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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
I just bought a Lowrance Elite 5 HDI unit for my boat. I fish the Delacroix area when I do fish. My question is what is the best SD card to give me the best possible map of the Delacroix area?
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Response by Captain Paul
Yesterday at 2:27pm
What is the best mapping for the Delacroix area?
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ JPOCHE85 ~

I see that there is a great deal of opinions concerning mapping for your GPS unit. That is very good and you should consider them all. But, I like the Lowrance TOPO INSIGHT. Insight HD & PRO v14. The TOPO INSIGHT is based on USGS topographical maps and not NOAA Charts.

Yes, I know, the NOAA charts are the best in the world for detailing the Aids To Navigation buoys, cans, nuns, lights and day markers that define established marine waterways, but I believe that they do not depict the myriad of small bayous, lagoons, bays, lakes and canals that make up the Louisiana swamps and marshes.

According to Lowrance the Topo Insight HD maps are “Based on satellite imagery from the U.S. Geological Survey with resolution down to 8m. They are compatible with Lowrance HDS Gen2 and Gen2 Touch, Mark HDI and Elite HDI products.

The topo based mapping covers the small land features as well as the water bodies that surround them. The TOPO INSIGHT is sold in regions and they have one for the SE U.S. that covers Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida N. and S. Carolina and Tennessee.

So my suggestion is that you visit a stocking Lowrance dealer and view the available mapping. Check out the TOPO INSIGHT by zooming in to an area that you are familiar with and see if it meets your requirements.

If not, check out the NAUTICAL INSIGHT. Compare them along with the other mapping suggestions some of your readers made.

Captain Paul
February 22 at 10:53pm
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Boats in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
Looking for a reference to have my boat repaired. I need gel coat work and detailing done to put the boat up for sale. I seen couple ads for guys in Baton Rouge/North Shore area, but I wanted something closer to Grand Isle.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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February 23 at 10:42am
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Boats in Louisiana
I have a bay boat that at one time had carpet the guy I bought it from removed it and painted the gunnels and floor with interdeck but the hull is very rough like fiberglass wasn't finshed smooth what can I use to fill it and sand it smooth then re paint it without removing the existing paint
February 21 at 10:23pm
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Boats in Louisiana
In need of some advice from the locals here in Louisiana. First off I was an avid kayak-er down in Port Fourchon and I loved the adventures that kayaking gave me. Although, I've been out of the game for almost two years since my kayak was lost in Lake Pontchartrain. As of now I'm thinking about selling kayaks to the general public under a business structure. Buy low and sell high approach is....  Read More
February 21 at 6:55pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
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  • Caldwell Reef 3D
  • The Cove, Vermilion  Bay
Hey Capt Paul, I read the articles on GPS and mapping and I have something that may blow you out of the water.

Over the course of a couple of months I debated on whether or not to sign up for Navionics or Lowrances Insight Genesis. The part I could not get over is the $100 yearly fee associated with the programs. Besides the money, I would have to record sonar data and upload to them....  Read More
February 20 at 9:08pm
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Boats in Southeast Louisiana
I am going to be buying a boat from an individual in Texas and I am trying to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. I have my registration app, Dept of Rev form R-1331, and I will get a notarized bill of sell when I buy the boat. Other than that, what might I be missing? What should I expect? What hickups might I encounter?
February 19 at 4:12am
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Boats in South Central Louisiana
I’ll be transferring my Pro XS 115 to a new flats style boat. I’m looking at a Majek 20 Extreme or a Majek 22 Extreme. According to the specs, both boats draft 10' and beam width is 99', weight for both is approx. 1300#. Is it safe to say that a 20 footer and 22 footer with the same specs would perform the same with the 115 hp outboard.
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February 14 at 6:57am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Louisiana
Capt Paul please give detailed instruction to get GPS coordinates off Google earth///I would like to find points in Delocroix and Hopedale areas and put them in my Lowerance HDS7 touchscreen as waypoints Thanks in advance
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Response by Captain Paul
February 13 at 5:03pm
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Mike the Tiger ~

Ok Mike, there are two ways of completing your mission. I suggest that you try both and see which one works best for your unit and your piece of mind. Both require a two part operation on your part.

Either way, you should do the first part for either of the options.

First, get a SPARE data card that will be used to ONLY make data transfers from your computer to the GPS unit. Place it in the unit and turn the unit on and change any function in the unit. Remove the card and bring it to your computer.

Then make a folder in the Google Earth client window (c: program files/google/googleEarth/client/MY GPS points). Name it something like my GPS points.

This will be the location where you save the Google “Places”. They will go to the general CLIENT file, so you may have to “move” them in to the proper GPS named folder.

Open the Google Earth program and In the VIEW link, select Tool Bar and Sidebar by checking the links. This will allow you to see a bar on the left side of the screen as well as a toolbar at the top of the view.

The waypoints will appear in the PLACES box in that bar. Organize it to your taste.

Google Earth can record and save the places in a variety of position formats. I suggest that you use the Degrees and Decimal minutes (DDD,MM.mmm) as this is usually the default setup for your GPS unit. If it is not, change it to this setting in the Google Earth Options / 3D View in the Show Lat/Long settings. They also use a WGS84 DATUM in plotting and displaying their mapping images. It is a locked in setting that you are not able to change in the Google Earth program. Your GPS system should be set to the same WGS 84 datum setting. Both categories must agree in both the position format and the DATUM settings.

Google Earth saves the positions as an .kml or a .kzm. files. These files will be the ones that you convert and transfer to the computer then to your GPS unit.

Zoom in the Google Earth program and mark your places (waypoints)

Mark and save your positions by using the ADD PLACEMARK icon link or by using the Control + shift + S key strokes.

Save your locations as a Placemark (waypoint) one at a time. You can select color of the map pins by using the right click of the mouse in the Waypoints box and selecting the PROPERTIES button.

After all of the waypoints are saved and moved into the MY GPS file you are ready to make the transfer.

Select the location where you want the data to go (MyDocuments or My Library/GPS WAYPOINTS/HOMEDALE (or DELACROIX) whichever is appropriate for the area you converted. Copy the Google Client file to that location,

Part Two

On the web, go to www.GPSBabel.org and start the download by clicking on the link. It is a FREE data internet download. Install an icon on your desk top for the program.

Open the Babel program and select the INPUT format as Google KML and select the Google place file where you placed it in the Program files/google/googleEarth/client/MYGPS/Delecroix (or Hopedale) folder. All of the Google Earth place locations you marked should be in that one folder.

Indicate that file in the Babel program. Click the WAYPOINTS box in the Babel Program and then select the Lowrance or the Lowrance version 4 for the file type depending on what version of Lowrance software your unit is running. Try the Version 4 first.

Click the OK. The data your place marks should all be converted to Lowrance .usr waypoints and should me in the appropriate folder.

Now copy the converted file to the spare memory card. In doing so, you may want to rename it or use the full name. Place the memory card in your GPS unit and using the MENU features in that unit, transfer the data from the data card into the internal waypoint memory. All of the waypoints should appear as overlays on what ever mapping program you may have.

Another Option.

If the unit does NOT recognize the file, you will have to use the Lowrance data program called INSIGHT PLANNER. It is a “For Sale” item on the Lowrance web site. Check out the Mapping links, or search the site for INSIGHT Planner. You will note that Lowrance offers several type of supplemental mapping that you may be interested in, including Insight Topographical maps. I like this type of mapping, as I believe that it shows the Louisiana coastal marshes with much better detail than some of the other mapping versions.

The INSIGHT PLANNER can read Google KMZ files so it saves you the trouble of having to use the Babel program. However it is a good idea to download and install the Babel program in your computer is it is a great tool for converting waypoints, tracks and routes from one manufacturer’s format to another.

From there, open the Lowrance INSIGHT PLANNER, and click on the TRANSFER button then the IMPORT then the FILE ON DISK then the GOOGLE EARTH option. If the Babel copy you first tried did not work on the memory card, you can select the Lowrance .usr file to import into the Insight Planner. If you by passed the Babel option, simply select the GOOGLE file option and import it into the Insight program.

Once there you can delete and add additional waypoints, combine several locations together and when finished you can EXPORT the USR file by selecting the TRANSFER/ EXPORT/ File on Disk and save it to the spare memory card. This program offers you several of the older versions of the USR format. You may have to experiment which version will work in your newer unit.

Contact me if you need any additional help.

~ Captain Paul ~
February 13 at 11:39am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Just got my first boat and looking to see if yall can point me in the right direction for a good chartplotter/fishfinder. Should I be looking for a combo unit or two separate units? Looking to stay around $500 but will spend more if it means I get the right gear. Also, which navionics card is best for southeast Louisiana? Thanks in advance.
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Response by Captain Paul
February 12 at 11:35am
BEST GPS and Mapping
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Shuckdooter ~

I can help you somewhat, but you are going to have to do a little investigation on your own to get the features and performance you want.

As for my suggestions, I can give you some pointers to consider.

There are several brands that are available for your needs, but you will be hard pressed to find one with the necessary mapping for the dollar price you set. The largest sellers in the consumer market are Lowrance, Garmin and Humminbird units. Certainly there are other companies but start with these to establish a benchmark for your investigations.

At one time I would not have recommended a combo unit as one feature seemed to be always better than the other. But, today’s technology allows combo units to be as good as any stand alone unit. Most units allow the user to split the screen to have both a navigation and sonar image at the same time.

Both types of sonar/GPS configuration would work for you, so your selection will be determined by the foot space of the unit, available space around the helm, and price. Two units will take up twice the space than one combo.

As for the brand of GPS unit you should get, that is entirely up to you. All of the above manufacturers produce top flight units. But you should know that they require DIFFERENT MAPPING programs.

Many GPS users first select the available mapping, then get a compatible GPS unit that will accommodate the mapping they choose.

The next consideration is the size of the viewing screen. You will find that the price increases with the size of the screen, so use that as a guide. Compare units with the same size display for a fair assessment.

I suggest that you investigate all of the brands and their respective models of GPS units, comparing one to another. They all will provide an accuracy with the WAAS feature to within three (3) meters. Then after deciding on the unit, you will have to then determine what type of supplemental mapping you will need with the unit. Or as stated above what unit will accommodate what mapping software.

These mapping programs can run into the hundreds of dollars, so you should consider the total cost of the unit and the necessary maps you will need. Be careful here as some of the less expensive units CANNOT accept any supplemental mapping. What is in the unit is what you have to use.

As for the mapping that is available, you should first know that those that would work in one unit may not work in other units. The Navionics and the Lowrance INSIGHT TOPO are ortho corrected mapping as is the Garmin chart and Topographical based programs. These programs that could set you back another $100- $300 and even higher. So be careful when ordering any of these programs as there is no return on software items.

For instance the Navionics # 907 P+ will cost about $399. These charts are based on NOAA marine Charts. The detail is not going to be as sharp or detailed and the coverage not as broad as the topographical based maps. The Lowrance Topo Insight PRO 2013 East is based on Topographical maps and offers, which I believe, is the best type for details for the Louisiana coastal marshes and inland lakes.

Garman’s TOPO US 24K – Southeast U.S. covers several of the Gulf of Mexico stats and is available for around $100. It offers superb marsh detail.

Most companies also offer an aerial photo based mapping that designed to be used in their unit. Some are purchased outright while some are provided as a yearly purchased download.

If you go with a Lowrance system, be sure to get the Lowrance INSIGHT PLANNER. This program allows you to transfer data such as Routes, tracks and WAYPOINTS between your GPS unit and a PC computer. It is an invaluable tool for archiving your data and in planning a trip.

Humminbird offers their Humminbird PC and Garmin has their BASECAMP programs that allow for computer to GPS unit data transfers. In today’s electronic world, it is the way to go for installing routes, tracks and waypoints in the units.

Again, remember that the maps are not interchangeable between the different units.

Go to a stocking dealer(s) that handles Garmin, Humminbird and Lowrance their mapping and actually view the detail and coverage of the aforementioned mapping programs.

Ask to view the different mapping programs that are available for the unit. Find you fishing area and zoom in on a particular location. Compare one to another. This will give you the necessary knowledge to make an intelligent decision.

Please Get back in touch and let me know what you decided on.

~ Captain Paul ~
February 10 at 4:12pm
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Boats in South Central Louisiana
Looking for somewhere in Lafayette to get my bassboat detailed. Any suggestion?
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January 19 at 11:14am
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Guns in Louisiana
WHAT GUN IS MORE POWERFUL? 357 magnum or 45 automatic? asking for self defense purposes!! in other words which bullet is more powerful???
February 02 at 6:11pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Louisiana
Capt Paul

How accurate are GPS coordinates taken from Google Earth? If I use Google Earth on my computer to find a spot in Lake Pont. how close will the GPS coordinates put me to that spot? Someone told me that the government required a deviation that altered the accuracy.
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Response by Captain Paul
February 03 at 5:55pm
Google Accuracy
~ Captain Paul's response ~

Yes, No and Maybe.

I guess that covers it all. But seriously, they all could apply depending how you are using the settings in your GPS unit as compared to the Options in the Google Earth program.

Let me explain. My information is that Google Earth uses a EGM96 Geoid in displaying their Google Earth programs.

EGM96 (Earth Gravitational Model 1996) is a geopotential model of the Earth consists of coefficients complete to degree and order 360. Basically it is a model of the earth as devised in 1996 which allows the user to precisely place positions on the surface of the ellipsoid. This model is the result of a collaboration between the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), and Ohio State University.

Very accurate positions can be placed on the Geoid with regards to vertical and horizontal locations. Some map makers use an ellipsoid model for their model. The Geoid model is usually more accurate for positions that are in elevations that are above the surface of the Geoid, whereas the Ellipsoid model is usually better used for relative flat areas near to sea level.

Either way, I believe that the Google Earth images are corrected to use WGS 84 datum. So if that is the datum that you use, simply enter the Google coordinates into your unit. Be sure to check the position format to be sure that they also agree. You can either change the Position Format ( Location) in your GPS unit or you can change the Google Earth display by going to the TOOLS/Options link at the top of the program and select what ever position format you normally use. Be sure that they agree.

So, if you are using your GPS unit in a relative flat area, such as Louisiana, or any sea level environment, I would assume that the figures are fairly accurate. However, if you are using the WAAS feature in your GPS unit in order to get the 3 meter accuracy via the differential system, your position via Google may only be to a position accuracy of 20 meters.

I would use the Google info but use it with suspect. When you get to the actual location you should use your WAAS activated GPS unit of “refine” the position.

If you need any additional information, get back with me.

Captain Paul
February 03 at 6:43am
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Boats in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
i have a trailer that a friend gave me for my son's 14' hull. it was constructed out of several parts from other trailers, no papers at all. i am trying to get a plate for it. we went to state police troop C and they wouldn't even come outside to look at it... they said we needed a paper from DMV... DMV said we need a vin and receipt from state police.... can anyone tell me what i can do, or....  Read More
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February 02 at 10:18am
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Guns in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
I have a Mosseberg 351C .22cal that belonged to my dad. When I got it from my mom it was not functioning. I believe that I have purchased all the small parts that I need to get it back working. I have one part that I am unable to line back up. Is there anyone out there that maybe familiar with this model gun?
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January 29 at 11:49am
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Guns in Outside Louisiana
does anyone know if they discontinued manufacturing the 32 caliber short colt or the 32 caliber s&w shorts? cant find any anywhere! I heard Remington did, not sure? if u know where I can get some, I would appreciate if u can tell me!! thanks!!! any brand!! just found some 38 short colts and ordered 500 rounds @ www.targetsports.com but no 32's!!! THANKS!!!!
January 30 at 9:54pm
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Boats in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
A 23 HP Kohler EFI was stolen from our shop. Were offering a $500.00 reward for the return of the unit and the name of the thief. Please give us a call at 985-893-2790, email us at Gil.copperhead@yahoo.com or contact the Covington Sheriffs department at 985-867-1200 Your information will be keep confidential.
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January 26 at 4:42pm
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Boats in South Central Louisiana
Well, I've settled on the boat and dealer I will buy from. Now my question is decking. I'm looking for opinions regarding vinyl vs. carpet.
All input is appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
January 26 at 9:05am
teetoddProfile Photo
Guns in Louisiana
I am looking for a NEW 22 rifle bolt action single shot NO CLIP. Cant seem to find a brand that still makes these. I want to shoot shorts and Aguila Super Colibri's. Any ideas?
January 23 at 12:10pm
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Bows in Morgan City in South Central Louisiana
If anyone finds or know of someone who has found a Hoyt carbon matrix please contact Scott Dupre at (337)578-1883 it would be greatly appreciated. The bow was in a grey pro 44 case. This morning on 1-20-15 my dad and I were returning from a morning bow hunt and it flew out of the boat onto the hwy. We travelled north on Hwy 317 from burns point onto hwy 90 then travelled west to Baldwin. Thanks....  Read More
January 20 at 1:14pm
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Technical in Outside Louisiana
Photo Album
  • This is the type of extrusion I am looking for or an equivalent.
I know there area a lot of guys building basic aluminum flat bottom skiffs and I was wondering if had any tips they would like to share as to how to join the bottom piece with the sides.
I plan to make one using 1/8' bottom and join it to a .100' side.
In the NW they have pre-made corner extrusions that accept 1/8' sheet aluminum but I can't find the right....  Read More
January 17 at 10:44pm

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