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Turkey Hunting in Northwest Louisiana
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  • Bienville Parish Gobbler
Shot this gobbler on a gasline at 1:50 in the afternoon. He was just cruising and eating. Little did he know I was waiting. Hit the Woodhaven Cherry Crystal call and it was over in a matter of minutes. 8' beard, 1 1/8' spurs. Longest spurs yet for me.
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12 hours ago
NewHunter88Profile Photo
Hunting in Southeast Louisiana

I am new to the New Orleans area and looking for a trap/skeet range?

Are there any that y'all would recommend?

15 hours ago
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Looking for pics & ideas for cypress brake / swamp duck blinds, making blinds that look like cypress stumps, etc...

Please send any pics you may have of your or other persons cypress swamp blinds.

I am considering using large plastic drainage culverts ~5-ft high & covering them with cypress drift wood, small cypress logs, etc...

Any ideas or pics welcomed.
Yesterday at 10:35am
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Turkey Hunting in Outside Louisiana
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  • First afternoon gobblers
  • 3 Gobblers
  • 4 Beards
Made my first spring turkey hunting trip for this year down to my friends ranch in south Texas and had a blast. Arriving just in time to make an evening hunt on April 1st I set out my gobbler and hen decoy and settled in for a long afternoon of calling. Within 15 minutes a hen showed up followed by two long beards. The hen was nervous and the gobblers were just out of range so I had to let her....  Read More
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April 07 at 12:32pm
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Turkey Hunting in Outside Louisiana
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Tagged out this week in Florida.....Osceola down only two left to complete my grand slam
April 17 at 6:10pm
Id rather be huntingProfile Photo
Turkey Hunting in Black Lake in Northwest Louisiana
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  • 3 yr birds!
  • Bird # 2
Two gobblers from this year!
April 09 at 4:20pm
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Turkey Hunting in Louisiana
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Still can't believe it but I tagged out on turkeys in Louisiana this year. I shot my first bird on the second day of the season. He played the game and came in just like they do on TV. He was ready, responsive, and I even got to watch him strut before I shot him.

Since then however, the turkeys have got the best of me. Had two gobblers come in and must have seen me press record on my....  Read More
April 16 at 7:47am
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Turkey Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Sometimes using more than one turkey call is the ticket to success to bringing in a reluctant tom turkey to shotgun range. Five-time Louisiana State turkey calling champion Bruce Salle of 'Talkin' The Talk Custom Calls' shows how it's done.
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April 10 at 3:31pm
MarshdeerProfile Photo
Public Lands in Central Louisiana
Can anyone provide any info on crawfishing shervune south farm complex . Thinking about taking my kids tomorrow is it worth it?? Thanks!
March 28, 2014 at 5:11pm
Reelywant2fishProfile Photo
Archery in Louisiana
Sorry guys but i gotta be that new guy that asks random dumb questions...Going to be bow hunting for the 2015 season (maybe even Jan this year) which i am new to,in addition to that, i will be hunting on wma land which is also new to me as i used to hunt on private land. Im good on everything but one question plaques my mind...how am i going to drag the deer back with my backpack,tree stand, and....  Read More
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December 01, 2014 at 4:17pm
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Hunting in Louisiana
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Aluminum Dog Box 47' wide 40' deep 31' tall . Treated wood floor . Had box built tall to keep dogs cooler in the summer. $500.00 text or call 225-910-2900
April 12 at 9:27am
wildhoghuntinglaProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
  • 250lb female wild hog Breaux Bridge LA
250lb female wild hog Breaux Bridge LA
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April 02 at 6:09am
LA TrapperProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Central Louisiana
I recently purchased a bar of soap from a mom and pop company called a shampoo bar. It is advertised as a do all soap for hair and body. The soap has performed as advertised and is a good product.

Knowing how meticulous most of us are about scent control, I contacted the company this morning to see if they offered it in unscented. At present no, but they are contemplating doing so. I....  Read More
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April 09 at 11:12am
82nd AirborneProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in South Central Louisiana
I am looking for a few people that are wanting to have a flying duck mount done. I will be attending a private waterfowl taxidermy class and need two more birds for the class. These birds will be returned to the original owner when completed. The instructor will be guiding the entire time. THis will basically be a free flying mount for the two birds in question. No geese or teal. Looking for....  Read More
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April 05 at 10:03am
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Deer Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • buck in the basin
  • hog
  • buck
some deer and hog that I caught on trail camera on public land in the Basin
April 08 at 8:36pm
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Turkey Hunting in Louisiana
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22lbs 11-1/16' beard with 1-3/16' spurs. Took the number one spot at spillway sportsman with a score of 64.75 great hunt helluva walk out work in for this one!!
April 07 at 9:06pm
moreduckforyourbuckProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
Guided Teal, Duck, and Goose hunts available for the 15-16 season. Blind is North of Welsh in Pine Island. Blind is easy to access. $100 a gun for mourning hunt. $80 a gun for afternoon. If group does not kill at least 1 duck or goose, your group will not have to pay.

Text/Call: (337)-552-6653

email: moreduckforyourbuck@Yahoo.com
April 07 at 7:45pm
gonehuntingProfile Photo
Turkey Hunting in Outside Louisiana
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We hunted Saturday & Sunday. Stevie got his first turkey 17 pounds 8 1/2 in beard. He was super excited, and made a great shot. Bird hung up for over 45 minutes. Wouldn't come closer than 50 yards
April 07 at 8:21am
CMILLERProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Hey fellow sportsman just checking to see how many of us are getting this drastic price increases in plum creek deer leases.I've been with plum creek for years an we used to get 20-30 cents an acre an now all of a sudden the past 3 years $1 per acre increase witch is crazy for some thinned pine trees. I have 233 acres an its just me an wife an kids so this is not a big club where we can just....  Read More
March 31 at 5:16pm
scaliseProfile Photo
Turkey Hunting in South Central Louisiana
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1st bird of the year. 8 1/2' beard and 5/8' spurs at 10:20 am
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April 05 at 7:19am

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