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Boats in Central Louisiana
So while I was coming in from duck hunting this morning the motor stopped peeing. I shut it down and paddled to shore. I ran a wire through the outlet line and intake holes on the bottom are clear. It'll spit a little bit of water but not a steady stream. Is the water pump going bad or is there anything else that would cause this to happen? Thanks in advance for the advice!
Yesterday at 3:36pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southwest Louisiana
Cpt. Paul:

When using Insight Planner is there a way to enter a waypoint created using NAD 27 Datum and then convert it to WGS 84 Datum? I can't seem to figure out if there is an option to do that within the program. Will I just have to enter those coordinates in my HDS 7 unit in NAD 27 and then convert them to WGS 84? Thanks for your help.
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Response by Captain Paul
August 03 at 7:25pm
Change Datum values
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Jlemoine ~

Although we may not have the same version of INSIGHT PLANNER, my program does not have a datum choice feature.

However you can access the NOAA NADCON conversion utility on their web site at ~


Or another site at http://www.coordinateconverter.com/cgi-bin/ctserve.exe?MODE=GetForm&Region=usa&Template=multi_template.ht

These will allow you to set up and enter all of your data in the correct format.

Captain Paul
July 30 at 4:06pm
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Boats in South Central Louisiana
I am looking for someone reputable to install a mud boat engine for me. The promblem I am having is that it isn't an easily searchable service. I have a 16' Boats by Kirk hull and a 40 hp Kohler engine, and I'm looking to get the Kohler installed ASAP. I will also need a strut made and some metal work done to tie in the frame to the motor. I have called Boats by Kirk and he is booked until....  Read More
November 17 at 6:37pm
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Technical in Louisiana
what causes a pushrod to start tapping and either bend or in some cases even crack the head? thanks!!
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November 17 at 5:27pm
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Boats in Outside Louisiana
2007 Ranger Z21 Comanche - $3000



Posted By Squiresipt

Entered Sun Sep 7th,2014 @ 12:50 pm

Search for in --- All Categories --- ATVs and Motorcycles Boats Boats - Misc Cars and Trucks Employment Fishing Heavy Equipment Household Items Hunting Marine Electronics Notices Real Estate Rentals RVs Tractors Work....  Read More
November 06 at 5:40pm
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Technical in South Central Louisiana
I have an 1999 Honda 450 electric shift. Every now and then it does not want to down shift and have to manually down shift. Has anyone had this problem and how did you fix it? I don't want to spend a ton of money if I can fix it myself.
November 04 at 12:57pm
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Boats in Louisiana
Photo Album
.... I traded with a friend for some ATV parts and wound up with a GoDevil frame , old but good condition , took some measurements and couldn't find any motor that would fit the mounting pattern , called GoDevil with the mod and s/n and they told me it was a Yanmar diesel model which was old and rare , says I can use a Honda or such gas motor with a little fab work ---- has anyone ever had or....  Read More
May 09 at 6:02pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Calcasieu Lake in Southwest Louisiana
Need help with getting the Edge to transfer to Garmin 441. I've downloaded home port from Garmin but cannot find file to download to card in that screen.
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Response by Captain Paul
October 30 at 5:14pm
How to transfer the EDGE file to your GPS
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Dcpp74 ~

After you complete the installation of the Garmin Home Port program, you then find the folder where you placed the LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN, CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS.

That location is determined by you when you purchased the Edge program.

It may be on your Desk Top or in some other file in the Documents folder. Check it out. Then open the Home Port program and first click on the Library link and a drop down window will appear indicating the various folders in the Home Port Library.

Then click on the FILE button at the top left corner of the Home Port screen. A drop down window will appear. Click on the Import into New Folder. That drop window have a top box marked LOOK IN: Click on the arrow pointing down and a list of the files on your computer will appear. Select the folder of location where you put the EDGE file that you got from the Sportsman, then click on the .gpx or .gdb file and the program will transfer the data in to the folder in your Home Port program. Once there, click on the folder and all of the Edge waypoint will appear in the map in the Home Port program.

Once there, you can add to, delete, or edit any of these waypoints.

Then place the memory card for you GPS unit in the card reader of your computer. Once there select the EXPORT button in the Home Port program and transfer the data to a spare SD memory card to the GPS unit.

Sometime, you have to place the spare card in the card slot in the unit and turn the unit on and do any function on the screen of the GPS unit. This causes the unit to write a code to the spare card that will be recognized by the Home Port and after the transfer to the card by the GPS unit again.

Give me a call at 985-847-0536 if you need any additional help.

Keep Safe,

Captain Paul
October 30 at 8:25am
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Boats in Louisiana
I am considering buying a chapman pirogue, I want it more for fishing than for hunting. I want some feedback on how good it is for fishing, speed, comfort etc. or if there is a better boat for about $500
Thanks and give me feedback
October 29 at 10:34pm
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Boats in South Central Louisiana
Looking to put some lifting strakes on my kirk mudboat. Im looking to get the measurements if anyone has ever put any on their mudboat any info will help. Thanks
October 29 at 8:27pm
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Boats in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Im looking to attain a title the legal way on a boat I have owned for about 15 years.

The boats story.......
I was given the boat from a neighbor who was also given the boat.No numbers on the hull or a hull identification number.The neighbor only wanted the engine and trailer.Boat was in very nice shape at the time.

Now 15 years pass by,rules are a lil more strict.My local....  Read More
October 29 at 11:53am
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Guns in Louisiana
Need input on cz 75 sp-01 shadow. Is this pistol worth the money and how does it compare to glock 17 gen4 9mm or glock 34? I'm looking to buy one of them. Thank you. any help would be great.
October 28 at 3:46pm
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Boats in Louisiana
I asked over at THT about this and several of their members referred me to your site. We just purchased a pristine Champion Bay Champ 21 and need a windscreen. It attaches with three quarter turn fasteners on the lower edge. The THT members mentioned a dealer had advertised on this site that they had some Champion parts in their inventory.

Does anyone have a line on Champion parts? The....  Read More
October 21 at 10:35am
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Boats in Southeast Louisiana
Looking for some help on a prop size on my Blazer Bay 2170. I'm running a 15 1/8 x 19 full load and still turning around 6100. Boat has a 200 Yahama 4 stroke on the back with a jack plate I am not sure which way to go but looking to drop the rpm about 400 and max around 5700.
October 17 at 6:31pm
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Boats in Louisiana
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i need a transom mount got cash on hand
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October 23 at 7:33am
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Boats in Louisiana
Thank you guys for your calls and text- I have a fishing guide friend who is looking for a 1998-2004 Kenner boat. It does not have to run, it does not need an engine-if it does have an engine that is good as well. He is going to modify it for his needs. This boat has to be boat specific. Thank you guys for your responses. Keep reeling them in. Btw I heard from Leeville that the specs have moved....  Read More
October 22 at 4:31pm
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Technical in Louisiana
Im planning on purchasing a Go-devil for my 15x44 Skiff. Only thing is I dont know whether to go with Honda or Vanguard! Ive had Honda dirtbikes and a three wheeler and they are by far the toughest motors. Never had a Vanguard however. Also I noticed that there is a big difference in weight for the same horsepower motor. Honda weighing more than vanguard. Can someone point me into the....  Read More
October 16 at 9:24pm
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Boats in Louisiana
Photo Album
  • This picture clearly shows corrosion where the trailer bunk was bolted on.
As fishing season in Louisiana kicks into high gear most fisherman will want their rigs in a high state of readiness.
Boat trailers, especially older ones can be a pain to maintain but one issue can destroy a trailer. Corrosion!
Most trailers use treated lumber as 'bunks' or 'skids'. One of the most common sights that I see at launches from Slidell to Delacroix is....  Read More
October 03 at 3:28pm
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Technical in Central Louisiana
I'm looking for someone that builds/tunes drag banshees, use to deal with a guy name Trent up around Amite does anyone know if he still works on atvs if not is there any shops in that areat that builds banshees? Thanks 504 236-3152
April 24, 2013 at 5:19pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Any feedback on how good or bad the detail is for our area on the new Garmin BlueChart g2 Vision Map?

Its a bit pricey and I don't want to commit another $300 on top of what I already spent for a new GPS. The current base maps just stink. For example, it doesn't even show the Spoil Canal next to the MRGO.
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September 22 at 7:59pm

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