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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
Anybody have any problem with Muck Boot products or their customer service? I was a loyal customer until recently. Thinking about switching to another brand. Loved their products until the last one I bought came apart on me. Customer service said I would receive a new pair within a week. Two weeks went by and no package, so I contacted them again and was told 'they are shipping out today'..... Read More
5 hours ago
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Events & Announcements in Louisiana
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  • Shooter at the Sterling Harrell

MAY 3TH AND 4TH, 2014


SATURDAY – 9:00 am, SCORE CARDS IN AT 4:00 pm SUNDAY – 8:00 am,.... Read More
April 13 at 5:13pm
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Events & Announcements in Shell Beach / Hopedale / Reggio in Southeast Louisiana
<b>Fishing Magician Charters,LLC</b><p>
Hello Everyone,<br>I am writing this because someone has hacked into my email and sent a message that I am in need of assistance. They have also stolen all of my contact information. Since I don't have email addresses any more I hope this message stays up to notify everyone. <p>The email says that I am in need of.... Read More
Yesterday at 2:30pm
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Events & Announcements in Louisiana
Dear all,

We have to push back our high school saltwater tourney date that was set for April 26th at Bobby Lynn's and now looking at a date in May. There was conflicting dates with a few school functions. Please email me if you have a few high school kids in the area that would fish this tourney so I can get a gage on numbers. Dave5lsu@yahoo.com. Thank you!

Calling all.... Read More
March 20 at 12:37pm
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Events & Announcements in False River in South Central Louisiana
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Josh Castille, a dream child, had a dream of bow hunting. When he saw what it brought for him, he decided he wants every deserving dream child to get their dream granted. He came up with the idea to have an Archery Shoot to raise funds for Dreams Come True of Louisiana who granted his dream. Do come out and support, if you don\'t bow hunt there will be great Cajun music, food, beverages,.... Read More
April 15 at 5:15am
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General in Louisiana
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  • Doing what he loves
  • Doing what he loves
.... Read More
April 14 at 5:48pm
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General in Louisiana
U.N. Resolution 2117 lists 21 points dealing with firearms control, but perhaps of most interest is point number 11: “CALLS FOR MEMBER STATES TO SUPPORT WEAPONS COLLECTION, DISARMAMENT ---”

53-46 vote - The U.S. Senate voted against the U.N. resolution.
Now, Which 46 Senators Voted to Destroy Us? Well, let their names become known !!

Mary Landrieu was on of the 46 that voted.... Read More
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March 27 at 9:00am
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General in Northeast Louisiana
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This snake was found stretched out in a chair under the carport around 12pm. It has a round face, round eyes, no fangs, past the rectum is double scaled. It was a striker.
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April 13 at 12:09am
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Opinions & Responses in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Is it against the law to feed gators in St tammany parish? I'm hearing that it is but only in St tammany parish. Can anyone confirm this?
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April 13 at 8:08am
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General in Louisiana
How would I check the engine service or maintenance report on a Yamaha outboard.
April 11 at 6:40pm
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Opinions & Responses in Calcasieu Lake in Southwest Louisiana
Hi all,

I'm a newbie and just went on a charter last weekend and had a blast. I wanted to check out the pier at Calcasieu and wondered if it would be worth it if I was only looking to catch 2-3 fish? If so, what kind of bait would you recommend?

thank you.
April 09 at 9:58pm
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
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i recently purchased a wooden boat as a shell in excellent,not sure what type of wood exactly it is made out of or what year it was built all i have is the trailer registration that says 1966. i have put alot of time and money into restoring it,rebuilding the 25 evenrude motor, has a brand new trailer, 40 lbs trolling motor, alot of custom metal work. decking. everything top quality it is very.... Read More
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April 06 at 9:01pm
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Events & Announcements in South Central Louisiana
The Annual Gone Pecan Fishing Rodeo was established to promote the cultural offerings of Pecan Island, to enhance and develop camaraderie within the community, to support a local charity and have a good time. This year’s rodeo benefits Maddie’s Footprints. As a philanthropic event, Gone Pecan Fishing Rodeo will raise proceeds to assist Maddie’s Footprints in fulfilling their mission of providing.... Read More
April 08 at 10:40am
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Events & Announcements in Louisiana
What happened to the days when fishermen respected others gear and their catch. Someone stole a hoop net from me while fishing in the blind river area this weekend. I've lived and fished in this area all my life but since the management has taken over its gotten bad. It really makes me made when I spend a lot of time and money making and repairing nets, catching bait, and time and gas to run.... Read More
April 06 at 9:45pm
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
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  • how i received it
just wanted to add more pictures to give you more of an idea
April 06 at 9:09pm
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
NEED SOME ADVICE//////// I am rebuilding my flatboat trailer cause of a rust issue. Its not the trailer proper but the undercarriage springs ect. The last time I painted this stuff it was coated with rustolum paint then coated with auto undercoating/ lasted for a while but still rusted. Any better ideas please respond its more fun to fish the to paint .
January 08 at 5:31pm
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Opinions & Responses in Southeast Louisiana
Found this site today on facebook, posted and sold an item in a day, pretty impressed so far. www.bayoutradingpost.com

youre welcome!
April 01 at 6:17pm
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
what size wire should I use to parallel two 12 volt jell cell 5oo amp batteries, thanks! this is on a Polaris razor 800 s.
April 01 at 5:57pm
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Opinions & Responses in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
I purchased a trailer from proride trailer without reading the reviews. It worked out good for me. I purchased a 5 x 14 utility trailer. The only thing a can complain about is the paint was not completely dry. It was done in less than a week and a half, the welds all look good. The communication was good, the price was right and the quality looks good. so I say it was a win for me.
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April 01 at 2:41pm
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
Some of you on here grew up watching Ali and I'm sure close to all of us saw Tyson progress through his career. Age old question, if both were in their prime, who do you think would win??
Had this conversation with a group of guys yesterday and some very good points were made. Just curious to see what you all think.
March 28 at 7:57am

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