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BEWARE: scammers in classifieds

Scammers in classifieds. They currently advertising Toyota tacomas in 'great condition' at really low prices. They don't give a phone number, just e-mail address at top of ad. When you e-mail them, they give you a story that goes something like this: 'I recently divorced and started a new job in the UK'. They tell you that everything will be done through an escrow company, etc., etc. This is a scam! I google the first line and came up with the same sob story related to the sale of boats, cars, and trucks.
We are doing our best to remove all of the false adds. They put them up faster then we can remove them. If you see a false add mark it as spam and it will be removed.
this onen a scam too
17' 2002 2002 Tracker Pro Deep V 17 - $2,800.00
this person changes his user name every few weeks Very clean used Tracker Pro Deep V-17 all aluminum fishing boat. Floor and transom are very solid. Carpet is in good shape with a few very minor stains. No tears. Wide coverage bimini top with boot cover for storage. The boot cover has a small tear in in. No tears in the bimini top. The bottom of the boat is in very good condition. No rips in the seats. One regular pedestal seat and one gas charged pedestal seat. 4 pedestal seat post holes in boat. One board fuel tank. Batteries are included. Fire extinguisher and paddle included. All the lights work on the boat and they are included. One baitwell, one livewell and plenty of dry storage including a lockable rod locker.
they are doing such a good job removing scammers, that they are removing adds that aren't scammers but the scammers are so smart they just won't go away, there must be a good market over here of people that are just gullible enough to think ''OH WOW A $20K TRUCK FOR $3300, WOW WHAT A GREAT DEAL''

if you can't tell, i am still a little bitter about who took my add down, i will get over but would like an explanation, not sure why i haven't got an answer about it from the moderator that removed it, i though we were supposed to receive email notification regarding any violations