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Deer Hunting in Central Louisiana
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Just looking for some opinions, this spike came on camera right outside the area I hunt; was on a family members camera, not mine. My question is , is he a shooter or not? This is a small area that we hunt and is natural area so to speak; what I mean by that is it is not an area that is really food plotable and such, lots of hard woods etc. Just wondering if he were to walk in front of my stand....  Read More
September 21 at 10:54am
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Deer Hunting in Morgan City in South Central Louisiana
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  • Delta hog
  • Hog rooting evidence
  • Fawn on full alert
I went on my 7th scouting trip down at the Delta this morning. This time it was on Big Island and for the very first time I saw a hog there. I have killed quite a few hogs the last several years at the Delta, but all of them have been on the peripheral islands. I have seen sign for the last few years on Big Island, but no sightings until this morning.

The area I was on, had over one....  Read More
18 hours ago
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
I just had a cancellation for Saturday, so I now have an opening for a group of up to 4 for a Teal hunt or a 'Cast and Blast'. Today my group decided that they would rather do a mid morning fishing trip instead of a hunt because it was dead calm and they didn't want to pass on a perfect fishing morning. We left out around 830am per their request and we were able to have non stop action....  Read More
15 hours ago
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Pointe a la Hache in Southeast Louisiana
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  • 9-20-14 Hunt
Date hunted and picture taken 9-20-14:

Extremely high tides for the weekend changed the game for the worse. The wind never let up keeping the mosquitos down but the price paid with high water is no Teal. High tides always seem to be a huge factor for us coastal marsh duck hunters. As it stands now the ducks still have access to feed but it doesnít seem to matter. 6 guys went out....  Read More
Yesterday at 8:08pm
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Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
We are a Non Profit organization raising money to help children with Autism. We will be doing a silent auction and are looking for anyone interested in donating maybe a guided hunt or buy one get one or just anything would be much appreciated! :)If you or someone you know might be interested please reply. It would be great advertisement for you or your business at our big event. Most of all ITS....  Read More
18 hours ago
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Has anybody seen wild ducks eating that green stuff that covers up duck ponds called duckweed?
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20 hours ago
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Hog Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Looking for a full service outfitter that can take us on a hog hunt. Any suggestions?
21 hours ago
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Arkansas 2014-15 duck season dates: \r\nNov. 22-30 \r\nDec. 4-Dec. 23 \r\nDec. 26-Jan. 25 \r\nYouth Hunt: Jan. 31-Feb. 1\r\n\r\nOnce again they open later to the north and we open earlier to the south even as hunters in Louisiana request later opening dates for duck season. I just thought it might be in the realm of common sense to believe that if you....  Read More
September 17 at 12:52pm
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
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First of all I would like to tell you who I am and what I offer here at Old School Kennels. My name is Chad Guess and I have been an avid outdoorsman since I was old enough to hunt and fish. From an early age I was an animal lover--especially hunting dogs in particular. I really understood them and they really understood what I expected from them. This was extremely fascinating to....  Read More
23 hours ago
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Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
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Yes, the the top piece is easily removable. The bottom 3ft piece is welded in place.
September 14 at 6:28pm
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Trail Cam Photos in Outside Louisiana
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  • The freak
Got a picture of this strange looking buck on my trail camera in north Mississippi, has anyone seen anything like this before? He was hanging with all the does, never saw him with another buck.
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Yesterday at 7:26am
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Public Lands in Louisiana
Is it any wonder, after reviewing the facts regarding the fees Louisiana charges compared to Mississippi, why Mississippi is the leader of the two states in so many Wildlife Management Areas?

From first hand experiences, Louisiana WMAís, like the PRWMA (Pearl River Wildlife Management Area), have always struggled through low budgets, and Rangers claim they canít afford to put rocks on....  Read More
Yesterday at 6:41am
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Or any other hevi products.. what are your goto shells?

I stick to Hevi Metal 3' BB's for everything from puddle ducks, to honkers, to snows. For me, it's just easier to stick with one load and not have to switch around for various hunts.

What do you use?
September 17 at 8:16am
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Other Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
My friend and I hunted Nutria for a day and half taking 293 tails using 22 LR hollow points. Could be the shooter.
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May 06 at 12:37pm
lanco1Profile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Shell Beach / Hopedale / Reggio in Southeast Louisiana
Killed 5 teal between two hunters in Hopedale this morning. If only we could shoot BBWDs in September ............, I could break out the big gumbo pot. Didn't hear much shooting around me and water was goofy high.
September 20 at 12:41pm
hall4515Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
set on stand this morning skitters where really bad I think goodness for thermasel.didn't work at first was holding it all around my head but was being eat up though maybe the mat was old from last year.so shut it off and looked helo no mat at all put one in took about 5 min. but not one skitter till 10.45 when I climbed down then they ran me out of the woods.had a deer snort at me at 9.40....  Read More
September 21 at 11:29am
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Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
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  • She can shoot

We have had great days and we have had awful days. Book with us and if it is a bad day, we will give you a credit on a big duck season hunt.

Give us a call... 337 529 6442
September 21 at 8:27am
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Archery in Southeast Louisiana
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  • OUCH
My dad had an old PSE that he wants to sell so I took it ok today to show a few guys from church during a friendly lil bow shoot out! Well not being my bow and not taking a good look at it before pulling on it, the string popped and the end result hurt like hell!! PSE Bruin 30' draw at 70#
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September 20 at 10:14pm
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Hunting in Louisiana
28'Silverbacks s/w for sale in great shape almost new asking 550 located in independence txt randall at 9852699067
September 20 at 9:43pm
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Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
I am looking to get a aluminum mud boat built, With inboard engine. (V6/1800 Subaru in it) Do you know of anyone that builds a good all around mud boat? I would appreciate if you send me a contact and some pictures of your boat?
September 20 at 3:16pm

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