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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Want to upgrade my base map on Hummingbird 597ci, what would you recommend? I fish along the coast from timberland islands to chanderler islands. Home base Grand isle. Are your maps all I need?

Thank you Van vantyler2007@aol.com
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Response by Captain Paul
October 18, 2012 at 2:45pm
Maps for your Humminbird
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Van Tyler ~

NO, The Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge of GPS Waypoints is NOT maps that can be downloaded into your GPS unit.

The EDGE program consists of WAYPOINTS, that can be downloaded into your GPS system by using the FREE HUMMINBIRD~PC Program that can be obtained from the Humminbird web site when you register your unit. The EDGE program does have a Map of the area of coverage, but it is an Acrobat pdf image that is of the entire Edge area indicating where the waypoints are located.

The main feature of the Edge is that these EDGE waypoints can downloaded into the internal waypoint memory of your GPS unit. They will appear as icons on whatever mapping program ~ screen that you have installed in your unit.

If you visit the Humminbird web site @ http://store.humminbird.com/category/247617/500_Series you will find a listing of the maps that are available for use in the 597ci.

They recommend the Navionics Gold maps.

In checking the site you will find that maps will work in your unit

To quote the Site, “Navionics® Gold and Hot Maps™ Premium available for select 300, 500 and 700 Series™ Combo products and all 800, 900, and 1100 Series™ Fishing Systems. This huge library of electronic cartography gives you paper chart detail right on your fishfinder’s screen. If you’re looking for a complete fishing system, find the special Humminbird that combines leading edge navigation, sonar and charting technology.“

See the Navionics site at http://www.navionics.com/

and http://store-mirror.navionics.com/no_ntag_charts/show_valid_charts?dimension=2D&region=north_america&valid_groups=XL9+

for the area covered by the GOLD series of maps.

The Navionics Gold is sold by regions. The Gold Product 1XG is shown at a cost of $199.00 and covers all of the coastal U.S. Coastal waters.

The Hot maps covers inland lakes, so I don’t believe that it is what you looking for.

There are other more detailed Navionics programs but unfortunately they will not work in your particular unit.

I suggest that you contact the dealer where you purchased the Humminbird unit and see if they handle the Navionics GOLD mapping program and if it will work in your unit. Remember that there is no return on this type of software, so get it right the first time.

View the Navionics program on one of the dealers units. Zoom in on several of your fishing areas, including the launches you use to see if the program meets your needs. The GOLD series basically depicts a digital NOAA Marine Coastal Chart.

~ Captain Paul ~
October 18, 2012 at 9:19am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
i bought the rigolets package from the louisiana sportsman website im actually hoping i get the cordinates before sunday do they just email them to me or do i have to DL them thanks
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Response by Captain Paul
October 13, 2012 at 5:13pm
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Greg ~

The Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge program is delivered as an email attachment to an email address you listed when ordering the program.

The attachment is then downloaded into your computer and then into your GPS unit.

The order info indicates that it could take up to five working days for you to receive the Edge files. The Louisiana Sportsman’s office is closed on Saturday and Sunday, but if you would send me your order confirmation info, the date you ordered the Edge file, along with the type (brand) of GPS unit you have, your email address, telephone number and the EDGE area you ordered I will try and expedite your order.

Contact me via email at captainpaultgps@gmail.com and or by telephone at 985-847-0536 and I will see what I can do.

~ Captain Paul ~
October 13, 2012 at 1:12pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
no fishing friday in times picayune.... would like a new source for the old reliable... whatcha got ? east bankk and solunar table.. thanks , r ----- dcvw429@yahoo.com
October 05, 2012 at 8:33am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
October 01, 2012 at 2:25pm
GPS updates, why?
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Donald Woodward ~

Although the Garmin GPSMAP 498 Sounder is now considered a “Discontinued“ model by the Garmin web site it nevertheless a very fine unit. If the unit is giving you problems then certainly replace it. But, if it is working then I suggest that you first look at getting more up to date mapping software for the unit.

Garmin’s latest marine mapping software is their BLUE CHART g2 and g2 VISION. The Vision version has aerial views of the area of coverage but it not available for your GPSMAP 498 Sounder unit. The Blue Chart g2 is an excellent product and is available from their web site at

https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=6452&pvID=9752 Check out the BlueChart® g2 at that web location. It is Available in several Formats including a Garmin data card

It is sold by regions so you may need several different areas to cover all of the areas you mentioned in your question.

Your unit requires a GARMIN DATA CARD. That is different from other data cards that are used by their more recent mapping units, so be careful when ordering.

I see no reason why the present unit updated with the proper mapping software would not work for your needs.

If you are sure set to get a newer unit, I suggest that you check out another Garmin unit from their web site at www.garmin.com/. Staying with a Garmin will give you a heads up on the way the unit operates and the terms they use.

Remember to include the price of decent mapping with the unit, otherwise all you would have is a BASEMAP that is in the unit.

~ Captain Paul ~
October 01, 2012 at 8:41am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southwest Louisiana
Which map covers GPS waypoints for Pointe Aux Chene?

Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
September 20, 2012 at 2:05pm
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Todd ~

My CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE of GPS WAYPOINT files are NOT MAPS. They are downloadable GPS waypoints written in a data file for consumer GPS units of fishing and navigation locations that can be installed in your GPS unit.

I do include an Acrobat pdf file of a general map of the area, but it is only a 8.5x11 document and CANNOT be loaded into a GPS unit. This file also has a position description and in some cases a “How to Fish” the location.

The Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge of GPS Waypoints for the LEEVILLE WEST has some waypoints in the Sulphur mine area in the Point Au Chien Wildlife Area. It’s waypoints cover from Point Au Chien on the north to LA Highway 1 to lower LA 665 on the east and west and southward to Lake Pelto and Timbalier Bays.

This Edge has over 340 waypoints for the above described area, but only a few in the actual WMA.

~ Captain Paul ~
September 18, 2012 at 1:15pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Capt Paul, my wife and I want to learn the Delacroix/Hopedale area and will be purchasing your software. I wanted to confirm compatible with our Lowrance HDS5 Gen2, thanks - jmbishop22@yahoo.com
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
August 28, 2012 at 3:33pm
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Jeff Bishop~

The CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS will work in any Lowrance GPS system that can take a computer download.

The selection for a Lowrance system indicates that it is either for a Lowrance or Eagle GPS system. Both are made by LEI Electrionics.

To use download feature of the EDGE files, you must have a Lowrance approved Data Transfer Program. Lowrance offers their GPS DATA MANAGER -6 (GDM-6) program as a FREE download from their web site. (http://www.lowrance.com/en/Downloads/GPS-Data-Manager-GDM/

Once downloaded, you would open the Captain Paul’s Edge file in the GDM-6 program, view the data and transfer it to a SPARE memory card. Once inserted in your GPS unit the waypoint data is transferred into the internal memory of the unit. All of the waypoints will appear as overlays on whatever mapping program you have in your GPS unit.

Even if you don’t purchase the EDGE file, you should download the data manager program as it will let you backup the routes, tracks and waypoints in your GPS unit to a computer file.

The EDGE file comes with a general map of the area that lists all of the waypoints. This Acrobat pdf file cannot be loaded into your GPS unit but should be printed and brought along as a backup.

Instructions are included with the program.

The EDGE files can ONLY be purchased on the LOUISIANA Sportsman’s OUTDOOR STORE web site.

~ Captain Paul ~
August 25, 2012 at 5:46am
Pro's Pointers QuestionProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Captain Paul - I am the publisher of Plaquemines Bargains Plus!, a biweekly community newspaper. I have a fishing section in the paper. I would like to use your tables in this publication. You can view my publication online, page-by-page, by going to www.bargainsplusnow.com. Please let me know what your terms are. My paper is free to the public and I distribute over 6,200 copies by mail and....  Read More
August 24, 2012 at 8:00am
Pro's Pointers QuestionProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
do you have the coords for bird island near grand isle
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
August 19, 2012 at 4:29pm
Bird Island in Barataria Bay
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Andre~

Bird Island is no longer an island and is now an under water reef. This Bird Island is in the southern part of Barataria Bay. There were some white PVC pipes marking the general area, but with the advent of GPS these markers were not replaced after recent stormes.

In 1937, when there was an island, there was a USGS Benchmark Designates as BRD and coded “AT129” at 29° 19’ 41.83011” N ~ 089° 57’ 07.51254” W. Note that this is listed in DDD,MM, SS.sssss. The marker for the station was the center of the roof of a 14x14 foot building on Bird Island. This was the only building on Bird Island was about 33 feet above the high water mark in Barataria Bay. Many hurricanes since the placing of this benchmark has removed all buildings on the small island. Also since then erosion has taken its toll in actually removing the island itself.

Several Charts including NOAA Marine Chart 11358, Barataria Bay & Approaches and Chart 11365, Barataria and Bayou Lafourche Waterways, indicate and list the reef. The center of this banana shaped in a north-northeast ~ south-southwest direction is indicated as Bird Reef is at or about 29° 19.5717’ N. Latitude ~ 89° 57.2608’ W. Longitude. (DDD, MM.mmm)

The reef is located at about 3.75 miles at a bearing of 357° Magnetic from the center of Barataria Pass. Surrounding waters are between six and eight feet with a shoal where the entire island is only two to four feet. The reef is shown to be about one-half of a mile in length in a 11° to 191° position. I suggest that use your depth finder, locate the north and south points above the above position and fish these locations first.

Give it a try and let me know how you make out.

Unless otherwise specified, all positions are stated as Degrees, minutes and thousandths of minutes (DDD,MM.mmm) and were determined using WGS 84 Datum. All bearings and courses are stated in Magnetic degrees.

~ Captain Paul ~
August 19, 2012 at 3:09pm
Pro's Pointers QuestionProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Central Louisiana
will i be able to get software for my lowrance lms 332 that will cover lake pontchartrain and lake borgne dnclampitt@aol.com
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
August 18, 2012 at 4:38pm
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~David C ~

According to the Lowrance Web site the LMS series of GPS units are now considered to be a discontinued line.

Software for the unit, such as updates in the operating software and other mapping software will become harder and harder to get in the future, but that is not the case for my CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS. If you need any other software, I recommend that you make arrangements to get it now as it may not be available at a later date.

The Edge file is not a mapping program, but is fishing and navigation waypoints that are a benefit to anglers. These waypoints come in a file written in the proper protocol for most common consumer GPS brands. The EDGE for the Lowrance system will work in your LMS unit IF, you have a LOWRANCE program that allows you to transfer data to and from you unit and a computer either by direct cable hookup or via a specified memory card.

Older units such as the LMS series used a Lowrance mapping program they called MAPCREATE. It began with a standard version, then was improved to a Version Series 6 and USA TOPO Series 7. These programs had map images that could be downloaded into the GPS unit, and has a data transfer program built into the overall program. If you have one of these mapping programs you have what you need to download the Captain Paul’s EDGE data into your system.

If you don’t, then you will need to get the FREE Lowrance data transfer program they call GDM-6. It is available from their web site at http://www.lowrance.com/en/Downloads/GPS-Data-Manager-GDM/

It has the same data transfer section as the older MapCreate mapping programs without the maps.

Either of these options will allow you to download the EDGE data file info into you GPS unit. These waypoints will appear on whatever mapping program you may have in your unit.

I have 23 different areas across the southern coastline. There is one for Lake Pontchartrain, The Rigolets, Lake Borgne, Hopedale MRGO to the MS sound, Hopedale MRGO to Delacroix, Bayou Bienvenue and Delacroix as well some fresh water areas as the Pearl River basin, Bayou Sauvage and the Big Branch area.

Even if you don’t purchase the EDGE for the area of your concern, it is worth just getting the FREE download and back up all of your existing waypoints and routes.

The Edge files are exclusively available from the Louisiana Sportsman’s OUTDOOR STORE. They are delivered via email as an attachment.

~ Captain Paul ~
August 18, 2012 at 1:06am
Pro's Pointers QuestionProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Interested in your MRGO program. Does it supply tracks for the N and S routes that can be downloaded to GPS in addition to waypoints? thanks RBJ Jurisich@bellsouth.net
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
August 18, 2012 at 5:00pm
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Dick Jurisich ~

The CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINT, has a file for MRGO WAYPOINTS and Routes around the new Hopedale Dam.

The waypoints consists of positions WHERE the Navigation Aids (NAVAIDS) were located along the banks of what WAS the MRGO. They were included as many anglers gave directions to a location by turning when you reached a certain Day Marker, light, buoy or Nun along the channel.

In addition to these waypoints, the file has several routes on the north side of the MRGO and several on the south side of the MRGO that will allow a boater to navigate in the surrounding marsh to and back from an area that is east of the new dam that now blocks the old channel.

Tracks are temporary data that should not be used to navigate over and over the same location. The EDGE file has ROUTES. Routes, a series of connected waypoints allow the GPS unit to automatically give you a course and distance from point to point and make the navigation much easier. These ROUTES in the EDGE program are provided in a downloadable format for most common consumer GPS brands.

All of the EDGE files are available exclusively from the LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN’s “OUTDOOR STORE.” They are delivered via email as an attachment to your email address you provide when ordering the package.

~ Captain Paul ~
August 17, 2012 at 3:57pm
Pro's Pointers QuestionProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southwest Louisiana
I have over 3000 waypoints in td's and was wondering if any software you might have that could convert them. Most of them are from my fathers 35 years of fishing the gulf.
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
August 07, 2012 at 3:36pm
Converting LORAN TD's to LAT~LONG
Most, most not all of the upper end marine GPS brands have a way to select what POSITION FORMAT you may want to use. This may be LAT~LONG, in Decimal degrees, Degrees, minutes and seconds and degrees, minutes and thousandths of minutes. In this same setting criteria, there is usually a setting for Loran TD’s.

If your unit has such a position setting you would simply change the Position Format or Location, to the TD setting and enter the Loran positions. When finished you would then change the Position Format back to the LAT~LONG setting you normally use. The GPS unit would make the conversion for you.

You did not mention what brand of GPS unit you were trying to use, as there may be an easier way then manually entering the LORAN-A TD’s into a Latitude ~ Longitude format unit in your unit.

If you have a Garmin system, you are in luck as their free data exchange program called BASE CAMP and their for sale program called HOME PORT both have a setting that allows the user to VIEW and ENTER Loran TD’s in the program. Then by simply changing the Position Setting to your Latitude Longitude setting, the program will convert one to another.

Then by having all of he data in a file, you could then download the file into your GPS unit. This by far would be the fastest and with the data download the quickest.

There is also a U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard, Navigation Center free download that does the conversion for you. It can be programmed to do batches of TD’s within the same general chain area, but even then it can’t be downloaded into a GPS unit. The program can be found on their web site at

http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/?pageName=loranConvert /

If you don’t have a Garmin GPS unit, it still may be to your advantage to download the free Base Camp data transfer software from the Garmin web site at http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=4435/ and let the program to the conversion for you. It is surly faster using a keyboard than trying to manually enter each position into the GPS unit. You would have to reset the Position to TD’s enter the data of each TD position then after completed, change the program to a more familiar LAT~LONG format. By creating different areas such as Mouth of MS River to Grand Isle, Grand Isle to Vermillion Bay, etc. you would have a more manageable amount of waypoints for a particular trip. These files would be stored in your computer, backed up of course. And besides if you save these areas to a Garmin file, I can convert it to most consumer type GPS unit formats for you, which could be downloaded into most consumer type GPS units.

Try these different techniques and let me know how you make out.

Captain Paul
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August 06, 2012 at 3:09pm
Pro's Pointers QuestionProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Capt. Paul , I have several waypoints that are in lowrance files and i want to enter them into a new garmin dakata 20 which used a different file ent. Can this be done? Help please Thanks, roln
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
July 30, 2012 at 1:45pm
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Ron Mathews ~

Send me the Lowrance files as an attachment to an email. I will attempt to convert them to a Garmin GPS format for you abd return them both to you.

In the mean time go to the Garmin web site and download their free data transfer program they call BASE CAMP.

You will need this program to “speak” to your Garmin Dakota unit, along with the provided USB cable and or a spare MicroSD card.

The converted file would be opened in the BASE CAMP program and then downloaded to the GPS unit via the USB cable or via the spare MicroSD card. If you use the Micro SD card way, you will need a card reader~writer that will accept that type of memory cards. Some manufactures provide a holder for the MicroSD card that converts it to a standard SD (Secure Digital) format. Most memory card writers can accommodate a standard SD format card.

Captain Paul

July 30, 2012 at 10:27am
Pro's Pointers QuestionProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Captain Paul, I have a Humminbird 898 and I find the current map system to be very poor in the marsh area south of Houma (Dularge and Bayou Black area). Which map program do you recommend to get better views?

Mark (lsutriplets@bellsouth.net)
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
July 21, 2012 at 10:52pm
Humminbird 898 mapping
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Mark ~

Access the Humminbird web site at www.humminbird.com and determine the availability of the different mapping software which will work in the unit.

That is a tough choice. First, determine if the 898 can accept any of the Navionics mapping programs. And determine what mapping programs are available for the unit you describe.

Then go to a STOCKING NAVIONICS dealer and actually view the difference between what you have and what the difference between a new map program.

Zoom in tight on one of your fishing locations and see if the “other” mapping program meets your needs.

Remember that Mapping Soft that is based on NOAA Marine Charts will usually NOT show the details that a mapping system based on USGS Topographical maps will show.

Either way, get the price and compare what programs will work vs the cost of the program. Only you can make the decision relative to the mapping program and the cost of the program.

Captain Paul
July 21, 2012 at 9:38pm
Pro's Pointers QuestionProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
I just purchased a boat with a Raymarine C-Series Display and was wondering how this works with that unit?

Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
July 18, 2012 at 1:27pm
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Gary ~

If you are speaking about the “CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS” program files, yes it will work with a RAYMARINE C-Series GPS unit(s).

In order to download the Raymarine protocol file designated as a “.RWF” file you will need the RAYMARINE RAY-TECH NAVIGATOR data transfer program installed on your computer. The newest RAYTECH Navigator called the RAYTECH PLANNER is available from their web site @ http://www.raymarine.com/Default.aspx?SITE=1&SECTION=2&PAGE=710#CBM8177

Before beginning, you should backup all of your routes and waypoints in your GPS receiver and save it to a file. Follow the directions with your RAYTECH NAVIGATOR or PLANNER and archive your GPS data in a computer file. Sometimes upgrade procedures can erase the existing waypoint and route memory. If you saved the data as a file you can re-install the data once you have the upgrade in place.

Then you would open the program and download the EDGE file into the Raymarine program in your computer. After reviewing and editing the EDGE data, you can transfer it to a spare memory card and ultimately into your GPS unit.

~ Captain Paul ~
July 16, 2012 at 2:56pm
Pro's Pointers QuestionProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
i have 2 boats with Garmin 740s on the do I buy 2 of your
waypoint files?
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
July 13, 2012 at 4:12pm

~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ PETER SCHULZ ~

Very nice GPS unit. You made an excellent choice in those units.

As for you question, No! A single Captain Paul’s File will work in the two same brand units on different boats.

Be sure that you have the proper Garmin Data Transfer files in your computer to complete the transfer. The Garmin GPSMAP 740 requires the Garmin HOME PORT map viewing and data transfer program to view the maps in your unit and to transfer data between the unit and your computer.

In addition, you will need TWO spare Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, one for each unit. One Giga byte (1gb) size cards should do. You can find them at any camera, office supply, or drugstore. Keep them separate for doing data transfers.

With the unit off, place the memory card in the respective card slot in the unit. Turn the unit on and do any function in the unit. View and change a page screen or any such function. This will cause the GPS unit to write an identifying code on the memory card that includes the serial number of the unit. This will let the unit later recognize the card AND allow the HOME PORT software in your computer to believe that it is actually connected to the Garmin unit.

One initialized card will not work in the other unit, so use the particular card only for the unit that initialized it.

Even if you don’t purchase a Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge file, the data transfer program, Home Port, will allow you the flexibility of backing up your waypoints, evaluating your tracks and making routes on the computer, and most important SAVE them to a file in you computer.

Using this technique, I immediately discovered a slipping prop in the hub, by comparing the distance of my tacks as compared to the fuel I used on a trip.

Viewing the tracks, gives you the opportunity to later mark waypoints in the computer where you were successful and transfer them to a unit’s waypoint file.

Home Port is a good investment as is the Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge of GPS Waypoints.

~ Captain Paul ~
July 13, 2012 at 11:11am
Pro's Pointers QuestionProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in South Central Louisiana
I would like information of theriot area I have a hummingbird 595c. what can you provide
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
July 10, 2012 at 3:44pm
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~Michael Tate ~

Sorry Mike, I don’t have anything around the immediate Theriot, LA area. My closest is my CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS for the LEESVILLE WEST area.

This program covers from Bayou Lafourche to the Houma Navigational Channel and includes some areas around Lakes Felicity and Barre.

It also has some locations in and around Lake Pelto to the south.

I can, if you specify the location, attempt to provide a GPS waypoint position for a few specific locations that you may need. If so, post the locations on this web site and I will try and provide the position for you.

Captain Paul
July 10, 2012 at 3:19pm
Pro's Pointers QuestionProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Capt. Paul, I recently purchased a Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 2 chartplotter unit. The unit came with the world basemap. It did not have Insight or any other detailed mapping software. The basemap is good but is outdated, pre-Katrina. I purchased the Nautic Insight HD chip only to discover the SD sized chip does not fit my unit's chip slot. All the information I have read seems to indicate that the....  Read More
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
July 10, 2012 at 3:27pm
A Standard SD card should fit a Lowrance HDS 2 unit
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Kenneth ~

Everything that I read as well as the Lowrance web site (http://www.lowrance.com/Products/Marine/HDS-Gen2/HDS-7-Gen2/Specifications/ ) in their Specifications on the HDS 7 indicates that

the HDS Gen2 units are Memory card capable and has ONE SD/MMC memory card slot.

If you purchased a standard SD card it should fit in the card slot of the unit. If you purchased the Nautic Insight on a microSD card, you can obtain a small converter device that accepts the MicroSD chip and converts it to a standard SD format.

Your SD card SHOULD fit in the HDS Gen 2 unit.

If this does not correct the problem, contact the Lowrance support section at 1-800-324-1356 and ask them for assistance.

Please let me know how you make out.

Captain Paul
July 08, 2012 at 11:36pm
Pro's Pointers QuestionProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
Leaving out of Pass Christian and wanting to go to Chandeleur Islands and wade fish. Any waypoints to start off on.
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
July 02, 2012 at 11:04pm
Fishing the Chandeleur Isles
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Dennys ~

Most anglers wade fish the Chandeleur Islands. They use one larger vessel to get there, then a smaller boat, dingy or inflatable to actually get around the fishing spots. The run from Pass Christian is about 30 miles just to the northern point of the islands by the Chandeleur Light. The southern point is about another 28 miles. There are numerous Honey Holes along the entire length of the chain. Many anglers guard their “Spots” with their lives. They would sooner give up their season Saints Football tickets than to divulge their favorite fishing spot on the Isles.

Generally speaking, most anglers do better around the central part of the chain of broken islands. They check the areas around Freemason Islands, now just an under water reef and the remnants of North Islands, New Harbor, Palos and Stake island reef to the south.

Chandeleur is usually fished on the lee wind side, in the calmer water. That is the reason for the two boats. If you start on the Gulf side, you are generally stuck on that side for the entire trip. Of course the opposite is true if you choose the “Sound” side of the chain of islands.

A friend of mine recently made a trip there and said that wade fishing was out as the area was full of hungry sharks. They did fairly well, catching large trout on the west side, the Sound side, of the islands and fishing the cuts that linked the west side with the east side of the chain. Although not deep enough for their boat, the water flow was pushing small fish from one side to another.

Go with plenty of fuel, fluids to keep hydrated and be sure that you have all of your safety equipment including a Marine VHF radio as a normal cellular phone is of no use that far from a cell tower.

Watching the weather in a very important part of planning your trip as a thunder head can make it almost impossible to navigate the open water between the chain and a safe harbor.

My CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS, for the HOPEDALE ~ MRGO to the MISSISSIPPI SOUND has over 300 waypoints. It has over 12 around the Chandeleur Isles and many more around the Louisiana March to the west of the isles. The Edge files are designed to be electronically download the waypoints into a GPS unit.

~ Captain Paul ~
July 02, 2012 at 5:59pm
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in Southeast Louisiana
I am contemplating buying several GPS waypoints form you. Lake Pontratrain, Rigolets, Lake Borne, Hopedale ETC I have a Lowrnace HDS X5. Should I download all these onto one 4 GB SDHC card? Will they fit? Does the card stay in the unit or can I down load the points and then remove the card? Should I down but and down load them all at once? Do you offer a discount for individuals that but....  Read More
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
July 01, 2012 at 3:31pm
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ JIM ~

The LOWRANCE HD-5X is billed as a compact standalone multifunction fishfinder / echosounder, that has unprecedented underwater resolution with integral broadband sounder.

The Lowrance WEB site indicates that the HD-5X is NOT a GPS unit. It is a depth~fish finder unit without GPS.

IF you have the model of your unit correct, then the CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS will not work in the unit.

However in a GPS unit, the EDGE DATA files, the part of the Edge Program that you download into a GPS via the memory card take up very little space on the card. BUT, and there is always a BUT… The data on the card has to be transferred into the internal memory of the GPS unit in order for you to see the waypoint on your various screens. This is done via the MENU feature on the UNIT. You select theTransfer Data from the card option.

This may sound good as most modern GPS units can now store up to 5000 waypoint, but I don’t recommend putting that amount of waypoint in the unit.

If you have the manufacturer’ GPS DATA TRANSFER MANAGER (GDM-6) from the Lowrance web site, then you can save the EDGE waypoint by areas and have a more manageable amount of locations in your unit.

Why have 5000 positions to look through to fine the one you need. Most Edge files have between 100 to 300 waypoints. This is a manageable amount to have for a trip. By having them in computer files, you simply transfer the data for the area where you are going to a memory card and intimately to the unit.

Get back with me if you actually have a GPS unit and not just a Depth Finder unit.

~ Captain Paul ~
June 30, 2012 at 10:19am
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Captain Paul - GPS Info in South Central Louisiana
Hi, We have always did our saltwater fishing from land. Recently we bought a new boat that will take us out where the fish are. The only problem is we have no idea what kind of GPS system we need. We do a lot of freshwater and saltwater fishing, we like going to Grand Isle area ,but it is very easy to get turned around and not even find where you may have caught the fish before. What is your....  Read More
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Response by Captain Paul
June 28, 2012 at 12:12pm
Have new boat ~ What GPS unit to purchase.
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Dale Watts ~

This is not an easy question to answer. The top three sellers of consumer GPS Combo units, Humminbird, Lowrance and Garmin offer outstanding GPS ChartPlotter~Depth Finder and GPS CHARTPLOTER units. All will give you a very accurate GPS position as well as offer a screen that ranges form 4 to 15 inches. All will be able to deliver an accurate position fix to within 3 meters with the WAAS feature enabled.

The cost of the unit will depend on the size of the screen, weather it has internal mapping and the amount of various screens and the features of these screens.

Most users now decide on a Chartplotter GPS meaning that it has the availability of internal and or supplemental mapping for the unit.

The crux of the dilemma in choosing such a unit, is determining if the unit and internal or accessory mapping will meet your PARTICULAR mapping needs.

I prefer internal and accessory maps that are based on U.S.G.S Topographical maps rather than NOAA MARINE CHARTS for my fishing needs in the coastal Louisiana marshes. U.S. NOAA Marine charts are the best in the world for depicting the established commercial marine channels etc. These waterways are the ones marked with Aids to Navigation (NAVAIDS) consisting of lights, buoys, cans, nuns and day markers. NOAA Charts are a necessity for OFFSHORE navigation as most topo type maps only cover offshore areas for a mile or two.

However, I find the Marine Chart type of mapping lacking in showing the land, bayou, lagoon, lake, and bays away from these channels.

I have seen some users who purchased a new GPS Chartplotter and are totally dissatisfied with the internal mapping and then learn that they cannot supplement the mapping or even update it with a download from the manufacturer.

So the bottom line is CHECK THE MAPPING! Take time to note the type of mapping available for the GPS you intend to purchase and see if the mapping software for that unit will suit your needs. Remember that it can add about $200 to $400 to the overall cost of the total system.

I suggest that you visit a stocking GPS dealer and actually view the units that are available, but more important, actually view the mapping software that are available for that unit.

I have found that many new purchasers first select the mapping software that they want and then match its availability to a GPS unit that will suit their needs.

Check out the three largest consumer GPS manufacturers, Garmin @ www.garmin.com; Lowrance @ www.lowrance.com and Humminbird @ www.humminbird.com.

Decide how much space you have at the helm console then check out the units that suit your needs with the mapping software that is available for those units. Then visit a stocking dealer and actually view the unit with the mapping software you need. Take note how easy or hard it is to use the features and access the various functions on the various screens.

Doing so will save you a lot of money, and give you the type of unit and mapping you need for your type of fishing.

Please let me know about your final decision on the GPS system you choose.

~ Captain Paul ~
June 27, 2012 at 9:18pm

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