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Opinions & Responses in Lafitte in Southeast Louisiana
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  • Great weather trout
This spring we had the worse weather and the fishing was very poor one of the worse. Been fishing for many many years and have never seen great weather like we have had this fall and the fishing has been the best ever. Guess like they say it all will even out in the end. Glad we got this part back as the spring was a killer with West winds and a high river.
December 14 at 11:41am
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
To all fellow hunting and fishing friends that may or may not be going somewhere this weekend,
If you did not early vote for Saturdays election, DONíT LEAVE TOWN BEFORE VOTING! Make sure to show up at the poles Saturday and vote Mary out. Increased regulation in support of Gun Control is no laughing matter and threatens your personal freedom. Donít make the mistake of exercising your....  Read More
December 03 at 9:27am
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Opinions & Responses in Southeast Louisiana
Went to rigolets 40 crickets at lake catherene marina just us and one other/// fished gohagan first the some ponds along rigolets //same story everwhere Bass was the bite with a red here and there// where was da specks?????????? I know Henery P found them on causeway Check out Trophy Trout Charters
December 12 at 10:04am
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
mary lost, yah-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! about time people wised up!!!!! happy days!!!!!
December 06 at 9:27pm
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
what causes a pushrod to start tapping, bend or even crack the head in some cases? thanks!!
November 25 at 6:05pm
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Opinions & Responses in Southeast Louisiana
...to all the 'upgraded butterballs' have a good one ?...cheer cheers
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November 22 at 5:28pm
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Opinions & Responses in Southeast Louisiana
Well, if any of you were heading out yesterday morning and saw someone in a yellow CC trolling along in Bayou LaLoutre, that was me...In case you were wondering 'why is this fool trolling here? there ain't no fish here!' let me clear the air

I was about 3 miles from the launch, and my 225 oceanrunner redlined, and we coasted to a stop. After realizing that I was screwed, I dropped the....  Read More
August 24 at 5:46pm
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Opinions & Responses in Northwest Louisiana
I find it amazing that the south part of the state refuses and votes against the north end of the state to have any say so in anything when it comes to wildlife and fisheries. The south part of the state has rejected the north end of the state from having elected official. I wish I would have known this before I voted for the artificial reef program, just like many others would have liked to....  Read More
November 04 at 10:57pm
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
Well today is a day that we can all make a difference. I surely hope everyone takes the time to go out and vote. There are a lot of men and women that have sacraficed for us to have the right to a democracy.

Today i hope everyone remembers what has taken place over the last several years. Please dont listen to the last minute bull. The record of our current Senator has not represented us....  Read More
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November 04 at 12:51pm
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Opinions & Responses in South Central Louisiana
A friend of mine is looking to get a "silver" labrador retreiver and asked me if I knew anything about them. I looked at the pics on www.silverlabs.com and read a little about them but something just doesn't look right. It looks like a crossbreed between a lab and a Weimaraner. Does anyone know about this breed and is it pure or a mix? Also, does AKC or other registering clubs....  Read More
January 15, 2008 at 7:27am
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
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  • Nice new pirogue.
Just got my new pirogue this week. It's a Ron Chapman King with 2 spud holes just behind the seat. Got 2 cypress pirogue paddles from the factory too. This boat has 600lb capacity and only weighs 70 lbs. My daughter and I paddled it yesterday in an event called 'Paddle Bayou Lafourche'. We paddled 15 miles. Great boat. We could stand and paddle this boat it's so stable. Nice people at the....  Read More
April 07, 2013 at 5:38pm
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Opinions & Responses in South Central Louisiana
I just bought a house and the previous home owner left an old aluminum boat. The boat wasn't written into the contract when I got the house and I don't have a bill of sale. The boat is registered but it's for back in 94. I can't get a hold of the previous home owner plus he moved out of state. Is there a way I can claim it as abandoned and get it registered?
October 29 at 9:41am
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
If the AKC only recognizes 3 colors of labs (Black, Yellow, and Chocolate.) How are there breeders or whatever the hell they are, claiming they have AKC registered Silver and Charcoal lab puppies.

The answer is.......Those are MUTTS!!!! there is no such thing as a silver lab.

check out the link

October 10 at 10:50am
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
Good luck. There is a virus going around. Puking out of both ends and then just weak for a long time after. Hope you don't get it. Trust me it sucks.
September 26 at 8:48pm
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Opinions & Responses in Southeast Louisiana
SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST NOT NICE Went out to the rigolets for a lil boat ride it got dark so we went over to some piers with lights no one out so I started tossing a lure at popping shrimp//picked up a few small specks tossed them back. Moved over to one pier (no one there so did the same/ someone came out so I said to him let me know if I get to close His reply was If I can see you than you....  Read More
September 26 at 4:08pm
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
I am avid user of the Classified section. It's a great resource for buying and selling and I often refer it to people. But, why doesn't the Sportsman do a better job of deleting the BS scams that fill the pages. They are so obvious. It frustrates me that potentially people may be taken advantage of. I personally get tired of seeing the same type of adds just cluttering up the sight...So in....  Read More
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September 25 at 8:24am
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
what is the best way to prepare metal for painting, like the heads on a gatortail?? what kind of paint to use? thanks so much!!!
September 24 at 7:39pm
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
Why is LDWF Leaving Money On the Table

Is it any wonder, after reviewing the facts regarding the fees Louisiana charges compared to Mississippi, why Mississippi is the leader of the two states in so many Wildlife Management Areas?

From first hand experiences, Louisiana WMAís, like the PRWMA (Pearl River Wildlife Management Area), have always struggled through low budgets, and....  Read More
September 22 at 9:28pm
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
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This is a walkable land map of Louisiana from this story:


Do you think this map would change opinions on the importance of coastal restoration?
September 19 at 11:25am
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Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
Please beware of the Jayco camper scam via the classifieds on this site. Jayco campers listed for $1900-$2000 with contact information listed as zoestea@gmail; laura77parks@gmail; or clrrkoffc@gmail are scams. When you respond to their ads, they all come back with the same form letter response and when questioned as to a location, they all want you to send funds via Google Wallet. BUYERS....  Read More
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September 22 at 9:53am

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