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JohnWayneProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
Has anyone seen hogs around sherburne? Would like to get my son his 1st hog kill. Any info appreciated. Thanks
October 06 at 6:33pm
KenneyDProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Central Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Getting them slowly but surely!!!
Been having hogs tearing up our camp yard... baited my traps for 3 days and then set them... Caught the mom (AKA Oreo) and 5 young boars (40 lbs. each)... My other trap had a 60 lb. boar... It was a pretty good day with the trap!!!
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September 15 at 9:17am
Nightlife OutfittersProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Louisiana
Photo Album
Nightlife Outfitters is hosting a year long hog hunting tournament. The details are below if anyone is interested in participating. Thanks, and good luck to all participants.
July 20 at 1:10pm
bougechitto1Profile Photo
Hog Hunting in Louisiana
Photo Album
  • 200 pounder caught by Bradley and crew.
  • One of two pigs taken off our lease. A two hundred pounder boar, it had cuts on him from fighting an
Saturday morning we had Bradley Barber and his buddies Brother David, Hunter @ Shay with their dogs. Hunted our lease and one other. Their dogs run hard. Finally ended up with two boars. One weighing around two hundred pounds and another about half that size. First time on pig hunt with dogs that got some pigs. Lots of fun, plus two pigs off our lease.

Thanks Bradley, Brother David, Shay....  Read More
March 15 at 11:13am
Matty555mattyProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in South Central Louisiana
I am wondering if there is any public land to hog hunt during spring and summer. Thanks in advance.
February 28 at 6:40pm
wildhoghuntinglaProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Recent Wild Hog game camera picture Breaux Bridge, LA
Hi, Here’s a recent Wild Hog game camera picture 2015 near Breaux Bridge, LA.
February 01 at 11:39pm
chlabpupsProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Louisiana
I know hogs are not the problem with the deer. Hunters are the problem with deer. The population is down because the season and limits are so long. does not make sense to me why we can not see this. plain and simple. need to have 2 tags. one buck and one doe until population comes back. I love to hunt as much or more than anyone. but this long season and liberal limit has got to stop.
August 24 at 2:14am
MarshaltravisProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Killed in the kentwood area. No official weight but over 300lbs
August 04 at 12:28pm
bowhunter1896Profile Photo
Hog Hunting in Myrtle Grove / Port Sulphur in Southeast Louisiana
Anyone needs hogs live or cleaned you can call or txt me 504.782.0980 real cheap can get as many as you need
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October 21, 2014 at 1:36pm
ajridgedellProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
New to the forum. I'm interested in hunting on Joyce WMA. Anyone know if there are pigs deep inside the WMA. I don't have a problem accessing remote areas.
August 01 at 11:51am
wildhoghuntinglaProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
  • 250lb female wild hog Breaux Bridge LA
250lb female wild hog Breaux Bridge LA
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April 02 at 6:09am
Ole Heavy ChevyProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Outside Louisiana
I am looking for some recommendations for an outfitter to take a group of guys on a hog hunt in Texas. My brother-in-law is getting married and we want to take him on a hog hunt around May.

Has anyone been on one? If you liked your experience, please share the outfitter.

January 05 at 7:50pm
STXHOProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Photo Album
Spring is around the corner and so is the warmer weather. We will be offering hog hunts on the same ranches we deer hunt. Over 18,000 acres of South Tx brush country to hunt located 2.5 hours West of Houston. Unlimited hogs, lodging, and unlimited predators. $350 per person - 3 days 2 nights.

Give us a call for more informations. March- June is prime time for hog hunting in South Texas.....  Read More
March 02 at 12:14am
PredatorhunteroutdoorsProfile Photo
Site Sponsor Predatorhunteroutdoors
Hog Hunting in Louisiana
Photo Album
Predator Hunter Outdoor is looking for local Louisiana Outfitters interested in becoming dealers of the NightSnipe Hunting Light! Fastest growing night hunting light on the marketing today with new products coming out in 2015.

Great dealer rates!

No dealers currently located in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi or Texas. Be the first to offer this industry leading in your area and....  Read More
February 01 at 11:39am
Tylerlanglois83Profile Photo
Hog Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
I have a 458 socom with forefrip,eotech 516 not sighted in. 3 full boxes of 20rds and 1 box of 17rds. 300gr. Shot the gun once jammed, sent to RR they fix the issue,have the paper work for that and fired the gun, sent it to me I shot it And put it up. Haven't hunted with it at all very clean gun. Needing the money. Asking 1350 for gun and scope. Asking 226 for ammo. 9855179061 for pictures
June 21 at 4:23pm
Ricky Aucoin, Louisiana Sportsman field reporterProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Morgan City in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
  • This baby hog remained after the big mama sow vacated the area.
  • These baby hogs remained around me (10 total) for several minutes after I shot the big mama sow.
  • I spent 30 minutes trailing this baby hog and another only to realize they were traveling alone.
This past season, my buddies and I did pretty well hunting hogs down at the Atchafalaya Delta WMA during the bow season and in particular during the gun season after bow season finished. Each year we seem to learn a little bit more about how to hunt hogs, what works and what doesn't. We have learned that baby hogs for the most part grunt almost non stop at certain times. The volume can be quite....  Read More
June 12 at 12:39pm
HunterB42Profile Photo
Hog Hunting in Louisiana
If anyone has a hog problem and is looking to have them removed please give me a call. My cousin and I are from north Louisiana and have been hog hunting since we could walk. We have dogs and hog hunting is nothing but an adrenaline soaked hobby for us, we hog hunt just for the mere fun of it. Not looking for any money just looking for different places to hunt. We typically hunt along the Red....  Read More
April 21 at 11:54am
Swine-StalkerProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Louisiana
Photo Album
Made a hunt this past saturday and got a nice boar. He had good teeth and luckily only did a minimum amout of damgage. Lease members wanted the sow for meat and we kept the boars head. One of the funnest hunts I've ever been on in my 5 years of doggin.
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March 10 at 1:56pm
DEHCProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Northwest Louisiana
I've heard if people hog hunting around South Bossier Parish off the river, but didn't sound legal as all of the land around the red river in that area seems to be private. Anyone familiar with this topic?
March 02 at 3:50pm
Outlaw1469Profile Photo
Hog Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
DONT LET THE WEATHER FOOL YOU THE HOGS ARE STILL ON THE MOVE. If you want to shoot a good size pig this is the place to be, I have 2 box stands that will fit 2 hunters at the most. The price is $150 a gun. You can shoot as many pigs as u want and keep what u kill. If you have any questions please give a call.

Contact: (504)-512-0355)

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January 11 at 11:24pm
Nola1324Profile Photo
Hog Hunting in Louisiana

I am currently hunting hogs stalking and over baited stands. I am having some luck but am interested in getting a bay dog as a pup and training him up. Does anyone have any advice for getting in with a group that trains hog dogs? Thanks very much in advance.
February 23 at 2:50pm
huntr225Profile Photo
Hog Hunting in Louisiana
HOGS, if hogs are such a problem why is it that someone with a hog problem would charge you so much money for you to come help them get rid of the hog problem.??
So I guess the hogs are no longer a problem but now a way for land owners to make money..!!!
If we do not pay these people to control their problem they will then truly have a problem and need us to help them.
WARNING!!! Do not....  Read More
February 09 at 8:51am
Swine-StalkerProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Louisiana
Photo Album
Been a while since i been on here but still seeing some familiar names so I decided to let yall know Im still kickin... and still chasing pigs. We made our first run of the off season a couple weeks back and got a few meat hogs. was on call last weekend so couldnt go but ill be in the woods friday saturday and sunday trying to make them squeal. yall take care!
February 19 at 3:22pm
DEHCProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Northwest Louisiana
Looking for hog hunting forums for the Bossier Parish area of the red river.
Anyone know where to start?
February 18 at 7:27pm
electricspecProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Louisiana
looking to buy a night vision scope for hog hunting.
wood like to be able to use one of my present rifles without removing the scope but all that I see is with rail mounts.
any thoughts from you experts would be grateful
have enough rifles now , really don't want to buy an AR unless necessary
thanks for any info
JR in Gonzales
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February 12 at 5:02pm

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