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Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Looking for a place or two to catch a few redfish in the Dularge/Cocodrie area.Not looking for anybody's secret spot just a couple of places where i could bring my daughter to catch some.I have a boat and would be willing to make a couple of trips at my expense. I work a great deal of the time and are off right now.If you can offer any help i would appreciate it.You can text or call me....  Read More
2 hours ago
RiverpirateProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
I have fished freshwater for years from my kayak but have never taken it to saltwater. I fished south Louisiana a lot when I had a boat but that was 20 years ago. Most of the places I fished would be too far to paddle and involve crossing more open water than I would like. And from what I have been told post hurricanes I probably would recognize anything. I am looking at heading down there on....  Read More
November 22 at 7:37pm
Epic Fishing Charters LLCProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Pointe a la Hache in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Thanksgiving special 4 people for only $450 morning and afternoon trips on the following dates:11-27 11-28 11-29!! Dont miss out on this great deal! Call today to book your trip for thanksgiving week! These dates wont last long!!

Call or text Capt Austin Ourso 225-733-6080
November 02 at 10:52am
Epic Fishing Charters LLCProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Pointe a la Hache in Southeast Louisiana
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I had kevin and his crew on the blazer bay yesterday and it started out slow until the water warmed up a few degrees. After that it was game on pulling nice trout into the boat!! We ended the day with 40 nice specks and 2 reds.

Give me a call or text to book your trip
2 hours ago
Bourgeois Fishing Charters, Barataria LAProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Lafitte in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
The Cold front has slowed the bite, Capt. Darrin found a good bit on a structure in Little Lake with shrimp on the bottom and a slow bite. The trick is using s plastic minnow like the bomber mud minnow or the glass minnow tipped with shrimp and just wiggle it on the bottom, not really working it and bouncing it just let it sit on the bottom and wiggle the bait until it swims off. The box was....  Read More
Yesterday at 1:49pm
bringfishProfile Photo
Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
I am looking for a bay boat that will work well for my future fishing plans.

The areas I would like to fish area all inshore and (I believe are?) calm - delacriox, golden meadow, and a few places around southern LA for bass fishing. Let me know if any of these are not calm - it has been a while since I have been to them.

With that said, does anyone have experience with xpress bay....  Read More
November 21 at 11:14pm
jobie99Profile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
I'm looking at running south through Avoca Island Cutoff through Lake Palourde/Grassy Lake. If there is a better way I'd love to know. Thanks, Joe
8 hours ago
voros79Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
57 specks and a black drum at Skippy lake. Vudu Shrimp and live shrimp 3 feet under a popping cork. Vudu was just as good as live . Caught on the rising tide .
17 hours ago
Rat-Red37Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Pointe a la Hache in Southeast Louisiana
Anyone know if any trout being caught in back levee canal or Oak River around Pointe a la Hache?
19 hours ago
Capt. Marty LaCoste - Absolute Fishing ChartersProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Day two with Ben & Tim Winter and Chip Spurlock had us thinking the trout would turn back on. We hooked a trout within the first few minutes which got us excited!! Unfortunately, that was the only one! We moved around adding a few reds, then we hit a few more trout while fishing two feet under a cork. We searched around fishing tight lined and under a cork for more trout with no luck. ....  Read More
21 hours ago
heavylifts123Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Leeville / Golden Meadow in Southeast Louisiana
Wanted to get opinion of fishing Leeville area this time of year with southeast winds. Mostly fishing for red fish and flounder out of mudboat. Weathers to hot to go to duck lease. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
23 hours ago
PossumonahalfshellProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Northeast Louisiana
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Caught her on an old school H&H spinner last spring. 7.75
Yesterday at 9:56pm
Capt.John Haller - 1 CHASING TAIL ChartersProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in The Rigolets / Lake Catherine in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Strong North winds pushing 25-30 MPH did not stop the fish biting down here in New Orleans Louisiana.My crew from Arkansas with a full ice box of big Speckled Trout, Redfish A/K/A Red Drum, and Flounder. All fish were caught in very high winds on live shrimps in 15ft of water.

Capt.John Haller


Yesterday at 9:49am
bdhenaganProfile Photo
Fishing in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Wanted to know if / where the trout are biting on the north shore around the madisonville pier (or anywhere accessible from land). I was going to take my kids fishing on Tuesday. They're a little too small to hang out in a boat. I wanted to try some bank or pier fishing where they can run around if they're bored. Any ideas?

November 22 at 6:28pm
lowellgardProfile Photo
Tournaments Fishing in Poverty Point Lake in Northeast Louisiana
There is, Re Revive from Serious Skincare, a-primer full of vitamin A to help prepare your skin for makeup. This oil free, range filler slides quickly into the Skin Re Revive Care Tips to fill-in wrinkles and small traces. Silicones lessen pores to make the skin search the very best that it Re Revive could be. Along with the primer adds luminous light reflectors that help provide an amazing Re....  Read More
Yesterday at 9:59pm
sweetwater marinaProfile Photo
Site Sponsor sweetwater marina
Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Folks who left Sweetwater Marina's launch on Delacroix Island early in the morning struggled a bit due to the cloudy water conditions and lingering wind. But by the late morning the wind had died down, the water started clearing up and the Trout started biting. Capt. Jack had the pleasure of taking Matt Fox, his two sons and his dad out fishing today. They decided to get a late start and....  Read More
Yesterday at 8:54pm
Capt. Marty LaCoste - Absolute Fishing ChartersProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Ben and Tim Winter and Chip Spurlock were back with me today on the Bluewave. We left out of the Reel Inn after daylight trying to let it warm up a bit!! Our first stop found a slow trout bite. We picked away at the trout under corks in 6 ft depths with the C-Sea shad. With the bite slowing down we made a few moves only to find dirty water. I decided to go check a area I haven't fished in....  Read More
Yesterday at 8:15pm
CaptJSProfile Photo
Fishing in Lafitte in Southeast Louisiana
Remember when we were told that they were running out of oil and gas was going to 5 dollars a gallon are more. Just purchased gas for about 1/50 with my Sam's card in BR at Murphy oil on ONeil. They also had the ethanol free for 1/81. Then get home and see a news report that oil was heading down to 20 dollars a barrel. I know several people that paid a ton for a special car how do they feel....  Read More
November 21 at 9:41am
Richard_In_NOLAProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Shell Beach / Hopedale / Reggio in Southeast Louisiana
Went to Hopedale on Saturday right before the front. No tide but still got our two limits on plastics two feet under corks. Didn't bother anchoring as there was very little wind and hardly any tide. just drifted around picking up a trout pretty steady.
November 23 at 2:01pm
Capt. Marty LaCoste - Absolute Fishing ChartersProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Gary Lamprecht and crew joined me In the brutal post front conditions Sunday morning. The wind was blowing 30 mph, the tide dropped over two feet, and water temps dropped down to 57 degrees from 68 the day before. We knew there wasn't going to be anything easy about it. My crew knew the conditions and wanted to go no matter what. The trout bite was non existent, so we soaked shrimp on the....  Read More
November 23 at 4:11am
danman35Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Good morning in Dularge. I launched at Falgout around 5:30 a.m.. My first stop was in Lake De Cade. I fished the current lines for a few minutes with only a small number of small trout, no keepers. I made my way thru Raccourci Bay fishing a couple spots with no luck. By 8:30 a.m. I was in Lake Mechant. I didn't see many birds working bait, so, I started to checkout some of the smaller inlets on....  Read More
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November 22 at 9:31am
BbankstonProfile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
Does anybody know if the specks have moved into Lake Decade yet? Ive always been told the second cold front is when they start to move up but i dont know if what we have had so far are 'cold' fronts. Trying to make a trip next weekend so any info is appreciated.
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November 09 at 5:48pm
Capt. Kim - Speckle Trout Guide ServiceProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album


Had Terry, and Tim on board.They wanted a 'meat haul' day.That is what they got.They have been reading my reports and decided to go.

.The tide was barely falling with a light NE wind.Caught the 75 trout for 815am along with 2 bull redfish that were released.

All fish were caught on 3/8oz....  Read More
November 21 at 9:07am
voros79Profile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Lake Borgne / Chef Menteur
Photo Album
Going to launch at South Shore Marina tomorrow. Plan is to the try the cuts for trout and the ponds for reds around bayou martinez . https://www.google.com/maps/place/South+Shore+Marina/@30.0604291,-89.8108271,2653m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xa5af1dfb12c141b8

Anyone have any info on the area they feel like sharing? Irish Bayou was a bust last Saturday caught two small....  Read More
November 20 at 8:23pm

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