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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
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  • Bruiser
I am hunting in area 9 on a 100 yard wide x 150/200 yard deep piece of property. The property that I hunt backs up to 1000 acres that is leased by 2-3 hunting clubs and DMAP participants. The deer that I have on camera are all at night but there seem to be plenty of deer in the area. I tried using corn but the coons destroyed it, and I also tried some race horse oats and they tore that up as....  Read More
1 hour ago
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Hunting in Henderson Lake in South Central Louisiana
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I killed this squirrel at my camp in the basin and was wondering if it is a cross between a fox and grey squirrel. The belly is orange like a fox squirrel, but it has the tail and size of a grey squirrel. Any help? Thanks!
October 16, 2012 at 8:29pm
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Deer Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
I'm hunting a small property. I've seen decent size bucks come in and out of my stand with my trail camera. But to what I found out they are coming from a bayou about 100-150 yards away that is so thick I can't put a climber in. So my question is should I hunt where I have my camera at with my corn or should I put a hang on stand and try to catch them heading to the corn. The problem is that....  Read More
September 07 at 9:00pm
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
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  • Specks that tried to land last year...
October 1 and the Specks are landing on the farm. We have a few first split openings. SpecklebellyLodge.com or 337 529 6442
10 hours ago
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Archery in Central Louisiana
I just purchased a Barnett quad 400 crossbow & was wondering which broadhead would be best to use. It came with reticle scope. I haven't had much time to set it yet, but I've shot it a few round & it groups great @15yds. any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm new to crossbows! I've always only hunted with a firearm. I thought I'd try something new this year!
June 29 at 8:13pm
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Venice in Southeast Louisiana
Whats the rules on hunting state claimed water bottoms? I'm not talking about hunting marsh with a 'posted' or 'no trespassing' sign on it because I know better then that. I know where the state claimed water bottoms are, I just wanna know what the rules and limitations are hunting on it. Hunting a certain distance from leased land, shipping channels, etc...
Thanks in advance!
August 24 at 5:44pm
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
I'm trying to get a sense of the limits on buckshot use. We can probably all agree that a small 'meat hog' shot in the head at 25 yards will drop. I'm trying to get an idea on how well buckshot works at 35-45 yards on deer.
1. Hate it. Used 00 Buck on mid sized deer at 42 yards- lung shot, ran off and I never found.
2. Great, I've killed 6 deer at 30-40 yards, 000 Buck,....  Read More
September 30 at 9:48am
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Does anyone know where I can find some hay to help slow erosion around marsh islands?
Yesterday at 4:11pm
Archery in Louisiana
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  • Range Dial
I need some info here i have horton crossbow 150 draw w/4x32 scope w/3 lines&the crossbow has a range dial on it, Now to me this doesn't work well i bought w/it already setup ready to hunt, But it shoot High w/it on Zero&25 yrds real high, I used top line and bottun line on scope and you can actually peep between scope and rail and see that it is way high then where i have crosshairs at....  Read More
Yesterday at 2:24pm
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Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
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  • Squirrels of Louisiana
All Louisiana species of squirrels are described and shown in the 'Louisiana Conservationist' magazine, September/October 1988 issue. It shows the two subspecies of grey squirrels and the three subspecies of fox squirrel with their color variation. You can go to the website below to view and read the issue

Yesterday at 12:42pm
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
does anyone know if the wagon wheel in Venice is state land
October 01 at 8:29am
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Hunting in Saline-Larto in Central Louisiana
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Is Catuaba bark a Brazilian secret

Catuaba bark is the most....  Read More
Yesterday at 6:18am
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
Here is my setup: Thompson Center Pro Hunter 35 Whelen 28 inch stainless fluted barrel. Talley one piece medium height scope mount in camo finish, Leuopold VX2 3-9x40 scope with the standard duplex reticle. Shooting the Barnes vortex 180 grain bullets.

I LOVE this gun so far. I had my scope mounts and scope put on and had it bore sighted. I brought it out on the lead sled at 100 yards and....  Read More
Yesterday at 3:19am
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Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Does anyone know if the proposal to have your feeder in sight passed yet? I talked with the regional officer in Mississippi 2 weeks ago and said it still has to be voted on. He also said you can use corn during any season.
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September 29 at 12:23pm
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Archery in Louisiana
Looking for input on the Trophy Ridge React 5 pin sight. Its the one that's advertised to automatically calibrate your long distance pins once you set your 20 & 30.
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July 31 at 8:33am
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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
What OEM choke tube should I use with buckshot? Improved, Modified or full?
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October 01 at 9:14am
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Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
does anyone know if the wagon wheel in Venice is state land or is in private
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October 01 at 8:12am
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
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This picture is of a pond on our lease with Salvania in it.
This stuff showed up 3 years ago that we noticed. It was there one weekend and all drained through water control a few weeks later.

Last year it took over 1/2 the open water on our lease.

This year it has gotten about 3/4 so far.

I have never seem something like this before. We poison, put weevils, push some....  Read More
September 20 at 10:48pm
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Did anyone hunt this area for teal if so how did you do and how is the area. I have never hunted this area and am going to try for big duck season with my pirogue from hwy 51. Is the marsh solid or will I sink if I try to get out of the pirogue.
September 28 at 4:48pm
mileypopProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Overall our teal season this year was better than what we usually experience in southeast Louisiana. Although none of our blinds limited out the three weekends hunted, we were able to shoot some ducks and have a good time.

The video was shot over the three weekends using two Go Pro’s from different angles. Still trying to see what works best. Some of the shots taken appear twice but....  Read More
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September 29 at 2:06pm
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Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Trying to get any information about duck hunting on Lake Mary in Woodville, MS. I have had a camp there for a few years and would like to try and hunt it this season. Any tips or information from personal experiences or just from hearsay would be greatly appreciated.
September 30 at 9:49pm
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
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This year's Teal Season was a great one. I couldn't ask for better customers than the ones we had this year and in the past years. Be it that it may be returning clients or new clients, it's truly what life is all about, making great everlasting memories with some pretty awesome people. So a big thank you to all my customers. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. With that being said....  Read More
September 30 at 5:05pm
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Deer Hunting in Ouachita River in Northeast Louisiana
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Amazing how these animals can survive serious injury.
September 23 at 12:30pm
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Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Has anyone hunted the Poplarville MS area? I recently picked up 250 acres off Hwy 11 to hunt and was trying to get some feedback. I spoke to a neighbor who doesn't hunt but he sees plenty of deer and hogs around his property. Any help would be appreciated.
September 30 at 6:53am
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Deer Hunting in Central Louisiana
The Caldwell Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited will be selling a 52 Gun Raffle Calendar. We will be giving away 1 gun every Saturday for the year of 2016. Only 1000 calendars will be sold and they have already started selling them, so buy yours if you want in. The proceeds are going to great cause by starting a public shooting range in Caldwell Parish. They are $100 each and can get them by....  Read More
September 29 at 11:08pm

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