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winter fishing in spring tempatures

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Captain Jack smashed them again in Delacroix on Sunday. Fishing should be spectacular, water is warm and the weather is going to be in the 70s. Jack has been fishing shallows bays in about 2.5 foot of water using Matrix Shad Shrimp Creole. There has to be numerous people reading these reports and still not catching fish. So instead of saying Jack needs charters; Jack is willing to give fishing seminars on the water for 650 a day. If you are interested in fishing seminars, gather 3 0r 4 buddies and come to Sweetwater and catch some big old nasty yellow mouth. The fish jack has been catching are really beautiful (4.25lbs, 5.25lbs, and a lot are in the 3lb) range. Sweetwater takes pride in being the top notch boat launch in Delacroix and friendly service is guaranteed. FYI: If you do not know where to go, Jack will tell you where to go and show you spots on the map. Charters and lodging are available. Give us a call 504-342-2368!!!