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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Do you or anyone know where to get video info to use (instructional video) for this unit? Also can GPS coordinates or waypoints be taken from google earth and put on sds card then entered in this unit??????
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10 hours ago
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Boats in Louisiana
Hey everybody,
I just wanted to share a how great an experience I had with Willis over at Southern Marine Specialists. I ended up with some damage to the fiber glass bottom ridge of my Bass Boat and needed a professional repair. Willis was extremely quick and flexible with my schedule. I was working a turnaround at the plant and had no time to take care of it nor could I have done a true....  Read More
Yesterday at 8:00pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
I have the Elite 7 HDI. What Edge download will I need for it to work on my GPS. The Lowrance-Eagle of the generic GPX File. Thanks for your help.
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Response by Captain Paul
March 24 at 1:23pm
EDGE for a Lowrance system
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Skeeter ~

Either file should work with your Lowrance data transfer program. The Edge for Lowrance systems has both the .gpx file and the Lowrance .usr files.

You should get Lowrance’s data transfer program they call INSIGHT PLANNER. This program can be found as a “For Sale” item on the Lowrance web site in their mapping section. The program allows you to safely transfer data between a SPARE memory card your computer and your GPS unit. This data program is included in their INSIGHT Mapping programs or as a stand alone as the PLANNER version.

Basically, you save the file to a folder in your computer, open the INSIGHT program and import the file into the program. Once there you can edit the data, add additional, or delete waypoints, routes, and track data.

By using the INSIGHT program, it ensures that the data is in the proper format for the GPS unit. However, depending on the version of the operating software in your unit, you may be able to just copy the .usr or the .gpx file directly to a spare memory card. To test this type of transfer without the Insight program, place a spare memory card in your GPS unit and transfer (save) the waypoints to the memory card. Then, place the card in your card reader and view the file suffix file (.gpx or .usr) on the card. Then copy the corresponding Edge file to your card.

The Edge file has a READ ME and an instruction file in Word format that will assist you in getting the Edge data into your GPS unit.

Contact me if you need any additional information.

~ Captain Paul~
March 21 at 7:12pm
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Boats in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
I've got a few questions for y'all.

We just moved down here to St. Tammany Parish and brought along a canoe and a kayak. I've got a Minn Kota Endura 45 for the canoe. I've never used the thing, but am excited to get it wet VERY soon.

Here are where my questions arise.

First, do I need to register my canoe if I am going to have the trolling motor attached to it? ....  Read More
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March 23 at 9:59pm
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Boats in South Central Louisiana
Lowe VS. Traker
What boat is better guys, I need help.
Lowe hunt 2072 center console or tracker grizzly 2070 center console

There close to the same but which one holds up better from ya'lls experience? The Lowe has more storage and bigger motor capacity, while the tracker has better live well and slightly lower motor capability. Also lowes has 24' side wall and a 3degree hull,....  Read More
March 17 at 5:57pm
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Boats in Myrtle Grove / Port Sulphur in Southeast Louisiana
I have a 2006 2 stroke 25hp Johnson that I frequently run through mud. The indicator line often gets blocked at the point where the plastic hose barb is attached to the block. To remedy this, I replaced with a series of larger brass parts terminating in a 3/8' id plastic hose. The water now flows through it like a garden hose. I have run it in the driveway with the earmuffs and it did not....  Read More
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March 19 at 7:42pm
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Technical in Louisiana
Check out the You Tube link below to see the new outboard motor auto pilot controlled by our Lowrance Touch unit.
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August 09, 2014 at 7:55pm
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Boats in Louisiana
I have a 1648 alumacraft john boat that I am rigging as a duck/fishing boat. The transom has been reinforced with stainless tube struts. Transom wood is being replaced. Not having any experience with a SD type motor, I am curious as to what HP I should be looking for to get the best performance from this rig. I'm not a speed merchant, but do want to be able to run the river and backwaters so it....  Read More
March 01 at 8:10am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Hey guys, it free. Don't be afraid. Just want some people to use it and let me know what you think.

It's kind of a hobby for me, might work out well for everyone.

March 16 at 8:17pm
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Site Sponsor Louisiana Armory
Boats in Louisiana
I was wondering what some consider too many hours on a 2009 Yamaha 115 four stroke used in fresh water only. Fluids changed when they were supposed to be and fleet maintained. Boat seems like a good deal, but hours have me concerned. 1001 on the meter. Thanks all.
March 06 at 2:49pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Let me introduce myself.

My name is Tim Kolesa. I am a resident of Louisiana for 40+ yrs. I'm
originally from Illinois. I moved down here to attend LSUNO. Married,
raised a family and stayed put.

When I first moved down here, being an avid weekend fisherman in
Illinois, I bought a small boat and went fishing. Raising a family,
buying a house, and making a career....  Read More
March 13 at 10:38am
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Technical in False River in South Central Louisiana
I have a 25hp mariner that someone gave me. The problem is it went under water during hurricane Isaac & is locked up. He said he didn't have time to mess with it & just put it up. I was wondering if someone can give me tips on freeing up the motor & if I get it free, will it be fine without tearing motor down & changing parts?
March 08 at 7:34pm
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Boats in Outside Louisiana
Does anyone happen to know a good place to purchase the large tiller handles with trim at the end of the throttle grip?
March 06 at 11:11pm
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Guns in Louisiana
In search for a Beretta Barrel Model # 390 vent rib excepting chokes. Please let me know if you have one. My email is bbellemare@cox.net, thanks Barry B
March 06 at 10:58pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Louisiana
I just moved to Texas and I am looking to purchase a BlueChart Data Card (MUS014R) for my Garmin 2006/2010 GPS unit. Any suggestions where this discontinued card may be found? Thank you.
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Response by Captain Paul
March 06 at 4:43pm
i found several companies who may have the item.

They may have what you Str looking for. If not, do a google search for the item you need.


Captain Paul
March 04 at 12:06pm
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Guns in False River in South Central Louisiana
Can a Nikon prostaff scope handle the recall of a .444 Marlin??? Thanks...
recently purchased a H&R.444 marlin that has a prostaff on it and need to know if it will handle the kick of a crack barrel that size.
March 03 at 10:35pm
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Guns in Louisiana
Just recently purchased a night force scope from scope list. Com there staff was really helpful in the assistance of picking out which scope would fit best for my needs, I delt with a really knowledgable person named Chris. They had the best prices I could find anywhere. I'm just really happy with the whole experience, if your looking for a high end scope or any optics give these guys a shot a....  Read More
March 03 at 2:29pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
I just bought a Lowrance Elite 5 HDI unit for my boat. I fish the Delacroix area when I do fish. My question is what is the best SD card to give me the best possible map of the Delacroix area?
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Response by Captain Paul
February 25 at 2:27pm
What is the best mapping for the Delacroix area?
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ JPOCHE85 ~

I see that there is a great deal of opinions concerning mapping for your GPS unit. That is very good and you should consider them all. But, I like the Lowrance TOPO INSIGHT. Insight HD & PRO v14. The TOPO INSIGHT is based on USGS topographical maps and not NOAA Charts.

Yes, I know, the NOAA charts are the best in the world for detailing the Aids To Navigation buoys, cans, nuns, lights and day markers that define established marine waterways, but I believe that they do not depict the myriad of small bayous, lagoons, bays, lakes and canals that make up the Louisiana swamps and marshes.

According to Lowrance the Topo Insight HD maps are “Based on satellite imagery from the U.S. Geological Survey with resolution down to 8m. They are compatible with Lowrance HDS Gen2 and Gen2 Touch, Mark HDI and Elite HDI products.

The topo based mapping covers the small land features as well as the water bodies that surround them. The TOPO INSIGHT is sold in regions and they have one for the SE U.S. that covers Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida N. and S. Carolina and Tennessee.

So my suggestion is that you visit a stocking Lowrance dealer and view the available mapping. Check out the TOPO INSIGHT by zooming in to an area that you are familiar with and see if it meets your requirements.

If not, check out the NAUTICAL INSIGHT. Compare them along with the other mapping suggestions some of your readers made.

Captain Paul
February 22 at 10:53pm
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Boats in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
Looking for a reference to have my boat repaired. I need gel coat work and detailing done to put the boat up for sale. I seen couple ads for guys in Baton Rouge/North Shore area, but I wanted something closer to Grand Isle.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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February 23 at 10:42am
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Boats in Louisiana
I have a bay boat that at one time had carpet the guy I bought it from removed it and painted the gunnels and floor with interdeck but the hull is very rough like fiberglass wasn't finshed smooth what can I use to fill it and sand it smooth then re paint it without removing the existing paint
February 21 at 10:23pm

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