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Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
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Caught this the other night frogging in Maurepas WMA
7 hours ago
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Archery in Outside Louisiana
Does anyone know which grain elevators you can pick up corn and soy beans from?
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July 23 at 11:19am
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
I have a problem on our lease the canals are plugged up with weeds what can we do to kill them. What's the best chemical
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July 27 at 7:11pm
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
The Louisiana Waterfowl Alliance will host it's August general member meeting in Lafayette at the J. Carlton James recreational center 710 Aster Dr beginning at 4 PM on Saturday, August 16, 2014. Upcoming duck season and club business are included in the agenda. Meal served at no cost to attendees. Info: John Serigny-LWA Secretary-sujo@viscom.net.
Yesterday at 4:04pm
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Hunting in South Central Louisiana
I am looking for opinions on the best trail camera. Not ready to go top of the line - yet. Somewhere in the middle range, 200.00 or so. All pro's and con's welcome.

Thank you!!
July 28 at 1:27pm
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
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Rent a three(3) man blind in a rice field for a Teal hunt in storied Gueydan, LA.


WEEKEND(Sat AND Sun) RATE - $700


For more information or to book your hunt today, email me at cuppedupwaterfowl@gmail.com
July 27 at 8:22pm
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Deer Hunting in Northeast Louisiana
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Set my cam up to watch a jobsite. Got a very strange pic. Anyone got any idea what or how to clear the fuzz? Couple more for perspective.
July 26 at 12:57pm
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Hog Hunting in Chicot Lake in South Central Louisiana
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Got on a group of 8 and shot 5

then got on a big boar in a wheat field on my way home
June 18 at 6:06pm
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Hunting in Louisiana
I was wondering if anyone knew where to get hunting insurance as a subleaser?
July 28 at 8:30pm
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Hunting in Louisiana
Check out the brand new National Deer Alliance that was officially launched at last week's QDMA National Convention. Here is a very good article that lays out the purpose and details of the new group. Completely FREE!!!!

July 28 at 5:14pm
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
I know it is late in the summer, but does anybody know anything that can be planted to kind of jump start a food plot?
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July 28 at 12:02pm
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Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
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I just had some work done on my hunting rifle before the season starts and wanted to share. Its not often I do this but I'm extremely satisfied with the work. He polished the feed ramp, the action, and the safety. To finish it off he installed a new stock and applied a beautiful Cerakote finish. I love it. Highly recommend this gentleman to tune up your rifle before the season starts. .... Read More
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July 27 at 8:18pm
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
September Teal Season is coming fast!

The early Teal season looks to be an outstanding season for us down in Delacroix. I am just thoroughly pleased with the amount of feed I see everyday while fishing and as long as we don't have any storm threats it will be a great fall! The season will be September 13-28 and with only 15 days make sure you get on the books asap. I have multiple boats.... Read More
July 27 at 8:21pm
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Archery in Louisiana
Looking to hunt Big Lake WMA this year during bow and primitive weapon. Never been there. Can anyone please share any experience they have had?? Maybe what areas to look at? I know it's a lot of palmetto thickets. Any help would be appreciated.
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July 19 at 9:59am
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Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
OK. Number 1. It is freaking HOT.

Battery died this morning and had to delay Toni and I's departure till I could get jumped off and get a new battery. Planned on leaving before five but ended up leaving at 5:45 am. So much for the early start.

As we were approaching my neighbors (hunting club) gate that I have to go through before I even get to my land. I see a bigish deer.... Read More
July 26 at 7:18pm
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Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Hey yall,

Looking to switch rounds for my winchester model 70 .270. I had been shooting 150gr ballistic tips and found that I was NEVER getting a blood trail; resorted to shoulder shots which equaled wasted meat. I have begun researching and know that I want to drop down to 130gr. I don't expect to have to make shots past 250-300 yds.

I'm looking at Accubonds, Interbonds, or.... Read More
July 22 at 9:25am
Hunting in Louisiana
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I just wanted to pass this along in case someone's looking for ammunition. I've searched for months to find a couple boxes of 22 magnum with no luck. Hard to believe a few short years ago I could walk into Walmart and the Winchester boxes where stacked three wide and ten deep with them for around $11.00 a box of 50. I found a place on the internet and they had the Armscor 22 magnum in 40 grain.... Read More
July 23 at 2:05pm
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Hunting in Central Louisiana
So Mary Landrieu announced her latest attempt to betray our state today, turning the bulk of the Atchafalaya Basin into a national park! While at first that may sound like a good thing, she is lauding fictitious restoration funds and 'improved acess for tourist', what it really means is a giant NO HUNTING sign in the center of our coast. Also no further oil and gas activity in the area. This.... Read More
July 24 at 3:30pm
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Hog Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Why is there a problem with too many hogs in spite of more lenient seasons an choice of weapons? Wildlife requires three things: food, cover, and water. In our coastal marshes we have an abundance of all three. What has changed is more cover because of the lack of storm tides that kill a lot of the ground cover, especially the wild pea vines (deer pea) that forms a blanket over the marsh which.... Read More
July 25 at 10:29am
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
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Waterfowl Specialist Guide Service is now scheduling hunts for the 2014-2015 teal and duck season. Make sure to come experience some of the finest duck hunting Southeast Louisiana has to offer. If you would like to schedule a hunt you can contact Capt. Jimmy Corley by phone at (504)258-4431,or by email at cap.jimmy.corley@gmail.com. Also feel free to check out our web site waterfowlspecialist.com
July 24 at 6:46pm

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