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TIME CHANGE: TV Interview on 'E15' by WDSU TV

UPDATE: My interview with WDSU regarding 15% ethanol gas has changed broadcast time. I was informed today by the reporter that it will be shown on the WDSU 5:00 pm news spot instead of the 6:00 pm spot.


Hi all! I thought I’d update you on my “15% Ethanol Gasoline” consumer awareness activities.

This new gasoline may start appearing in Louisiana and other southern states this year. When it does, it will likely be sold at major branded stations. It’s currently selling in 6-8 midwestern states and is also now in the Houston area I’ve recently learned. This new gasoline has some very severe issues and consumers should be aware of the hazards of this new fuel. I've participated in 3 radio talk shows in December and also helped the outdoor sports writer for the New Orleans Times Picayune write an article for the Picayune in December, 2012 on the issues associated with this new fuel.

In mid December, I ran articles daily for six days which I called “15% Ethanol Awareness Week” on my website. These can be found on my website’s “Current News” page should you care to read them.

About 2 weeks ago, I was invited to do a TV interview on the 15% ethanol or 'E15' fuel issues by New Orleans TV station NBC affiliate WDSU. The interview with the WDSU TV reporter and his cameraman was conducted on January 28th at my home in LaPlace. He filmed for about 30 min. I’m sure the final piece will be only 2-3 minutes when it is broadcast.

The reporter informed me that the piece is currently scheduled to air on Tuesday, Feb 5th on the 6:00 pm New Orleans NBC station WDSU news.

For cable viewers in the New Orleans area, WDSU is broadcast on following channels: Cox Cable - Ch 7, Comcast Cable - Ch 6, RTC Cable - Ch 6/306, Direct TV - Ch 6 and Dish Network - Ch 6.

When I get the YouTube video of the show, I'll post it on the website.

For those outside of the New Orleans TV viewing area, when I get the “YouTube” version of the news cast a week or so after the broadcast, I will post the video of the broadcast on my the “Home” page of my website:

I am trying my best to inform consumers of the dangers of this new fuel before it starts appearing in our area, so please inform your friends to watch the news broadcast on WDSU on February 5th at 6:00 pm news.

“Pete” Landry