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Saw this in a yard today. Anyone have a clue? Thanks
13 hours ago
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General in Louisiana
Does anyone know of an area or own property anywhere in Louisiana that I am able to target shoot to 1500yrds? I am willing to pay for the use of the land. I currently travel 700miles for a place and thats time consuming. Thanks in advance.
Yesterday at 1:52am
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General in Louisiana
Looking to buy a boat from an individual in Mississippi. What taxes/registration fees would I have to pay? State/local on just trailer or boat also? Thanks!
April 01 at 7:12pm
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General in Lafitte in Southeast Louisiana
My husband and I just purchased a camp in the Lafitte/Barataria area that we plan to offer for rent. I'd love some feedback.

When you are looking at rental camps what do you look for?
What determines which camp you rent?
Any must haves?
Any no ways?
Where do you look for rental information (VRBO, charter captains, on here, google search, etc)?
How much will you....  Read More
April 24 at 2:20pm
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Spend some time at the range this weekend! We are open on Friday from 10-9 and Saturday from 10-4. Come by and sling some arrows! Give us a call to book your next private event or birthday party. 504-518-4230
April 22 at 7:21am

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General in Louisiana
Hello. I currently live in Wyoming but am originally from Costal Texas. Ever since I've moved I've missed the Gulf and intend to eventually move back to it. I'd very muck like to make the move to Costal Louisiana, because I like coastal fishing and think swamps/bayous are amazing ecosystems and would love to spend lots of time there. Navigating bayous and backwaters....  Read More
April 14 at 3:13pm
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General in Southeast Louisiana
Come and join us tonight at Westbank Archery for our Wenesday Night Animal Shoot. We will start a night of friends, food, and fun at 7:00pm. Located at 3823 Spencer Street, Harvey, LA 70058. Call us at 504-518-4230 for additional info.
April 13 at 1:00pm
wb_archery_1Profile Photo
General in Southeast Louisiana
Westbank Archery has partnered with 504 On Target and Swamprat Tactical to reopen the range located at 3823 Spencer Street, Harvey, LA 70058. They will offer a 20 yd indoor range with weekly league nights (Tuesday and Wednesday) along with a fully stocked pro shop! Swamprat Tactical will offer firearms and ammo sales and tactical equipment. 504 On Target will offer Concelaed Carry Permit and....  Read More
April 13 at 12:55pm
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General in Louisiana
looking for a good gnat repellant even homemade??? any ideas???
March 29 at 4:56pm
Randy NorredProfile Photo
General in Central Louisiana
I am sure all you have noticed by now that the Louisiana Sportsman Website was hit hard in the past days by a large number of Spam and Scammers. I along with the Louisiana Sportsman Moderators and Staff have been working diligently to remove these Reports and Adds. Its almost impossible to remove them all, this is a FREE website and along with FREE you get a great deal of spam. I can assure you....  Read More
April 13 at 7:18am

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What kind of snake? Yes I know a dead one...
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April 11 at 9:16pm
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General in Louisiana
Im just curious, but is this the mandatory requirement for a construction management degree, or is this the SNAP BACK HAT< COWBOY BOOTS> F250> GOLF SHIRT> COSTA SUNGLASSES, and MY MOM AND DAD STILL PAY MY BILLS LOOK>

Just wondering, seems to be a lot of young men who believe this outfit is not only trendy, but serves as both PROFESSIONAL WORK CLOTHING, TO EAT DINNER IN, TO....  Read More
March 23 at 11:18am
Catch CormierProfile Photo
Events & Announcements in Central Louisiana
Fly Fishing 101
Saturday, April 16, 2016
Time: 8:30am - 12:30pm
LDWF Booker-Fowler Hatchery
10 Joan Stokes Road, Forest Hill, LA
FREE and open to the public!
Pre-registration required

The Kisatchie Fly Fishers will once again hold their free 'Fly Fishing 101' workshop on Saturday, April 16. There are three one-hour sessions covering: equipment, casting, knots and....  Read More
March 25 at 1:47am
viciousfishesProfile Photo
General in Louisiana

Jason is my nephew.

If anyone is willing to donate, please call the contact number in the article.

If you know anyone who would be willing, please pass this on.

I know he is not the only person in the world with this problem, but his is a result of protecting the community.....  Read More
March 19 at 1:52pm
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General in Louisiana
testing post
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March 24 at 10:29am

Admiral RabbitProfile Photo
Events & Announcements in Southeast Louisiana
Mr.Cork....any updates on our Grand Isle Celebs ???...looks like you won six Bingo plugs and two Fisherman's Favorites w/four big Red eyes ???...cheers
March 23 at 1:58pm
MathGeekProfile Photo
General in Louisiana
For decades, I had a traditional notion of how a Christian family should work: mom at home caring for the children, and dad at work bringing home the bacon. Like a lot of men of faith, I claimed that family was my highest priority, but my self-worth was wrapped up too strongly in my job. I had worked hard to earn a job on the Math faculty of a prominent institution, and I was proud of it. (Pride....  Read More
March 21 at 9:04am
nolliabedProfile Photo
General in South Central Louisiana
I don't know where to start. I would give this place a minus 2 stars if it would let me. I brought my boat seats to him and not only did he have a bad attitude and bitched the whole time I was talking to him about how much trouble it would be to do, when the job was done the seat covers lasted only 3 months before the stitching all came undone. I brought the seats back to him and he charged me....  Read More
March 21 at 2:46pm
Sportsman AdminProfile Photo
Events & Announcements in Louisiana
The Sportsman Show opens today at 12:00PM. Who is planning on going this year and what are you excited about seeing at this year's show?
March 17 at 11:37am
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Events & Announcements in The Rigolets / Lake Catherine in Southeast Louisiana
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Fishing Camp located on Lake Catherine has some available 3 day weekends for rent during spring the off-peak season. Easter weekend is available. Catch specks off the dock at night. 15 minutes by boat to the Trestles and easy access to Lake Borgne and the Rigolets. Go to the website www.allnashedtogether.com for more information and pictures.
March 18 at 7:22pm

Admiral RabbitProfile Photo
Events & Announcements in South Central Louisiana
...a big undercover Grand Island bust...now we know why stealing satisfies the habit or is it the other way around ...go get'm Geronimo...(watch the TV news tonight)...cheers
March 16 at 12:34pm
viciousfishesProfile Photo
General in Louisiana

Not sure how badly this will affect us here. Can't be good though.
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March 13 at 11:38pm
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Events & Announcements in Southeast Louisiana
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I am inviting everyone to join us in some spring time fun!!!

We will be hosting our 1st Annual Golf Cart Show on Saturday March 26th at Interstate Golf Cars in Hammond.

Bring your souped up, lifted up, pimped out, wild and crazy golf cart and enter into the show. We will be giving away nice prizes that were donated by some of our Vendors, There will be food, drinks, music and....  Read More
February 27 at 1:06pm
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Shreveport been getting drowned the past couple of days. Our rain percentage has been up and down more than the stock market. Should replace the name weather man with whether man.
I'm amazed that a tree fell behind my house and then a couple minutes later another cracked and fell.
Y'all be safe. Ain't the time to go tromping in the woods or fishing. Even though, I know some will.
March 10 at 7:12am
mattattheranchProfile Photo
General in South Central Louisiana
Hello Everyone,
I'm Matt Roberts from NE Oklahoma. I'm planning on coming down to southern Louisiana to do some fishing over Memorial Day weekend coming up. I'd like to know if any of you know of a decent place to stay, preferably on the water with a dock or pier...Also not something too pricey. I'm planning on fishing around Vermillion Bay/Marsh Island. I've searched the internet and am....  Read More
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March 10 at 9:39am

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