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We went in Maurepas swamp and hit a few ridges and canal banks where there were briars and found a few rabbits . Looks like a lot made it through the storms pretty good . We did see a lot of coyote sign , guess they have to eat too .

We ended the day with 7 rabbits and a few catfish off the trot line . But it was a nice day and we had a great time .
'The Squeal of Dogs and The Boom of Guns'
...hey Pic...tell that 'wing man' on the left there's a snake by his left foot ???...looks like'ya all had a good time !!! cheers
Oh yeah
The hot weather has the snakes out big time . Saw plenty , even stepped on a couple . And Admiral if you ever need any lumber just go look on the lake beach . There's new 2X4s 6s 12s , 4X4s all lengths . My boat looked like a junk pile going back to the landing . I found a brand new 8X12 tarp still in the pack , brand new fancy minnow bucket , two new leather footballs , and a 10' 2x12 . I could have filled a sack with softballs and baseballs ... Lol
'Old Ghost Ship Cargo'
...I can see it now !!!

Choupic Towers Trading Post
Downtown C.B.D.

...should have checked it out w/a metal detector...those old drags have a lot of 'secrets'...cheers
'Safety Feature'
Pic...look'n at that dog boat cage we had one similiar to were the roof justs sits unfasten on top... in case of a panic sinking the dogs would have a chance of not drowning...same cage used in the truck we slid a steel rod across the top to lock the roof down...looks like you using the same method ???...cheers
Great idea
Actually my motor went kaput on my boat and I've been using a buddy's boat the last few weeks . That box is one I built for my four wheeler . And no it doesn't have a eject button but I will be thinking of how to put one on that box . I have an aluminum box that I built for my boat but its too big to put in my buddy's lil boat but will be thinking of something for that box too .

It's funny too that you mention that because I was just telling my hunting partners that if anything ever happened (like sinking) in the boat to try to keep a cool head and grab an ice chest or gas tank or boat cushion because a lot of things float .

My nephew just so happen to ask about the dogs , I said well the dogs are screwed ... Lol I was only kidding with them of course and we had a big laugh . I would definitely do what I could to get them all to safety but I'm very thankful for the tip admiral , I would have never thought of that and it will be in the works .
Great report. I'm jealous.
Thanks boots
Boots it's that time of year again and it's all action packed compared to that deer hunting . I love deer hunting but when it's time to hang up the rifles , it's time to break out the shotguns and get serious after those rabbits .

My wife usually stays mad with me this time of year because when it's cold we're rabbit hunting and when it's hot those sacalait will be moving up on the banks the whole month of feb over here .
There is nothing better then seeing a smile on a kids face! I'm looking forward to the day my son bags his first deer, rabbit or squirrel! He already is a pro at fishing.....just ask him!

Its great to see you bringing the kids out to enjoy the swamp! Awesome!!!
Dave , your right man it doesn't get much better than hunting or fishing with your kids . I can't describe how satisfying it is to see them growing and learning the swamp and becoming responsible conservationist and young men .

I can't say that it's always been great .. Lol I've seen more deer and rabbits get scared off or missed than you can shake a stick at ! But it all has really paid off in the long run , I wouldn't trade any of it for anything .

With your son coming up I can tell you , you have plenty of good times to come ! It is truely an awesome thing .