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Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
A couple friends and I are toying around with the idea of building a camp in the marsh somewhere. Possibly Delicroix or Bayou Bienvenue, it seems growing up fishing the marsh these camps were everywhere now they’re few and far between. Can one get a lease to do this anymore and if so what do the leases typically cost? We understand this would be a huge project, but it’s something we really....  Read More
21 hours ago
Zack T.Profile Photo
Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
does anyone know when crawfish season will be picking up in free water not pond? i know it has been cold but this is my first year trying and I was just wondering when it starts heating up
February 20 at 11:15am
akcarollosProfile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Hi all!
I am a native of New Orleans but currently live in ALaska with my husband and 2 boys. We are science teachers and the boys are scouts. I'd like to bring my family down to SE Louisiana to enjoy the splendor of this area. We'd like to spend 3-5 nights around the 4th of July on the waterways around Lake Maurepas. We will have a cabin cruiser that has a 24 in draw. We'd like to....  Read More
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17 hours ago
Epic Fishing Charters LLCProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Pointe a la Hache in Southeast Louisiana
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Capt Austin Ourso is now booking trips for this spring beginning April 1st. He can accomadate up to 4 persons on the 22ft Blazer Bay equipped with the best fishing equipment such as shimano rods and reels, Matrix Shad, Grab It Glove and Power-Pole. Come down to Pointe a la hache and hop in the Blazer Bay for a great and unforgetable fishing experience.

Licensed and insured.

Contact....  Read More
11 hours ago
crazycoonass06Profile Photo
Tournaments Fishing in Louisiana
Cajun Hawg Hunters Bass club is putting on our 4th annual open bass tournament out of doiron landing. Morgan city, LA. We will have a payout for every 5 boats and blast off numbers will be in the order we receive your registration. For more information you can email me (luke Billiu) at luke.billiu@energytransfer.com or call or text 985 855 8473. Or josh foret 985 665 6606
21 hours ago
whitetail0827Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in South Central Louisiana
Anybody catching bass in Lake Verret?
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23 hours ago
RED ROBINProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Went try for some cats this morn. in the I.C.W.,this time I went in my Boat and tried at the mouth of several canal that fell in th I.C.W.,fishing was slow and the fish were smaller,caught on ck. liver,nicest one was 11#.
23 hours ago
DhammabalProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Recently moved to Louisiana from Amarillo Texas. Met some people who got me into fishing and I haven't had much luck lately. I see you need a boat to catch (I don't have a boat) and I haven't been having any luck doing onshore fishing. I have been fishing cypermort point and Henderson lake this past couple weeks and hasn't caught a red or speckled trout. I'm heading out to grand isle to see....  Read More
February 25 at 8:35am
CaptJSProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Lafitte in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Last spring bass trip
Been checking in on the classic this week and if you did not believe bass fishing is tough just look at the results. Most of the bass have been caught in the first hour and then these best of the best can only catch one or two. These guys have been on this lake for some time and have the best equipment an info you can get. Like I have posted many times no limits needed on bass only during the....  Read More
February 22 at 3:17pm
colorado25Profile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in South Central Louisiana
I just moved here from Colorado, and wanted to do some fishing today and tomorrow. I heard about this Alligator bayou in prarrieville and decided that I might try it out. I don't have a boat yet, and will be fishing from the bank. I'm looking for some crappie or cats. Does anyone have any tips or advice?
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Yesterday at 10:27am
abeastandasavageProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Louisiana
have 10, 50 watt 110 volt led lights to connect together and run them to a generator on a bowfishing rail. what type of connectors to use? should I put shrink wrap on all the connections to waterproof them? should I put a switch or just a plug that just plugs strait into the generator? thanks!!!!! i want to be safe, safety always first!
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February 27 at 8:44pm
HuntingRedProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Bulls
  • Gets stupid sometimes
Jan and Feb had Great trips sightfishing Bull Redfish. Now looking forward to spring and summer transition
Yesterday at 11:23am
Bob Gourgues, Between the BanksProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Leeville / Golden Meadow in Southeast Louisiana
Hello Again Cyber Anglers,

No posts = no fishing. Jan and Feb I have been getting ready for the season. Busy with service on trailer, boat, and motor along with construction @ Boudreaux's. Starting the season Monday, anticipating warmer weather.

Bank and maintenance shows are on Between the
Banks TV. I will be @ the Sportsman's Show each day @ Renovation's display in the....  Read More
Yesterday at 10:00am
4wheelerProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Venice in Southeast Louisiana
Hello all, i am looking at a new touch screen lowrance gps/chartplotter for my bay boat. Does anyone have an experience with a touch screen unit? pro's / con's? Thanks in advance. CapLsu
February 25 at 11:01am
smarcantel2001Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Rockefeller Refuge in Southwest Louisiana
I'm looking for any expert's, or novice's, opinion on the best times of the year to catch crabs.

We typically launch out of Rollover or Joseph's Harbor and crab along the cement weirs. Times of the year include late spring to late summer. I'd say we're successful a little over 50% of the time, depending on tide movement.

I'm thinking about giving it a shot in the next few....  Read More
Yesterday at 8:04am
Capt. Tommy PellegrinProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
  • First redfish ever for Gabe.
  • largest red fish ever for Gabe.
  • Gabe with his first saltwater fish ever.
Quite a while ago my nephew Michael used to deckhand for me and as all young ambitious guys are he grew up and has a son of his own now named Gabe. Well it was time to take Gabe on his first saltwater fishing trip. After postponing it a couple of times due to weather I didn't have the heart to do it again because I was sick. So with a bad cough and stuffed head I took them on a trip. With the....  Read More
February 24 at 12:56pm
JohnWayneProfile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in South Central Louisiana
Anyone know if the sacalait a little are biting around the lake. Wanting to take my son fishing this weekend.
Thanks for any info.
February 27 at 12:59pm
JohnWayneProfile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in South Central Louisiana
Has anyone had any luck with the sacalait biting at chico state park yet? Wanting to take my son over there to give it a try.
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February 21 at 12:53pm
Trackdad1Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Morgan City in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Another great day of fishing down the river. The day started out a little cold, but it warmed up and we caught some nice reds.
February 27 at 11:11am
RED ROBINProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Went catch a mess of catfish off the bank yesterday eve.near the I.C.W.,caught them on ck.liver,biggest was 15#
February 27 at 9:26am

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