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'Yak Fishing in Baja Mexico

New computer and playing around with editing some videos. This is my second one. It's from last September in Baja, Mexico.
In the middle of the screen it says
Should be public now.
It works!!
Wife loved it. She had more questions than I had answers.
Like ''Did he bring his kayak there?''
I told her you probably rented one but didn't know for sure.
The resort we stayed at is a fishing resort with a wide range of boats availbale for charter. (This was my second time there) From Pangas to Cruisers. They have a rolling dock that they push out into the water (Sea of Cortez) to load unload the boats. They also have kayaks they rent for fishing or playing.

The main reason I chose them is because they have a couple of Hobie kayaks and you launch them from the beach right in front of the The place is out in a remote area and is all-inclusive for meals. Most everyone that goes there is for fishing, diving or snorkeling. They do have day trips to Cabo and for Golf. They can also arrange beach horseback riding or 4-wheelers. I was there to fish and did that everyday,

Here's a link to a photo book I made from the first trip. My wife caught here first ever kayak fish--a big Rooster right in front of the resort.
very cool chris
nice pics chris, def an attractive destination. thanks for sharing
Awesome pics. Cindy and I enjoyed them very much. Thanks for sharing Chris.
Return trips?
Hey Chris,

Are you planning to return to this beautiful resort again. My girl friend and I are fellow Hobie Yakers and wold love to join a group if possible.

Maybe not this year

Always great to hear from fellow 'yakers, especially Hobie KoolAid 'yakers!

Too many trips, too little time!

I don't have plans to return this year (I've been two years in a row)

I have some other trips planned and don't know if I can fit it in yet.

I will be back sooner or later though, we had great trips both times.

Let me know if you need any specific info.
did you make friends with a mexican pelican???
Actually yes.
I didn't have one come voluntarily on board, but I did have one dive and get hooked on my trolling line. I had to reel it in to get the hook out. No photos though.
'Friendly Pelicans'
...he might had Beast...a couple of undercover people at Rocky and Carlos said he's been scratch'n ??? cheers
i'm telling you, chris is another dr. dolittle, he just dont know that yet!!! chris, if you go kayaking in alaska, you probably will have a bunch of grizzlies sitting on your kayak!! but dont worry, just talk to them, it will be alright!!!