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Other Hunting in Louisiana
I know this is not related but maybe someone can help. I have a 28 foot bumper pull camper it weighs 6000 lbs. I pull it with a Chevy 2500 but need new truck . I am looking at the ford f150. Does anyone pull similar things with a truck like that I am looking at the 5.0 with 3.73 gears. Any info would be great I was wondering how it handled down the highway.
March 28 at 7:50pm
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Other Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
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  • The nose knows.
  • The nose knows
Thought I would share this picture taken yesterday of my friend's dog holding a point on some Quail. It makes you want to grab your shotgun and get ready for an explosion from the underbrush
March 27 at 12:45am
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Other Hunting in Louisiana
Hey guys, I am looking for the any opinions on the best generator for a Camp... I am open to either Diesel or Propane.... Keep in mind It must be transported by boat.. Propane would be lighter, but getting bottles of propane back and forth would be a pain... but would it be worth it..? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated...
March 19 at 8:40am
thomas1950 Profile Photo
Other Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
I ran across twelve Coyotes strung up to twelve fence posts.

Picture at


March 08 at 2:26pm
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Other Hunting in Toledo Bend in Central Louisiana
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  • garmin
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March 03 at 5:59pm
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Other Hunting in Louisiana
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whata fun day
February 28 at 11:28am
cornycreek bottomboys Profile Photo
Other Hunting in Northeast Louisiana
hey im new to youtube i have a outdoor comedy channel called 'cornycreek bottomboys' even if you dont like hunting me and my friends do some stupid stuff that is really funny we like to promote wild life conservation i am a memeber of ducks unlimited and drake's migration nation and i will be posting more regularlly so if you are intersted please suscribe and tell all your friends thanks
February 25 at 6:24pm
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Other Hunting in Outside Louisiana
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  • Ring neck
  • Hen
This was my dogs first time going pheasant hunting and he did a great job. I got a ringneck and a hen.
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February 03 at 7:24pm
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Other Hunting in Central Louisiana
Looking for some places to run my coon hounds, if them coons are flipping your traps and taking your catch. I would like to help you out by getting them coons for ya. in turn you'll be helping me by giving my dogs a place to run off there energy. Call or text me 337 323 8621
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February 13 at 8:52pm
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Other Hunting in Louisiana
I have a American Cocker Spaniel which is 7 months old and is fearless. i already have her doing basic obedience with sit stay. I have my issues training her of course as with all pups. What I am looking for is some help. Maybe a club or someone who is willing to help me train my dog. Something like a tag-a-long training run(s). I am also looking for some pigeons or training birds. I have read.... Read More
December 16, 2013 at 7:17pm
backwoodssince8 Profile Photo
Other Hunting in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
Need some advice on rabbit hunting. I have about 15 acres where I live. Some of it has about 3ft thick grass. There are rabbit holes all over. Little trails cross crossing throughout and rabbit poo all around. I walked it 2 or 3 times trying to jump rabbits but haven't seen any. There is woods nearby that's holding coy dogs which I assumed May be killing them but I still see a good bit of.... Read More
February 02 at 8:03pm
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Other Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
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We are having a problem with otters and beaver and every other creature getting into crawfish traps. If anyone is interested in coming trapping hunting r anything else we would greatly appreciate it. The area is south of kinder. Were catching some already just don't have enough time and traps to do it effectively. They are so plentiful they will flip over 3/4 of traps a night. If u are.... Read More
January 09 at 9:58pm
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Other Hunting in Louisiana
Photo Album
I have recently started a blog of my greatest outdoor & hunting/fishing adventures, complete with great stories, pictures, and the occasional recipe. I am trying to go somewhat in order, from the beginning to the present. The stories include, 8pt deer kill, running dogs, fishing trips of all kinds, hunting bloopers, coonhuntin, deer management talk, heart-warming moments, mudriding and more..... Read More
January 25 at 2:50pm
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Other Hunting in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
I have a Browning Gold 12ga. that I need to have the barrel threaded so that I can install chokes. I sent it to a gunsmith to have the barrel shortened to 26 inches and there was a lack of communication on my part. The barrel is shorter, but i am looking for someone to properly drill and tap the barrel. I live in Robert, but I will travel to get this done properly. If you can help send me an.... Read More
January 15 at 4:47am
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Other Hunting in Louisiana
After skiing last week in Colorado and seeing gobs of elk, I'm thinking about doing a public land hunt. Does anyone have any experience with elk hunting public land? Is it worth it or would we be better off using a guide service? Was thinking about hunting land around Pagosa Springs.

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January 13 at 3:19pm
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Other Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Anybody in Jefferson, St. Charles, New Orleans, or any parishes nearby trap furbearers?
January 05 at 2:05pm
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Other Hunting in Northeast Louisiana
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  • Spider
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December 13, 2013 at 6:47am
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Other Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
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My nine year old son took his first rabbit last weekend. The greatest part it was taken in front some young beagels he's helped raise and with a Steve's Model 311 410. A gun that was bought for my dad when he was eigth years old, and he handed it down to me and I recently past the 52 year gun down to my son.
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November 12, 2013 at 11:20am
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Other Hunting in South Central Louisiana
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  • black bear in New Roads, LA
My buddy finally put up some trail cameras on his property and his girlfriend thought she saw a bear a month ago when hunting and just captured this on camera the other day. How big is this bear? This bear was taken on camera in the New Roads area. I feel like its pretty big and was also curious if wildlife and fish will come trap it for my buddy and relocate it.
December 02, 2013 at 12:54pm
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Other Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
On Oct.23rd the movement was slow on the squirrels part.I started calling about 9:15 am , using my Pop's method w/ my index finger against my lips ,almost like calling a kitten . The first one I bagged was moving at the top of a cypress tree . The second one came down a cypress tree about 20 yards away barking at me. And the last one was only 7 yards away . I got all three sitting in one spot.... Read More
October 28, 2013 at 7:08pm

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