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We had a small window of good weather forecast for Wednesday so Clint Mathew and gang came down for a try at the wahoo. Well it was a very small window because it only let us get out in the calm weather then the winds started and didn't let up all day. At lease it let us get out there. the first lines went out just as the sun was breaking the horizon and it didn't take long for the first double strike. The only reason it was only a double was because we were only able to get two line out before they hit. That was on two Braid marauders. OK so two out one comes back and we get one nice wahoo on ice. Now I have a jet ready and the marauder and the jet go out and again before the third line is out another double. Now the other marauder is gone and a wahoo come in on the jet. We were lucky to get the one that time because the line was all frayed up at the swivel. These fish are so thick the eat anything swivels included. That is one of the reasons we are loosing so many fish. Heavy line, long or short leaders we have tried it all and still the wahoo eat the swivel. Maybe time to put a hook on it, lol! And so it went till we put 5 wahoo in the box and the bite shut down. Well we decided to put some amber jacks in the box and we did that in a very big way. The only bait I had was pogies so the baits went down and instantly all baits were hit. Only one was a big fish and the others were, what else but red snapper. Come to find out all of the pogies were eaten by a red snapper but one of the snappers was small enough to be eaten by what we thought was a monster AJ. The hook never came out of the snapper but the jack had the snapper so far down his mouth that it wedged and never came out. Check the pictures. Next came a regular size jack at 50 pounds and then another at 55 pounds. All this while the true monster was on the line. Two anglers later a real monster jack of 95 pounds came up and was put in the boat. In 20+ years of charters that is the largest jack that I have had put on my boat. Now the seas have built to a very steep 2 to 4 so we decide to make one last pull for a hoo and see what happens before we beat ourselves back to the dock. It only took about 5 minutes and a River 2 Sea Steel Tremor finds its mark and number 6 wahoo hits the deck. We had a great day and a rough ride back but man did we catch some prize fish this day. For your day e-mail or call Capt Tommy Pellegrin 985-851-3304
Pics of 95# AJ
pictures of the big jack
Winter trips
Another banner trip. Your winter trips the last couple of years have producing some awfully big fish.
Rough ride
Nice fish looks like was an awesome trip.

The rough ride I gave up the speed for a cat

Just sayin