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Bass Action!!!

My favorite time of the year...spring time.
Bass and sacalait fishing.
Me and the wife made a trip on Monday and found the bass very hungry. Lots of 3 and 4 lb fish with the biggest my wife caught pushing 5 lbs.
We fished several canals with no luck but found some clean water and a deep canal and they were stacked. So much dead water in the marsh, lots of canals full of alligator grass and floating marsh.
You have to be able to reach the bank for the spring time fishing.
We started with humdinger spinnerbaits and bandit baby bass crankbaits. After we caught the active fish we slowed down with a black 10' lizard and watermelon red senko and the action picked back up. You could tell the fish were moving into the canal heavily as we were catching fish that were still brown looking from the dirty water at the front of the canal. This front will slow them back down again, make the spawn last a little longer means more fun!!!!
I am running fresh water trips for the spring for bass and sacalait. Give me a shout to book a fun trip..
Capt. Anthony
You too?
Whenever the wife goes with me she usually catches the biggest and a lot of times the most fish.
I am really glad she is humble. I only get to hear about it when we are with friends, our kids, the grandkids............
A true fisherman she is!! lol