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Camera stolen

Had a trespasser on my property and he stole a camera then a hour later came back and took the mineral block that in front of it.
Had the sheriff's dept come out and made a report. They gave the info to the news and they put it on their web page, WDSU TV in New Orleans also ran a story on it.
Have not heard back from the sheriff's dept yet.
He did not see any of the other cameras so I have some good pics of him.
Anyone know him?
The date was 01-17-2013 just east of Wilmer,La.
The report was made on the 27th
trespassing, questioning about missing hunting camera
KENTWOOD - Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards is asking for your assistance in identifying the male subject in this picture. He was photographed on January 27, 2013, trespassing on property located at 65067 Company Town Rd.

This subject is also believed to have stolen a deer camera which was set up on the property.

Anyone able to identify this subject is asked to call Crimestoppers at 800.554.5245.
Sorry Sumbeech
They should revoke his hunting license for about 5 years. But any ahole who would steal a guy's camera and mineral block would just hunt without one anyway. Shame you couldn't have caught him in the act and make him eat about half of that mineral block on the spot.
You need to post some pictures at the store in Wilmer and Richard Whites store on 1056 and 10. Put your phone number and see what happens. I use to hunt off of 1054 and had two stolen from me over 5 years. I caught one, he had a stand on the property line overlooking one of my fields in direct sight of the cam that was stolen. His mistake was that he was on my side of the fence. He had his stand chained up in the tree. I call the police they did there report and said dont expect anything to come of this. So I cut the tree down and took the stand. Wrote a note that said stand for my camera. He came back and tore up the note and that was it. Good luck.
make some pics and ask at every store in Washington Parish and Tangipahoa and the Spring Creek and Loranger co-ops and Wilmer Fire Dept., Loranger Fire Dept etc. Someone will recognize him Ask every deputy and city patrolman and Wild life agent in Kentwood, Amite and Franklinton and show them the pics.
That's pathetic
Sorry you have to deal with scum like this but this happens all the time. We deal with people trespassing, stealing cameras, boats and anything else that isn't nailed down. I wonder what makes people do things like this!?!?!? Good luck.
another trespasser
Property is 2 1/2 hours from where I live, went to my son's in Independence to help him and visit.
Went to pull cards in my cameras 30 minutes there so just changed the cards.
When I checked them I find another trespasser, glad he did not take anything YET.
I have not spent much time around there lately but will have to go around showing pictures.
I did give a neighbor some pics but he does know him, he said he will ask around.
The dates on the pics are wrong, I forgot to reset the date and time when I changed the batteries.
Mineral Block?
What kind of scum back would steal a mineral block?
Went to check on mine yesterday. Both were gone. Plan to put some more. Just better hidden. Maybe I can get him to camera. Looks like he was squirrel hunting.
Sorry thieves, I hope my feeder and cam are there the next time I check them. That is the only one that be seen easily the others are hid and should be OK. I hope!
Luckily he left feeder along and either did not see the climber or was not interested in it. Pretty sure we know who it was. Just have to catch him or get a picture of him on property.
Those pics look like a local rabbit hunter.