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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
Joined new Club this year for the 1st time in along time got tired of chasing cat squirrels in Livingston Parish and went back to my type Bushy Tails Fox and Blacks in Spillway in Ramah area south of I10 Sportmans Haven Fish,Hunt,Trap all in the same Woods, I've never seen so many deer signs and tracks let hope they don't pull the disappearing act too early this year before i can get my limit....  Read More
Yesterday at 3:33pm
SouthsideHCProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Sabine River in Southwest Louisiana
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We live in Stark's Louisiana and our youth season started yesterday and we been preparing just like everyone else does. Our deer started scraping September 12 and we been getting plenty of Buck and doe pics at a scrape line parallel to the old pipeline we hunt. I knew we had a chance of seeing a deer as long as we hunted. We'll as luck has it last week I was put on 7-12s for 3 months. So....  Read More
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September 28 at 9:33am
willie jProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in South Central Louisiana
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It'd be nice if they stick around for a couple of months!
September 28 at 9:31am
Deer Hunting in South Central Louisiana
December 07, 2008 at 2:49pm
Ricky Aucoin, Louisiana Sportsman field reporterProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Morgan City in South Central Louisiana
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  • Delta hog
  • Hog rooting evidence
  • Fawn on full alert
I went on my 7th scouting trip down at the Delta this morning. This time it was on Big Island and for the very first time I saw a hog there. I have killed quite a few hogs the last several years at the Delta, but all of them have been on the peripheral islands. I have seen sign for the last few years on Big Island, but no sightings until this morning.

The area I was on, had over one....  Read More
September 22 at 5:16pm
blakejoeProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
I have a 4 year old i am wanting to take for youth season. is it legal for me to mount the gun to my shoulder while he aims and pulls the trigger?
September 26 at 8:22am
ProudCajun70Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Central Louisiana
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Just looking for some opinions, this spike came on camera right outside the area I hunt; was on a family members camera, not mine. My question is , is he a shooter or not? This is a small area that we hunt and is natural area so to speak; what I mean by that is it is not an area that is really food plotable and such, lots of hard woods etc. Just wondering if he were to walk in front of my stand....  Read More
September 21 at 10:54am
hall4515Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
set on stand this morning skitters where really bad I think goodness for thermasel.didn't work at first was holding it all around my head but was being eat up though maybe the mat was old from last year.so shut it off and looked helo no mat at all put one in took about 5 min. but not one skitter till 10.45 when I climbed down then they ran me out of the woods.had a deer snort at me at 9.40....  Read More
September 21 at 11:29am
rmcleanProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
If any of y'all hunt near Wilkinson or Amite county come see us at R&R Wild Game Processing this season for your deer and hog processing. We processed for several guys down in the BR area last year and look forward to seeing everybody again this season. We do smoked sausage, jerky, summer sausage etc... Got a new Southern Pride smoker ready to try. We even skin and gut. We're located on....  Read More
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September 10 at 9:12pm
layinlowProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Louisiana
anyone use a docs recliner stand? I'm looking for some reviews. thanks and thank you Jesus for all you do
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September 10 at 12:45pm
CodyDavis31Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Central Louisiana
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  • PIGGY BACK TIME ? NO NOT JUST YET! But these deer sure wish it was as bad as we do.
Every couple nights I head to my hunting spot in the heart of Fordoche Louisiana. On the road through the ditches bean fields and trees I arrive at my camera spots that usually provide with pictures of nice deer walking on by , The coon family and a couple of trespassers. But September 13th I got a unusual picture , one I have never encountered before. A little (ACTION) picture. Not much but....  Read More
September 17 at 1:21pm
PaulCitranoProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Central Louisiana
Can anyone suggest what to plant in a food plot in low areas where there is little sunlight?

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September 13 at 9:04pm
FlossyProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
We buy our corn buy the ton from VWatts in Livingston,la. Last year it was $275 ton and came in a big white bag. You will need to put it into barrels to keep the rats out of it. I'm not sure what it's going to run this year.
September 12 at 10:24am
rnachman123Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Louisiana
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  • HuntSoft.com Game Log Reports
Hey guys -- If you are interested in managing your hunting property, and trail camera photos check out this article. Please share it with anyone you think would be interested in learning more about HuntSoft.com

September 11 at 4:14pm
bigdeerProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Briarbuck Hunting Club is in search of one member,
we are located just north of Union Church Ms.
We have city water and electricity but you have to supply your own camp. The club will have a 4 member max!!! hunting 364 acres of property,club dues are $1,500.00 and its still hunting only!!!
for more info contact
Louis at briarbuck@cox.net
September 10 at 6:47pm
MutualFunsProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Louisiana
Does anyone have any recommendations for a 'bush-hog' that can be pulled behind a 4 wheeler? I've seen a few but they look more like glorified lawn mowers than bush-hogs. Are some of them able to cut small trees/saplings?
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August 14 at 9:48am
nolarugby1Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
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Caught this fine outstanding older gentlemen helping himself to one of our deer feeders. Notice his young son learning to be a good neighbor as well.
August 16 at 8:57pm
jwonchProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
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Our local chapter of Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry is sponsoring a Deer Donation Challenge this season! Donate a deer at one of our participating processors and enter a drawing for a Matthews Bow, Barnett Crossbow or Henry Rifle. All donated venison goes to feed the hungry in our area and is processed at no cost to the hunter. Visit fhfh.org for a list of our processors or email me....  Read More
September 04 at 3:56pm
robert123Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Northeast Louisiana
If anyone knows of deer hunting property to lease around Tensas,La. I'm searching for 500 to 2000 acres to lease to set up a private hunting place for my customers and their children. I won't tolerate excessive drinking or anyone just killing anything if it's brown it's down attitude. It will be a family type hunting place with strict rules. If anyone can help me secure such a place i'm....  Read More
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September 03 at 1:17pm
hunterdan2Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Louisiana
I pulled out a hind quarter roast over the weekend and wanted to try something other than 'the usual'. I bought a marinade product named 'Re:' at Calandro's. I cut the roast into 1/4 inch strips and marinated for 24 hours in the 'Re:'. Got the grill on high and seared so that strips would be med-rare. Holy Cr-p! This stuff is great for wild game; I'm gonna try it with duck breasts this....  Read More
September 03 at 9:15am

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