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Deer Hunting in Louisiana
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  • Pedestal Mount
  • 200" Plus Southern Buck
  • Taxidermist - Whitetail Specialties
Felt Like Christmas in March, Whitetail Specialties Taxidermy Studio, Jay Womack did an incredible job!
Yesterday at 9:09pm
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Hunting in Louisiana
I was wondering what kind of experiences anyone had with there Packs. I have been through a couple of different brands and have not really been satisfied. Well, I went ahead and bought the Badlands Superday Pack and I love it. It has a great amount of storage and fits great to the body. Any feedback would be great.

February 26 at 10:33am
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Turkey Hunting in South Central Louisiana
Does anyone know if the WL&F sent out the picks for the Turkey Lottery?
2 hours ago
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Deer Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
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I've recently gotten into shed hunting. Been doing all the reading I can and seem to have a pretty good understanding of what i'm looking for aside for just 'walking through the woods' I have a lab that I trained to shed hunt and is about 8/10 in finding planted horns with artificial scent. My dog is still young so I want to capitalize on fresh natural scent. With that said can anyone tell....  Read More
February 25 at 10:03pm
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Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
I found a hunting dog and he has been reported via Lost Pets to be in both Ascension and Livingston parishes. He could have traveled from outside those areas. He's a treeing walker coonhound and has been out for quite a while. I have an adopter lined up after we take care of his problems. He is not chipped, is heart worm positive, and has numerous medical problems. I'm looking for the....  Read More
14 hours ago
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Hunting in Central Louisiana
I am in search of a producing duck blind or blind location for the upcoming 2015-2016 season. Central Louisiana and surrounding areas. Thanks in advance.

Reply with address and/or Google Earth coordinates and price.

15 hours ago
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Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Deer meat can be dry and tasteless, but if it's placed in a marinade overnight, then cooked hot & fast on a grill, with the inside very rare, it is a meal fit for a king or queen!!
16 hours ago
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Central Louisiana
I am in search of a producing duck blind or blind location for the upcoming 2015-2016 season. Central Louisiana and surrounding areas. Thanks in advance.

Reply with address and/or Google Earth coordinates and price.

16 hours ago
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Hog Hunting in Northwest Louisiana
I've heard if people hog hunting around South Bossier Parish off the river, but didn't sound legal as all of the land around the red river in that area seems to be private. Anyone familiar with this topic?
17 hours ago
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Hog Hunting in South Central Louisiana
I am wondering if there is any public land to hog hunt during spring and summer. Thanks in advance.
February 28 at 6:40pm
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Hog Hunting in Outside Louisiana
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Spring is around the corner and so is the warmer weather. We will be offering hog hunts on the same ranches we deer hunt. Over 18,000 acres of South Tx brush country to hunt located 2.5 hours West of Houston. Unlimited hogs, lodging, and unlimited predators. $350 per person - 3 days 2 nights.

Give us a call for more informations. March- June is prime time for hog hunting in South Texas.....  Read More
Yesterday at 12:14am
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Other Hunting in Louisiana
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  • my first black squirrel
I killed my first black squirrel Saturday November 9th in some woods behind my house. I plan on mounting it
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November 09, 2014 at 3:23pm
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Hog Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
DONT LET THE WEATHER FOOL YOU THE HOGS ARE STILL ON THE MOVE. If you want to shoot a good size pig this is the place to be, I have 2 box stands that will fit 2 hunters at the most. The price is $150 a gun. You can shoot as many pigs as u want and keep what u kill. If you have any questions please give a call.

Contact: (504)-512-0355)

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January 11 at 11:24pm
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Hunting in South Central Louisiana
Are there any WMA's where I can hog hunt during spring/summer?
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March 01 at 12:11am
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
Anyone have guide recommendations for North Dakota duck hunting?
February 27 at 7:01pm
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Hunting in Louisiana
Come join us and have fun.




SHOOT OUT AND RENDEZVOUS (This is a Traditional Bow Shoot)



9454 Hwy 165 South, Pollock, LA

13 miles north of Alexandria, LA

MARCH 14th and 15TH, 2015

February 27 at 7:57am
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Hog Hunting in Louisiana

I am currently hunting hogs stalking and over baited stands. I am having some luck but am interested in getting a bay dog as a pup and training him up. Does anyone have any advice for getting in with a group that trains hog dogs? Thanks very much in advance.
February 23 at 2:50pm
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Hunting in Louisiana
Beginning the process of looking for hunting property for sale, primarily E/NE LA for duck hunting.
On many tracts with acreage enrolled in WRP (and sometimes CRP) programs, the price per acre is significantly lower than those not involved in those programs.
I understand that we all want as little government intervention on our property, but can someone who knows please explain to me why....  Read More
February 26 at 2:00pm
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Hunting in Louisiana
Thinking about buying a side by side. My dad has a mule, and I have been looking at the keryx, and the yamaha Viking. However today I stoped at champion cycle in covington and seen a benneche. Does anyone own one of these or what? They say the R street legal because the mirrors and blinkers. Only plan on used 4wd 2-3 times a year. And nothing real bad. Thanks for the help
February 25 at 9:03pm
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Hunting in Central Louisiana
Just got a T/C Encore Pro Hunter in 35 Whelen with the 28 inch stainless barrel. I have not bought a scope or base for it yet. Anybody have some suggestions? I'm willing to pay for a decent setup but don't want to go broke at the same time. My buddy swears by the Leupold base/Rifleman 3-9 40 scope on his. ALSO, I've researched some accuracy/grouping issues with certain rounds. I'm thinking....  Read More
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February 25 at 6:56am

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