems to work as it takes ice cold Well Water and warms it, but it doesn't get HOT. Does anyone know if these trailers have a thermostat on the hot water heater that can be adjusted to turn up the heat? I believe the water heater is the RV Atwood model. I searched the web to no avail. Thanks for any.... Read More
November 23, 2010 at 7:27am
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Technical in Louisiana
I have a couple of spinning reels that I use for trout that I am going to take the mono off and put braid on. I would like some opinions on what lb. to use , your suggestion of the brand, and do I need to do anything different when using it to fish a plastic under a cork. Thanks for any advice as I have only used it once on a baitcaster and was overwhelmed with backlashes! Good luck.
April 01 at 5:21pm
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Boats in South Central Louisiana
Does anyone know where I can get someone to put an aluminum deck in my new 14' Lowe Jon boat. I am looking for someone in the Baton Rouge area.
April 07 at 10:38am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Capt. Paul,

Like so many I just purchased a new Garmin 1040XS Chart Plotter/Sonar unit. I find the g2 mapping terrible to say the least. I have seen in previous conversations yousuggested Navionics and Nautic Insight SD cards. Is there anything you can suggest to fix this mapping problem for me with this unit.
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
April 01 at 2:34pm
Garmine Marine mapping
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~RRKE~

First, you have a very, very good GPS unit. It will serve you well with the proper mapping.

Yes, I have mentioned different mapping programs, but not for your particular unit. Garmin offers a Garmin g2 which is based on NOAA Marine Charts, which are not the best type mapping for the Louisiana coastal marshes. I personally prefer a mapping system based on USGS Topographic maps for our marshes. Garmine offers this type of mapping but not for your marine unit. I suggest you contact Garmin at 1-800-800-1020 and verify this info.

But now back to your dilemma, Garmin also offers a Garmin g2 VISION for your particular unit. It is a combo of Marine Charts and Ortho Corrected aerial photo map that can be installed in your unit. It, when installed, offers the user the ability to switch between the Chart mode and the Aerial Photo choices.

Go to a stocking Garmin dealer and ask to see the g2 Vision mapping. They are sold by different areas. View the Vision mapping and zoom in on a particular area you know and go to the aerial view mode. If the program meets your requirements, then your problem is solved.

This is one of the most accurate mapping that is currently available for your unit.

Captain Paul
March 25 at 3:08pm
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Technical in Calcasieu Lake in Southwest Louisiana
Gents I'm looking for some suggestions on a reputable business in the Lake Charles area I can use for a metal shop in my back yard. I know many of you have these and this is going to be my first experience having one of these built so any info would be helpful. I'm not exactly sure of the size I want because I have no idea how much these buildings can run. Any info on who to call and more.... Read More
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March 31 at 8:58pm
AR Fisherman Profile Photo
Technical in Louisiana
I am looking for some help from you fellow 24 2005 Baychamp owners. My boat is kept in Venice and I live in Arkansas. I am wanting to replace my washdown pump, but I forgot to look at what pump is currently in the boat before I left last time. Could one of you please look and tell me what pump we have in the boat so I can buy a replacement before I head back down to Venice?

Thank you.... Read More
March 22 at 1:42pm
swamper 01 Profile Photo
Technical in Southeast Louisiana
I have a 2007 Honda rancher, that runs fine, but when I stop and let it idle, it kills and back fires when I try to start it again.
I ran a tank of mid grade ethanol free gas through it and it ran great,when I filled it up again I put regular ethanol gas in it and the problems started.
Could it be the grade of gas or is there something else that could be causing the problem. The bike.... Read More
December 06, 2013 at 10:14am
Marshrat Profile Photo
Boats in Southwest Louisiana
I have a Kenner 2103 and am wondering how hard it is to get to the fuel tank to change out the fuel gauge sending unit. Has anyone done this before?


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March 22 at 6:05pm
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Boats in Louisiana
I am looking at buying a diesel generator for my boat but I am very limited on space so I am limited on what I can buy. Anything over 27' in length I can't use. Here are some I found that will fit. Fischer Panda, Mase, Mastervolt Wisper, Lombardini. I have found several bad reviews on Mase but very little on anything else. Lombardini is more affordiable than the other besides Mase. Any.... Read More
March 20 at 7:22pm

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