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  • 12 ducks, 17 coots.
The recent cold front did wonders for me and my dad last sunday we both made our limit by 9:45, and still had time to shoot the coots.
January 06 at 6:48pm
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General in Louisiana
Website Administrator has made it impossible to close the 'share' side bar that appears when you open an article. That thing is so annoying. Cant you guys move it to the bottom of the page, if you insist on keeping it on the page...
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January 06 at 7:54pm
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General in Louisiana
Does anyone have problems getting the digitial subscriptions of the LA Sportsman monthly? I was getting them and now they quit coming about 4 or 5 months ago. LA Sportsman keep telling me they are sending them but I am not getting them anymore. I checked my junk mail/spam changed emails but no luck. any suggestions on how to get them.
January 23 at 4:52pm
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
Does anyone get the digitial subscriptions to LA Sportsman magazine? Do you know what time of the month they come to your email? I gotten them in the past, but not lately. I called the subscription department and they say they send them out. I have checked my junk mail, etc. Just wondering if any else is one having trouble
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January 23 at 3:00pm
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Events & Announcements in Lafitte in Southeast Louisiana
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  • Lafitte
They killed another one this week.
Whooping cranes are among the world's most endangered birds. Louisiana is trying to build a flock in southwest Louisiana. This is the sixth to be shot.
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January 22 at 8:40pm
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General in Henderson Lake in South Central Louisiana
Has anyone ever bought dock floats from HarborWare? I have been looking around and they are by far the cheapest, I was just curious if anyone had ever gotten any from them. The fact that they are so much cheaper just seems strange to me.

Thank you
January 22 at 5:59pm
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General in Outside Louisiana
whos watching the state of the union speech tonite? I am it should be pretty funny! I mean a clown is giving it!!!
January 20 at 5:49pm
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Opinions & Responses in South Central Louisiana
A friend of mine is looking to get a "silver" labrador retreiver and asked me if I knew anything about them. I looked at the pics on www.silverlabs.com and read a little about them but something just doesn't look right. It looks like a crossbreed between a lab and a Weimaraner. Does anyone know about this breed and is it pure or a mix? Also, does AKC or other registering clubs....  Read More
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January 15, 2008 at 7:27am
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General in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
I just purchased some property. This property has several pieces of equipment that had been abandoned by the previous owners.Most of ther equipment is getting scrapped, but I plan to repair and use the cattle trailer.
Does anyone here have any experience getting something like this titled/registered in their name?
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January 18 at 8:03pm
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General in Southeast Louisiana
So I picked up and old 60's model fiberglass boat that has been sitting on the edge of the swamp for about 20 years. The floor, stringers, transom, deck, (basicly any wood) are all rotten. So what I basicly have is a fiberglass shell and cap from an abandoned 50+ year old boat. I want to completely gut this hull and rebuild it but I obviusly don't have any paperwork and the hull does not have....  Read More
January 19 at 6:59am
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Events & Announcements in Central Louisiana
The Kisatchie Fly Fishers will host the 1st-ever Cenla Fly Fishing Festival on Saturday, January 24, 201 at Kees Park Community Center in Pineville, Louisiana. Time is 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Admission is free. The event is open to the public. This celebration of fly fishing - and fishing in general - will feature presentations, casting instruction, fly tying demos by some of the Gulf Coast’s....  Read More
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January 15 at 8:13pm
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Opinions & Responses in Outside Louisiana
admiral and everybody, the beast sez, if we know we got all them illegal kickbacks going on within our government and we absolutely know it, I guess the question is, WHY do we let that go on??? I guess the better question would be, how do we stop it?? voting sure don't solve nothing, so how do we stop it??? GREAT QUESTION aint it!!!! I know the admiral sure will have the answer! don't mean to....  Read More
January 10 at 7:23pm
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Events & Announcements in Louisiana
A spammer posted on a lot of old posts and caused them to be brought up the list. His account and comments on all the posts were removed, but it leaves the old posts near the top.

It's a never ending battle to try and keep the site clear of these idiots.
January 07 at 3:34pm
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General in Myrtle Grove / Port Sulphur in Southeast Louisiana
I,have a lot for sale by happy jacks it comes with 8x8 storage shed an 12x10 deck for trailer it has a lime stone drive way it has water hook ups sewage an lights hook ups call for information 504 393 5676 eddie 4 min from happy jacks boat launch good fishing area. or email me at echampagne1946@yahoo.com thanks
January 11 at 9:41am
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General in The Rigolets / Lake Catherine in Southeast Louisiana
Have a few 55 gallon drums that need to be replaced on my floating house boat. Looking for some suggestions on how to do this. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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November 08, 2014 at 8:53pm
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Opinions & Responses in Southeast Louisiana
SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST NOT NICE Went out to the rigolets for a lil boat ride it got dark so we went over to some piers with lights no one out so I started tossing a lure at popping shrimp//picked up a few small specks tossed them back. Moved over to one pier (no one there so did the same/ someone came out so I said to him let me know if I get to close His reply was If I can see you than you....  Read More
September 26, 2014 at 4:08pm
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Events & Announcements in Louisiana
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Meopta and Louisiana Sportsman have partnered to give away a Meopro 3-9x42 Riflescope. Enter today at our Facebook page!

September 11, 2014 at 11:07am
Recipes in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
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  • GlocknersPlace.com
From GlocknersPlace.com
Grill your favorite fish with your favorite seasoning but sprinkle with a little Cumin. Crank up your fryer and take the flour tortillas and when the grease is hot place one into the grease and use a metal ladle to push it down and hold it for about 15 seconds, then use metal tongs to flip it and fry for about another 20 seconds, remove and drain on paper towels. This....  Read More
May 19, 2013 at 4:03pm
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Events & Announcements in Southeast Louisiana
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  • Jean Lafitte NHP
The National Park Service (NPS) is soliciting public comments on a proposed project that would reclaim more than 20 miles of canals in the Barataria Preserve, a unit of the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve just off of Bayou Segnette.

They ask that the public give input on this matter. More info can be found by visiting the following link. ....  Read More
October 09, 2009 at 8:22pm
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General in Outside Louisiana
Hello from West Texas. I live to hunt fish and guide/outfit hunts. Love to take my kids hunting and fishing with me and run my Blue Lacy to recover wounded deer. Just thought I would say hello to my neighboring sportsman. Got to thinking I may not know how to work the forum, there are hardly any replies to 90% of the posts, but tons of views? Anyways if anybody is interested in deer, hog....  Read More
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December 10, 2014 at 11:29pm

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