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Hunting in Central Louisiana
So Mary Landrieu announced her latest attempt to betray our state today, turning the bulk of the Atchafalaya Basin into a national park! While at first that may sound like a good thing, she is lauding fictitious restoration funds and 'improved acess for tourist', what it really means is a giant NO HUNTING sign in the center of our coast. Also no further oil and gas activity in the area. This.... Read More
10 minutes ago
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Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Hey yall,

Looking to switch rounds for my winchester model 70 .270. I had been shooting 150gr ballistic tips and found that I was NEVER getting a blood trail; resorted to shoulder shots which equaled wasted meat. I have begun researching and know that I want to drop down to 130gr. I don't expect to have to make shots past 250-300 yds.

I'm looking at Accubonds, Interbonds, or.... Read More
July 22 at 9:25am
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Hunting in Central Louisiana
Does anybody know of a place that would buy Nutria Rats or the skin somewhere near Krotz Springs!! Need to take them out of a crawfish pond and don't just want them to rot around the property!!
16 hours ago
Hunting in Louisiana
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I just wanted to pass this along in case someone's looking for ammunition. I've searched for months to find a couple boxes of 22 magnum with no luck. Hard to believe a few short years ago I could walk into Walmart and the Winchester boxes where stacked three wide and ten deep with them for around $11.00 a box of 50. I found a place on the internet and they had the Armscor 22 magnum in 40 grain.... Read More
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Yesterday at 2:05pm
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
What's the best 23hp surface drive for the money that will preform well in stumps. My long tail just isn't cutting it, I need a little more speed but don't wanna break the bank.
April 30 at 2:03pm
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Hunting in Louisiana
Willie R. with Buck Commanders must be all about the $$$. I seen they made the switch to Wild Game Cameras. WGI is JUNK, every item I bought with that logo on it has failed!! Buddies of mine used WGI cameras but they barely make a season. Oh well good luck to them.
Yesterday at 12:27pm
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Archery in Outside Louisiana
Does anyone know which grain elevators you can pick up corn and soy beans from?
Yesterday at 11:19am
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Archery in Outside Louisiana
Anybody use columbia omni freeze zero during bow season? It's supposed to actually cool when wet, keeping you cooler.

I hunt with a ghillie suit so sweat is a huge issue; just wondering if anybody has had any luck or issues with the omni freeze zero, and most importantly - does it smell when wet?
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July 16 at 1:23pm
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
I would really appreciate some insight into the pros and cons of a tiller vs console mud boat. I don't have much experience with either. Thanks!
July 17 at 12:58pm
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Teal season is just around the corner guys and it will be a fantastic year for us in Delacroix. I have never seen as much feed as we have this year in 25 years of hunting Southeast Louisiana. Last season was the best year my guides and I have had in a decade and I believe this year will top that! The Teal season will run from September 13-28 with a 6 teal limit per person! It will be a awesome.... Read More
July 21 at 9:45pm
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Have any of you guys had trouble with alligators smashing your decoys and eating your hard earned teal in Delacroix during teal season? Last September I had a 7 to 10 foot alligator smash 3 decoys and get both teal after I shot a rare double. He swam into my decoys and started nudging them( I assumed he was smelling them) with his nose. He then stayed there looking at me sitting in the grass..... Read More
July 19 at 12:07pm
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Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
I am currently researching white tail or mule deer hunts for 2015. Texas or Oklahoma. If this is not the correct forum, please direct me to the correct area.

Anyhow, I have never gone on a ' hunt '. We have always hunted at our camp in Mississippi or on property we own here at home. I am new to the idea on going on a 5 day hunt and if anyone has any recommendations on who to go.... Read More
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July 17 at 7:26pm
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Hunting in Louisiana
I may end up relocating to Louisiana for a new job this summer/fall and am wondering if there are certain guns that work really well down here for hunting? You know, considering the weather, terrain, etc. Looking for a small battery to hunt small game, hogs, deer, turkey and waterfowl. Any suggestions?
July 18 at 7:07am
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Hunting in Louisiana
Photo Album

THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 2014 6:00 9:00 PM






SATURDAY, AUGUST 9, 2014 2:00 6:00 PM

- RANS THOMAS,.... Read More
July 21 at 8:59am
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
Photo Album
We have just finished up our newest all Louisiana all waterfowl DVD. We have duck and goose hunting as well as cooking and a little goofing around all on this 2 hour and 45minute video. We never ended up getting to hunt any spots north of the I10 interstate this year so we named it 'South of I10.' We will be at the Lafayette Outdoor Expo to release the dvd next weekend and then I will be.... Read More
July 20 at 5:32pm
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Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Took time out this weekend to spend time with friends and my son nick, took off for the swamp right after dark. The weather was perfect and the frogs were out in full force. It took us a few minutes to train my son on how to keep the light on the frog and hold it steady until you snatch him up. He was a natural catching approximately 60 frogs. A few pointers I can give is the areas we hunted.... Read More
July 20 at 4:54pm
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Hunting in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
I wanted to see if anyone had experience with Spray Foam insulation or works in that field. We have a 12' x 23' room that we are looking to insulate and are considering Spray Foam. We are also willing to trade ducks hunts, guided or self guided, in exchange for the work. Please let me know your thoughts on Spray Foam and if any of you work in that field. Thanks in advanced for your response!
July 20 at 3:04pm
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
Me and a couple friends are looking for some land out for lease for this up coming deer hunting season. We would like a place where we can go and spend some time with our families and close friends with the opportunity to harvest a deer or two. Land somewhere within two hours of Baton Rouge would be ideal. You can reply or email me a daltonsamanie@gmail.com. Thank you.
July 20 at 12:07pm
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
Hey guys I want you to know about our qdma banquet. We are the Acadiana branch which covers pretty much all of Acadiana and then some. Our banquet will be in opelousas on August 21. We will have the founder of QDMA Joe Hamilton as our guest speaker. If you would like more information please email me acadianaqdma@gmail.com. We are looking for new members, sponsors and also vendors ticket.... Read More
July 19 at 6:33pm
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
I cannot find any reviews of these buildings. Does anyone have any knowledge of their quality?

I see their ad in Marsh and Bayou publications and would like some information.

July 19 at 6:14pm

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