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Area 2 Hunting Season Survey

Hey hunters, I would like to know your opinions on the deer hunting season in Area 2.

1) Leave the seasons alone.
2) Shorten the whole season.
3) Shorten the buck season and leave the doe season alone.

Please let me know which you prefer and why. I have talked to some State people about this and would like to gather as much information on this topic as possible.

I vote to shorten the buck season to approximately 30 days and leave the doe season alone.

My reasoning is our buck or doe season now is almost 90 days long and almost 30 of those are with dogs chasing them. A buck has little to no chance to reach maturity (5 years old) with such a long season. Should you cut those buck days to 30 days (15 still hunting and 15 with or without dogs) a buck would have a greater chance to reach his potential. Sure there are some really nice bucks killed in area 2 now but imagine what it would be if the seasons were shortened.

Practice QDM. Take does and let bucks reach maturity. Thats my vote.
Come on guys tell me what you think.
is this a joke? you won't get any one to respond cause this is a waste of time, if you think an internet forum will change your deer season you are insane, if you think you will get people to agree to a shortened season, you are even more insane, and lastly if you think killing a bunch of does will improve your deer(buck) quality, then my friend you need to be committed

you asked for an opinion, there is mine, i bet i get more people to agree with my idea than yours hahahaha
Thanks for your input. If there are enough responses for the shortened seasons then it will be forwarded to the Wildlife Commision.
Yeah you won't change anything on here . People have been complaining for years about their season dates and nothing ever changes .
I agree it probably won't get changed but if you would voice your opinion here and I get enough responses it will be forwarded.

Please vote
Since when is an internet poll an appropriate way to receive public comment? Aren't there rules on this?
Trophy hunters ?
What is the majority of hunters in area 2 ? Is the majority trophy hunters or just meat hunters ? I mean because if the majority of hunters in area 2 were trophy hunters then it should be 150 inch or better and just keep the dates the same . Or whatever club your in , make it a rule just in your club .
Was not aware that you could not take a poll or survey on a forum. If you have an opinion on the topic then please voice it. Thanks.
Leave it Alone
My thoughts it to leave it alone and gather data on how changing to 3 bucks/3does has affected the herds.

Beyond that, Area 2 is the biggest area. The terrain ranges from straight piney hills to the Red River bottoms. The area is too complex to make one swiping change like shortening the buck season to 30 days because the next question is which 30 days? Do you accomodate the Nov. rutting parishes? or the Dec. rutting parishes?

If you are seeking to make adjustments to increase the population of older deer, then I would suggest researching how the previous changes were made (i.e. - tags, 3 bucks/3 does, etc.) to make a game plan.

I think antler restrictions would be easier to pass than shortening the season. Forcing someone to count points only affects his decision making but taking days away removes a right.

Personally, I like the long season. I live in Lincoln Parish and enjoy hunting Nov. and Dec. rutting deer in the same parish. We eat a lot of deer meat so I like maximizing my opportunities.

I do realize the the states with the best herd structures have the most restrictionss, shortest seasons, etc. but I'm willing to kill a wallhanger locally every few years as opposed to annually to keep more days in the field. Right now, I am a little hung-over on Feb. 1st wishing I had more time to hunt.
DQ that was a well thought out reply. I assume that most everyone feels the same way as you. I expected that same view from others, however, there are views both directions.

It would be difficult to decide which days and there lyes the largest problem.
my vote
just close season for 5 years, state-wide and let the population grow
i agree with dq also