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finally had a trip worth posting!

I took a couple of good friends, Dwayne and Wick Mayers, to Catfish Lake this past Saturday. Water was on the rise and we had to endure a stiff 10-15 SE wind that was only supposed to be 5mph. Oh well, we made the best of it. Tried canals on north end of the lake. Found them to be stained but water was moving. Caught a few reds and a keeper trout or two there. Went over to the west side to fish Bayou Blue. Found cleaner water that had reds cruising the bank. Had a blast sightfishing the reds on plastics and also live minnows under a float. This was incredible. They were hungry! Ended the day with 15 beautiful reds and 3 keeper specks. Had to bug out when the trolling motor batteries were nearly dead.
The 2 smaller reds are just over 16' and the biggest was 26' and 7.5 lbs, with the rest being 19-22' and about 5 lbs. Specks were 12-14'.
I'm constantly reading everyone's reports. Now I finally get to report on a successful trip. Thanks to all for the great reports.
Bayou Blue
Nice Catch of Reds Bayou Blue is Known for some good Reds@north end&south end&@few cuts here&thre off the main Bayou Can't wait to get back down there
Nice got a good one too! Cool pics too.
Nice haul
That's an impressive haul. Guess I have the winter blahs. I just can't get in the fishing mode. Glad y'all knocked em silly.

Wife defrosted some redfish fillets and made some redfish wraps.

She first made the cabbage for the wrap by chopping up some cabbage and adding a little red wine vinegar, salt and pepper and let that marinate.
Then cut up the redfish fillets in small cubes, battered with fish fry and then pan fried them.
Took some flour tortilla wraps put some of the marinated cabbage, some fried redfish and some mild salsa and pigged out.
Man that was different and delicious!!
And pretty darn easy to do too.
fish wraps....hmmm
Fishtaxi, that sounds delicious. A different take on fish tacos. Until a few years ago, I never thought that fish and tacos went together, but I was wrong. Had some in a beach restaurant in P'Cola and loved em. Can't wait to try the wraps.
And yes, we knocked em silly. Took a while but persistence paid off. Go get u some!
nice catch glad yall had fun, seems golden meadow has a decent amount of fish right now. as everyone i talk to has a decent trip.