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General in Louisiana
I was wondering if anyone has run into this or has ideas. I have posted a boat ad on Louisiana Sportsman and a couple hours later it disappears, so I go back into my account to rep-post or find out what is wrong, and they have disappeared from there as well. And then if i go to create a new post it says 'Ad Posting Error' and 'You do not have the proper privileges to access this....  Read More
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November 23 at 5:33pm
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Events & Announcements in Louisiana
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We have updated our posting form for the reports section of the site. We're hoping this new mobile friendly version will make it easier and it also allows you to post multiple photos to your report.

You can post youtube videos simply by pasting the URL into the video embed code box and you can attach multiple images just by clicking the add images button.

Please let us know....  Read More
November 17 at 11:07am
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Recipes in Outside Louisiana
Blackening almost anything makes for a great feast, and it's true with shrimp, too. Here's a little insight in this fun and fast cooking method.
November 20 at 11:40am
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General in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
I have a camp on Grand Isle and I am looking to build a boat cover/shelter in front...basically a car port for a boat. I called the Town Hall to find out the requirements and was told it will require certified plans and a permit. For basically 4-6 posts and a roof. I have a basic idea of what I want, very simple design. I just want something to put the boat under to protect it from the....  Read More
November 18 at 2:13pm
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General in Louisiana
Did anyone else see the NRA-ILA report stating that Michelle Obama is asking for support from Louisiana voters to help re-elect Mary Landrieu because, (I quote from the article) 'In conclusion, she said that re-electing Senator Landrieu is critical to enacting President Obama's agenda.
'And it is just as critical that we elect -- reelect Senators Mary Kay Hagan, Mary Landrieu, Jeanne....  Read More
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November 26, 2013 at 11:38am
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General in Louisiana
Buddy of mine is considering a cooler business, wants to understand the market better. Would appreciate your input. See below....
Enter to Win a High-Quality 60 Liter Cooler!!! (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/coolerinquiry). If you complete the cooler survey by 12/31/2015, we will enter you into a contest with a chance to win a new high-quality 60 liter cooler
November 12 at 1:43pm
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General in Southeast Louisiana
Has anyone out there bought a trailer from Jason Jarreau of Pro Ride Trailers?

He advertises all over this site and my experience with him is just piss poor! It's the worst case of customer service I have ever received in my life. I paid him a deposit of $1500 on March 23, 2013 to build me a gooseneck trailer by April 12, 2013 and here it is in May and he has not even started it!! He will not....  Read More
June 03, 2013 at 7:31pm
mobilescoutProfile Photo
General in Central Louisiana
I experienced similar sorts of problems with Jason Jarreau of Pro Ride Trailers. I had shopped around and looked at other trailer manufacturers and after meeting and talking with Jason, I decided to deal with ProRide Trailer for my customized trailer. I placed my order with the nonrefundable deposit with an estimated 4 week completion date and it took 9 weeks for the trailer to be built with....  Read More
June 05, 2013 at 7:37am
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General in Louisiana
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February 17, 2014 at 4:24pm
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General in Louisiana
New Boat Insurance.
Fabricated Boat with GTR 35 motor
Insight on what Insurance company is best and economical.
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November 06 at 12:41am
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Site Sponsor Acadiana Prop & Fab.
Events & Announcements in Southwest Louisiana
Wanted to give a quick thank you to the LASportsman for introducing us to the club!
November 04 at 1:39pm
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General in Louisiana
In the ongoing slaughter by cars, four people were killed and over forty were injured in Oklahoma City yesterday by a car. Isn’t it time we stop this slaughter? Over 30,000 innocent people are killed every year by cars, and many thousands more injured. We need require all cars be registered with the government, and all car owners be licensed. OH! WAIT! They already are. Heck, maybe that....  Read More
October 25 at 8:21am
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Recipes in Outside Louisiana
A friend of mine told me about Mickey Browns deer burritos and was to let me know when he was going so I could send some deer meat to have burritos made. Well he forgot. I ragged him bad enough to where he gave me some. Damn they were delicious but I thought maybe I can make them myself. Look on internet did not see one recipe that suite me so I put together my own recipe. I find it just as....  Read More
October 21 at 4:19pm
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General in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
I have a Yahama 115 2003 4stroke and was considering hooking up a red lite to the overheating buzzer. Has anyone ever done this I figure if I would not hear the buzzer then I would see the lite.
October 10 at 11:03am
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General in Louisiana
At Mallett Buildings, we construct only high-quality, post-frame structures. Whether you desire a home, farm shop, general storage building, or pole barn, Mallett can meet your needs. If you’re planning a horse barn, fire station, or church we can make your dream come true. When you need a commercial structure, such as a store, restaurant, strip mall, or mini-storage, we work with you every step....  Read More
October 08 at 2:47pm
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General in Louisiana
Anybody know where I can get the lid of an ice chest that doubles as a seat recovered around Baton Rouge?
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September 30 at 5:43pm
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General in Louisiana
We currently have an item for sale on LA Sportsman - we were contacted by someone using the name Robert Salisbury...email - Luckyman10011@gmail.com with a Rhode Island phone number of 401-830-4760. He offered to buy our item through Paypal...we received fraudulent Paypal emails (that appeared very realistic) requesting that we wire money to the transport company to pay for shipping then they....  Read More
May 18 at 9:46am
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General in Louisiana
mcaffee emblem at right hand bottom of screen covering the scroll bar and cant scroll up r down, sometimes not all the time but a pain!!! can u help??? thanks!!!! just thought I would let u know!!!! thanks!!!!
October 01 at 8:16pm
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Events & Announcements in Louisiana
Thanks LASM classified once again. Posted my pirogue for sale and it didn't stay long. Also got to meet a real cool sportsman. I have bought and sold many things on this site including finding a hunting club that I have been in for 9 years. Thanks again. Keep up the fight against the spammers.
September 30 at 7:24pm
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Events & Announcements in Louisiana
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  • We will match any competitor's price in writing and include free treated lumber.
Don't miss out our September special with notes as low as $124 per month on our Economy Barn and $154 per month on our #2 Mallett Barn. We are running our September special through tomorrow, don't miss out on these great savings. Give us a call today 337.214.0428
September 29 at 3:03pm
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General in Louisiana
Hey y'all,

I know this is far fetched.. But close to a year ago a friend of mine was forced to foster his bull terrier due to misconceptions with a rental house. As he fully intended to get his dog back complications arose and the dog was given away, fostered, 'lost' by any means. The lady doing the fostering at the time ignored messages and calls and virtually blocking all forms of....  Read More
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September 27 at 3:25pm
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General in Louisiana
just curious, is it legal to shoot feral cats?
September 23 at 10:57pm
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General in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
Does anyone know what a slip rents for at the Marina at the point? 41' boat
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September 24 at 1:18pm
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General in Louisiana
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Looks like its time to get a new tow vehicle.
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September 24 at 11:25am
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Events & Announcements in Southeast Louisiana
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November 5th at the Tchefuncta Club in Mandeville.

Tickets for sale online or by calling 318-306-1532

Purchase tickets by Oct. 23 to be entered into the early bird drawing for a Weatherby 22-250.
September 23 at 9:06am

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