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Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
a great trip for me and the friends

nic (me)

a great trip for me and the friends

Cody with a very nice red! this is a great pic.

nick (me)

Cody with a very nice red! this is a great pic.

beau with another nice redfish

nick (me)

beau with another nice redfish

First Trip

Yesterday was my first trip to the area and my first trip out in the new to me boat. LOL (IDK why the photos are rotated?!)

We launched at Jugs and headed down to caillou lake, we fished the first little area to the righ on the trolling motor and picked up two reds @8' and one 30'. After the weather on the gulf cleared we headed out there. Our first stop the trout were ON!! we Caught 12 witin 4-5 minutes. almost every cast! then they just stopped! I couldn't get back on them after that so we headed back in to the lake. we trolled through some really shallow marsh water, about 1.5ft and looked for their ripple. we would just cast near them and we picked up another 2 keepers. we caught maybe 8 that were right at 15.5 inches!!we snagged a sheephead as well with shrimp under the cork in the marsh.
we launched around 7:40 and left jugs going home at about 12:20.
It was a very good day on the water! especially for my first time on the new boat and a totally new area!

attention anglers, I cannot speak highly enough of Captain Elton with catchdat. He emailed me and while we were talking about the walk on charter he mentioned some baits to try and some fishing info about the area. it was very much appreciated and aided in the catch of the day for sure!

baits used were vudu shrimp, bait shrimp under a cork and sparkle beetles. the trout and redfish hit on all three the entire trip... if I gave an edge to one of the baits I would say the vudu shrimp was the better bait of the day.
July 05, 2013 at 1:28pm
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Posted July 05, 2013 at 10:22pm
First Trip

Thank you for the kind words Nick! I'm glade I was able to help out somewhat. I' call that a real successful trip for the the first time to an area!

I'm also glade the first trip with the boat went well but, it has a Yamaha on it so that don't surprise me at all.

By the way my pics do the same thing? I have to rotate them to the before I post them for it to come out right?

I hope to see you on the Du soon!

Capt E

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