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Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
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Hunted the whole 2nd weekend of Oct. and lost 10 lbs from sweating so much just sitting on stand! Got a short glimpse of this buck on Oct, 11th but no shot.

Oct. 15 weather finally cooled down some, so decided to make a quick trip just for the evening sit! Paid off, nice Mississippi Bow Buck.....
October 28 at 11:02am
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
Just got offered to hunt a place between Greensburg and Clinton. The man said I could hunt there for free as long as I planted some spots for him to hunt over as well. I know I could probalby plant rye grass and it come up but is there anything else this late in the year worth planting?
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October 27 at 11:28am
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Deer Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
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  • first deer
  • 85lbs.
  • oops a little in the mouth.
Brought my baby girl to the lease this weekend for the youth hunt and she finally got her first kill. What a rush. Beat any deer I ever killed. Congratulations Hailey.
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October 26 at 7:52pm
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Deer Hunting in Central Louisiana
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  • 9 points  173 pounds
Killed this 9 point in Red Dirt Saturday Morning.
Weighted 173 pounds.
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October 28 at 8:51am
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Deer Hunting in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
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Congrats to my dad and co-worker on taking two deer on there first hunt of the year. It had been 20+ years since my dad has shot a deer and I am glad I decided to sit in the stand with him to watch him knock it down.
October 23 at 8:18am
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Deer Hunting in Northeast Louisiana
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13yr. old Noah lays a perfect shot to down this 162 inch buck in Catahoula Parish.
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October 24 at 2:43pm
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Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
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I switched out my memory card in my gamcam last week but did not look at the pictures until last night.
October 22 at 12:21pm
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Deer Hunting in Northwest Louisiana
Does anyone know where I can get rice bran in the Ruston, Louisiana area? I don't mind going an hour away for it.
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October 27 at 6:03am
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
I can't seem to find a definite answer to this question. What are the regulations for transporting deer into Louisiana from out of state? I am planning a deer hunt in West Virginia. I want to bring the meat home. Can I? Anyone experienced with this? Thanks in advance.
October 27 at 1:12pm
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Deer Hunting in Northwest Louisiana
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10 point ,,Claiborne Parish,,opening morning,, 10/25/14 watched a 4 point for a few minutes,,then out came this one trying to run the smaller one off...was a exciting few seconds..lol
October 27 at 10:39am
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
I know it's late, but looking for deer lease around the Port Barre area... Thanks for any help
October 26 at 11:50am
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Deer Hunting in False River in South Central Louisiana
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Hopefully it's just passing through. I almost filled my pipe feeder up with more corn. This is the first time we've ever had a bear on camera or ever seen one on our lease! It look's like a good size. I hope it doesn't tear up any feeders. Any suggestions on how to deter it from coming on property? We only have 130 acres that is surrounded by a couple other small tracts of land!
October 25 at 9:52pm
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
Invited to deer hunt in Louisiana. Can't get anyone to answer a call. Can anyone tell me what the cost is for say a 5 day big game hunt (deer)? non resident . 65 yrs of age. Thanks
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October 23 at 11:53am
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Deer Hunting in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Ive tried to find information on hunting power lines from the LDWF but all I've found is that it is illegal to hunt 'on a power line' I interpret this as having a stand up one of the supports. Is the area under the high lines considered private property? I have seen blinds on the edges of the cuts but am not sure if it is private property or just a blind someone set up on 'public....  Read More
September 30 at 10:19pm
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Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Yesterday was opening day of bow season at my land in Mississippi. Made the drive up early. Saw nothing on the hwy the entire drive up (2hrs)... until I turned on to the gravel road leading to my place. Saw six (4,1,1) deer on that last mile in!

Did I kill anything? Nope. Didn't even bring my bow. Did all the work I was suppose to do a week ago when I was sick. It was a good trip....  Read More
October 02 at 8:07am
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
Does anyone have any recommendations for a 'bush-hog' that can be pulled behind a 4 wheeler? I've seen a few but they look more like glorified lawn mowers than bush-hogs. Are some of them able to cut small trees/saplings?
August 14 at 9:48am
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Deer Hunting in False River in South Central Louisiana
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This is what Coyotes will do for you.Lost my supper.
October 19 at 12:40pm
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana

To the people that stole all of my hunting items. Don't let me find you.

I hunt to be able to spend time with my 3 sons. They are 11, 7 & 5. You stole from them. The 2 two man ladder stands. The umbrella covers, the feeders and the cameras. ALL FOR THEM!!!

It's a very sad time in our lives that we can't leave items in the woods because 'trash'....  Read More
October 11 at 6:21pm
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
I know I'm not the only one that is chasing these nocturnal bucks. (Neighborhood deer )
Shot one last year and my kids have had great opertunity with the crossbow this year but now the deer have been moving at night . Last few weeks they were moving all day with a full moon. Has anyone else had this problem this past week or so?
October 20 at 1:18pm
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Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
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Justin takes his first deer in Tennessee on October 4, 2014.
October 18 at 3:48pm

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