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little cleoProfile Photo
General in Louisiana

Gatortail/ oil leaks and vibration

I purchased a Gatortail this November, I wanted my own boat for Duck season. This was a purchase that I wished, I did not do! On my first trip the motor vibrated so bad I had to switch hands to drive. On the second trip my trim button broke. I have been on sevaral trips and putting up with this horrible vibration. Then the last weekend of duck season, I noticed that their was a oil leak between the case and back half, near oil filter.

Is their anyone having these same issues. Gator tail said that the oil leak is the motor manufacture problem. Under further investigation my Gator tail is not the only one.
January 29, 2013 at 11:00pm
GatoR_TraXProfile Photo
Posted January 30, 2013 at 7:42am
Gator tail

I dont have a gator tail but I can tell you they all do that, all of my hunting buddys have gator tails and they all leak oil at the crank case and they all vibrate alot. I want to get a new rig for next season but not sure what i want yet, my buddys with gator tails have tons of problems, not familiar with prodives but I hear they have issues with the seals on the turning lower unit, My dad has a mud buddy with almost 1000 hours that never gives us problems but I kinda want reverse and im not to sure about their new motor.

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Bud LightProfile Photo
Posted January 30, 2013 at 8:15am
Gator Tail

Post this on mudmotortalk.com. Most of the guys on there have GT's and will help. Did you purchase the motor new?

Good Luck!

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coonassprideProfile Photo
Posted January 30, 2013 at 8:43am
gator tail

the oil leak is a problem that briggs & stratton is having with those motors and can be repaired under warranty as far as the vibration it should not vibrate so bad that you can not hold on to it with one hand check the tab above your torque tab if it is bent like the torque tab it should not be cut it off i have seen this problem and it causes the prop to cavitate and cause excessive vibration. im not sure where you are locted but if you're in the new orleans area stop by theriots outdoor power and i can look at it for you.

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JIMMY WProfile Photo
Posted January 30, 2013 at 10:57am

Vibration is caused by prop wear and should be checked,balanced,or replaced!Oil leak is a Brigg's problem not a GatorTail problem!GatorTail's will give you less problems and their customer service is the best on the market!Good Luck with your engine!

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duckslayer88Profile Photo
Posted January 30, 2013 at 11:13am
oil leak

I bought a brand new GTR rig last year. My gasket started to leak at 110 hours. Called up bubba at GT and told him the problem. They fixed the gasket with no questions asked.

I cant complain with GT's service. If you have a question, just call them up. Think i might try cuttin off that tab below the prop to help with vibration.

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abeastandasavageProfile Photo
Posted January 30, 2013 at 5:46pm
lil cleo oil leak?

doesnt prodrive and gatortail have the same briggs motor? sure looks the same! if it is, shouldnt both gt and prodrive motors leak oil at the gaskets?? what horsepower motor do you have? i have a briggs vanguard engine in my home generator and it looks just like the prodrive and gt engines!!!

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JIMMY WProfile Photo
Posted January 30, 2013 at 6:30pm

They all use the same engines!

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abeastandasavageProfile Photo
Posted January 30, 2013 at 7:04pm
jimmy w?

exactly!! its like buying a car! if its made on a monday morning or a friday afternoon, trouble????

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Admiral RabbitProfile Photo
Posted January 30, 2013 at 7:36pm
'Made in Occupied U.S.A.'

Beast is right...Mondays are production line hangovers and Fridays are weekend dreams...best items put together are Wednesdays...cheers

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abeastandasavageProfile Photo
Posted January 30, 2013 at 7:45pm

you rite again, wednesday! like we use to call it, hump day!!!! over the hump!!!

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EauxDeeProfile Photo
Posted February 02, 2013 at 6:50am
Engine problems

If ya'll don't mind, I'd like to treaux mah 2 cents in on dis issue. Ok, think like dis...Briggs motors, Honda's, Tecumseh's(boat anchor) and all ya 'lawnmower engins' were actually not made for outboard use. DEy was always made for lawnmowers, tillers pumps etc. Now a long time ago...and after a few beers, some highly intellegent cajun had an idea to put a lawnmower engine on a solid steel plate attached to a long pipe with a 6 foot stainless steel shaft, no clutch, and a stainless steel prop and called it a go-devil...which is da 'godfather of mudmotors'. Can I get a AMEN??? Anyway, if you notice, and I ain't seen none either, there ain't no rubber motor mounts on any mudmotor like you see on ALL outboard motors. Of course I haven't broken apart any GT's or MB's to dispute dat claim. My point is, if you ain't got dem rubber motor mounts den you gonna have vibration problems because there ain't no 'give' when the motor is in a bind. AND..If both shafts from the motor to the prop shaft are not aligned properly then you got more vibration problems. And don't forget that prop you used to chop an underwater stump too. It just adds to the vibration misery. We all know, these mudmotors take alot of abuse and they ain't bulletproof so there will be issues unless da motor come straight out da box and ya playin wit it in ya pond where there ain't no obstructions. Den if you got problems, dat becomes the manufacturers problem. Dis is jus my 3 cents here. Ya'll have a nice day!

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duckdoughProfile Photo
Posted February 02, 2013 at 9:52am
This Years 35 Briggs

This year has been Hell for dealers selling 35hp Briggs. Repair work started pouring in this hunting season on many new units not so much on the older units. Briggs is blaming wrong oil and lack of maintenance. But we are talking about new engines with low hours. Briggs is not backing down yet. Dealers have to eat the cost but that can't last much longer for the smaller dealers.

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AllegianceProfile Photo
Posted February 02, 2013 at 11:57am
Gator Tail

Get use to it been having a Gator Tail for about 5 years and it goes in shop at least once a year not counting the repairs I done myself . Right now its in the shop because the clutch went out. I had to replace multiple parts multiple times, 3 trim boxes and one rebuilt one, 3 reverse systems, bent prop shaft, hit somthing in water and cracked lower unit and engine got replaced after 48 hrs. The trailering bracket also broke this past season. I can say that Gator Tail does have great customer service. I'm not as rough with my motor as others claim to be. I guess I got the one built the day before a holiday. They all have problems, especially the ones with all the bells and whistles.Good luck and be safe with your Gator Tail

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duckhunter7777Profile Photo
Posted February 02, 2013 at 12:25pm
surface drive

Yall make me not want to go get one of them surface drives. Ive been having my longtail for about 5 yrs its not the fastest 18-20mph by myself..16-17 with one other person. Its reliable tho as long as the prop doesnt fall off LOL. Ive even ran it after the seals blew out for the remainder of first split just bring grease gun. Thing is tough as nails..just not a speed demon..altough still have itch for surface drive.

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ChrisMDProfile Photo
Posted February 04, 2013 at 11:25am
Gator Tail Comment

At my old lease we had 6 Gator Tail rigs and all were subject to some fairly harsh environments but held up for the most part. They all vibrate some but that is the nature of the beast with that design. Every year a couple would have to go in the shop for a power trim issue, seals, etc.... but we used those boats all year long for fishing as well as hunting. People don't realize it but you probably are putting more hours on your Gator Tail in hunting season than people do in a whole year on their fishing boat. Plus, you're in areas where obstructions are part of the game.

I personally would never own a surface drive for several reasons. 1. They're too slow. 2. They are way overpriced for what you get. The boats are paper thin and comes with a 35 hp motor. 3. They are loud and uncomfortable to drive.

I went out and had a 17', aluminum tunnel hull boat built with a 90 hp yamaha on a jack plate. The hull bottom is 3/16' thick where as a Gator Tail/Pro Drive is usually 1/8' at most. I have NEVER had to have any welding done to it as its solid as a rock. My tunnel hull has a vent which doesn't make it suction like factory built tunnels out there. I can go 40+ MPH and can run thru 6' or so of water when on step. Now, I can't get up and going in straight mud but if theres a few inches of water I can make it get on step (by doing circles and letting waves pick boat out of water). This boat will last forever, has almost 3x the horsepower, faster, quieter and more well rounded. And if I need to get in a super shallow area I bring a pirogue.

Just my .02 cents.

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