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Old hwy at ruddock

Anyone fish the old hwy between Manchac an Ruddock?
See lots of folks there every afternoon on my way home from work.
What is being caught in that area???
Need to get away from the house and catch a break from life this Saturday .
Any help will be appreciated
its brackish fresh water but mostly fresh
perch/bream, bass, choupique, garfish, all types of catfish, hybrid stripers, saltwater drum, gaspergou, sacalait are there as well but you have to get away from the road.

if you look you will see some trails that lead you to the crossovers where the inner canals end and you can walk out to reach the outer main canal.

watch for aligators, snakes and such, they are everywhere
There is actually some fairly decent fishing from the bank in that area, but Issac caused a pretty major fish kill too. I saw for myself the thousands of dead fish along Hwy 51, so there is no way the fishing will be as good right now as it was this time last year.

However, I have no doubt that there are still plenty of fish to be caught there. I bass fish that area with a plastic worm in red shad or junebug, or with a watermelon or watermelon/red brush hog.

For bream/perch, get some worms or crickets and fish them under a cork.

Live night crawlers should catch you plenty of catfish.

I find the fishing to be best between Ruddock and Laplace. There are trails along most of the cuts that can take you from the road to underneath the bridge. But as the previous poster mentioned WATCH WHERE YOU STEP!!! Snakes and alligators are everywhere out there!

Good luck and let us know how you do!
between Ruddock and Laplace
its better on that side because the closer you get to manchac the more brackish the water gets so the fresher it is the more fish like it and they tend to have better fish populations from the laplace side then the manchac side.

that area is really effected by water level so if the lake is high the canals will be dirty with brackish water coming into the canal at manchac and if its low then low oxygen swamp water will drain out into the canals on the laplace side so those are the times fishing isnt as good.

if i were you and i passed it every day i would get a kayak and keep it with me so anytime i felt like it i could jump right in.
'15 Miles of Good Spots' is good spot,but pack a pistol for personal safety...(the way the VIP's do)...cheers
From the banks
Night fishing is the best. I always told the white bucket brigade out there that the fish don't bite till the skeeters do.
Also running water is a must and the direction should be from the low road to the interstate.
Son and I have caught many sac-a-lait with a pearl colored tube jig under a cork with just enough light to see the cork. Seems they don't like the cork popped just dragged along a foot or so at a time. You have to find the right depth they want, it changes every time I have been there. Also a few knothead bass will bite that. If the garfish show up it is pretty much a wrap and time to go find another canal. Shell bank seems to be the best spot for me. Second curve heading north from the swamp tour. Fish the culverts and out away from them.
It's pretty cool at night. When the bats come out catching skeeters and moths. Sometimes miss bites watching them. I have always worn long sleeves and used no spray.
Haven't been off the bank since Isaac blew through. Been in a boat and the grassbeds I like for Sac-a-lait and Goggle eye are swept away. Fished some stumps that usually produced well but no success from them. I have no idea how the bank fishing will be.
I hope this helps and if you give it a try let us know how you did.
You packing heat Admiral?
Never had any trouble from the human critters. But I do carry.
One time during the day I was fishing the Ruddock Launch canal right from the road shoulder sitting on my heels. I heard toenails scratching the asphalt behind me coming my way. First thought was its a coyote. And second thought was I left my hand cannon in the truck.
I just froze and was scared to breathe. Then right beside me came an otter about 80 to 90 lbs. He stopped, looked up at me like to say ''hey man how ya doin'' then went on his way to the water and slipped in and swam off.
My heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to break my ribs. lol
Glad I didn't have my gun because I may have killed him and would have been for no reason other than he scared the crap out of me. He wasn't out to harm me.
'Hwy 11 and Hwy 90'
...know how you felt Taxi...about 10 years ago we were bank fishing and three dudes stopped...two stayed by the car while the other approached me w/his hands in his pockets ask'n if I was 'catch'n any feish'...I turned w/a .38 stub nose in my hand and said 'NO, but just shot a big snake' !!!...he turned on a dime and all three jumped in the car and dug out !!!...thank God for guns...cheers
Don't step on him!
Hey Admiral, I fish out of a boat occassionally down that way but haven't experienced fishing from the bank. I always heard that's where the NOLA Mafioso dropped off their rivals!!
what u gonna do when obummer takes away your 38 and the 3 dudes still has theirs??? i guess no more fishing from the bank???
'In'da Days of Old'
Cork...'dat's the downtown Black Hand that used Hwy 11 from Hwy 90 to Irish Bayou...the uptown Contessas drop'em from High Rise 55 down to 51...but the skinny ones always ended-up on top 'da bria's bushes ??? see some of'em Google: lazymaryyoutube

...Beast I got a warm Derringer in my jock ??? cheers
now big brother knows about the derringer admiral, he's always watching!!!
3 dudes! LOL
Rabbit, between 'the skinny one on the briars',the lazy mary video, and abeastandasavage's comment about the 3 dudes, I almost stopped breathing!!!
Well E-man
There you have a ruddock report . Lol

If you go by the 3 strike rule , looks like this place is out . 1) snakes and gators 2) briars and burglars 3) dead body's !

Did they ever catch the guy that was dumping the dead hookers out ? The last I heard of it was 7 or 8 yrs ago .
On a Tangent!
Sorry eman about the 'sidetrack'. Got to have a few fish at those culverts when there's a bit of current. Good luck!
Lou Monte; the Italian Parrot
Hilarious stuff Admiral. Not funny someone come up on you like that though.
In Laplace the road that goes to Lake P next to the Swamp Tours at one time was the local trash dump. The city boys (ya know who I mean) used to dump their used up bodies there on a regular basis. Man they painted a lot of houses between 1967 and 1977. Last used body that was found there was hacked up with a cutting torch.
Seems like in the late '70s all the houses in New Orleans must have had a fresh coat of paint.
I have never had anyone approach me on the low road btwn Laplace and Manchac that I felt threatened by, day or night. But still I carry, loaded and ready. Most of the people that frequent that area I know by sight and many by name.