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***Beware of Kayaks next Saturday***

Safety First!

The Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club will be holding a large tournament-- Minimalist Challenge 6 this Saturday (January 19) out of Bassonís marina in Golden Meadow. The tournament will have close to 100 kayaks all launching at the same timeóBEFORE light on Saturday morning. The yaks will all have the only required light which is a 360 degree white light.

They will launch and hold near the pumping station and then the whole group will take off at 5:30 a.m.-- it will still be dark! Weigh in is at 12:00 noon so they will be moving around the area all morning.

Many of the yaks will be heading to the Sulphur Mine, but a bunch will also be peeling off and fishing all around that area. Please be on the lookout when running. With the growing popularity of kayak fishing, more waters are being shared by motor boats and paddle craft.

Please be mindful of these paddle craft and observe all boating rules of the road. A large wake can easily swamp a kayak not to mention what could happen if you run over one! You are responsible for your own wake. Please be observant and courteous. That extra two minutes of dead idle speed won't ruin your day, but throwing a large wake at a kayak could.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hereís a friendly reminder of the Rules of the Road.


A. The following regulations shall dictate the operation of vessels upon the waters of the state and shall set forth a standard of operation. In construing and complying with these rules, due regard shall be had to all dangers of navigation and collision and to any special circumstances, including the limitations of the vessels involved, which may make a departure from the Rules necessary to avoid immediate danger.

B. Any violation of the Rules of the Road as referred to in this section shall be prima-facie evidence of careless or reckless operation.

C. Boating accidents caused by deviation from the Rules of the Road shall be documented as such in accident reports.

D. The Rules of the Road for vessels upon the waters in the state shall be as follows:

1.Vessels passing head-on shall each keep to their respective right.
2.A vessel overtaking another vessel may do so on either side, but must grant the right-of-way to the vessel being overtaken.
3.When vessels are passing at right angles, the vessel on the left will yield right-of-way to vessel on the right.
4.Motorboats shall yield right-of-way to non-motor powered boats except as follows:
a. When being overtaken by non-powered vessels.
b. For deep draft vessels that have to remain in narrow channels.
c. When vessel is towing another vessel.
5.Motorboats must maintain a direct course when passing sailboats.
6.A vessel approaching a landing dock or pier shall yield the right-of-way to any departing vessel.
7.A vessel departing shoreline or tributary shall yield right-of-way to through traffic and vessels approaching shoreline or tributary.
8.Vessels will not abruptly change course without first determining that it can be safely done without risk of collision with another vessel.
9.If an operator fails to fully comprehend the course of an approaching vessel he must slow down immediately to a speed barely sufficient for steerageway until the other vessel has passed.
10.Vessels yielding right-of-way shall reduce speed, stop, reverse, or alter course to avoid collision. Vessel with right-of-way shall hold course and speed. If there is danger of collision, all vessels will slow down, stop, or reverse until danger is averted.
11.Vessels will issue warning signals in fog or weather conditions that restrict visibility.
12.No mechanically propelled vessel shall be operated so as to traverse a course around any other vessel underway or any person swimming.
13.In a narrow channel, vessels will keep to the right of mid-channel.
14.Vessels approaching or passing another vessel shall be operated in such manner and at such a rate of speed as will not create a hazardous wash or wake.
15.No vessel shall obstruct or interfere with take-off, landing, or taxiing of aircraft.
16.All vessels shall be operated at reasonable speeds for given conditions and situations and must be under the complete control of the operator at all times.
17.No person shall, under any circumstances, operate a vessel in excess of an established speed or wake zone.
18.No vessel or person shall obstruct or block a navigation channel, entrance to channel, mooring slip, landing dock, launching ramp, pier or tributary.
19.Vessels shall keep at least 100 feet clearance of displayed diver's flag.
20.Operator shall maintain a proper lookout.
AUTHORITY NOTE: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 34:851.27A.
how long of a paddle is it to the sulphur mines?? are you going to be one of the kayakers??
It's about 2 - 3 miles. Not too bad and I've done it several times. I'm not fishing this one but taking my boat to take photos.

Cool tournament. Everybody will get 4 jig heads, four plastic tails and one top water bait that morning. Everyone gets exactly the same baits and that's all you can use for the tourney. No corks or any other baits allowed. That's why it's called the Minimalist Challenge!

Usually hundreds of pounds caught by the yaks. Field is limited to first 100 to sign up. Close to 90 at last count!
sure sounds like a lot of fun!!!
wish i would be a little, well maybe a lot younger, sounds like a great time!!! everything evenly matched, unlike most fishing tournaments! nobody has an advantage over another fisherman!!! maybe they should have regular fishing tournaments with the same rules, as far as everyone using the exact same baits??? just a thought!!!
Just checked the list--95 signed up now. Looks like it's going to be a sell out!
the mines
Shhh....I always find clean water just north of the launch along the protection levee. Not right against the levee, but in the general vicinity. I will run all over the place sometimes and come right back there and catch fish. There's a little dead end right near by my fav spot. Think you can find it? Good luck!
100 limit
The tournament is limited to the first 100 to sign up.

The last official count was 95, but a few more may have been added.

Registration cut-off is Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 9:00pm. You will not be able to pay by PayPal after 9:00pm on Wednesday.

If you want in on one of the last spots that may be available, you need to sign up now:
i dont get it?
i dont get it, why no corks? you just told someone like me to stay home we dont want you to fish with us.

IMO a cork is as basic and minimal as a plain hook and its more of a fishing style then anything to do with being minimalist.

i get and like the minimalist concept but to exclude someone who mainly fishes with corks seams to be unfairly limiting fisherman to one style.

you want pure minimalist give everyone a cork, drop shot weight and plain hook with 12 shrimp each then let them have at it lol.

i would bet if you polled all involved they wouldnt mind the option to have a basic regular non rattling, clip on style cork as an option to have another form of bait presentation.

just my thoughts
Corks have been discussed, but the organizers have continuously ruled them out. That being said, several of us McGuyvered our top water bait to use as a cork. That is not prohibited

All I can say is not too many have been deterred by the no cork rule as all 100 spots will likely be filled Part of the challenge is to get folks out of their regular comfort zone and I think tight lining is harder than fishing with a cork.
Why can't a rule be added that all yaks must fly an orange bicycle flag when in the marsh?
A few times we have been in the marsh running the bayous at a safe speed and can see a boat over the grass so we know that we have an obstacle coming up.
But when you round a curve and there are yaks there, it's dangerous. If you are at safe speed hopefully you can avoid the yak(s) But you can't avoid throwing a wake big enough to swamp a yak when you have to do a quick shutdown.
I personally think its a good idea and I fly a flag on my yak. However, the local club actually discussed this and the majority believe it should be up to the individual to decide. There is no law requiring a flag.
I fish (crabs) out of Delacroix I see a lot of kayaks fishing that area and I always slow down and idle by them most are bright colors and easy to see but this past Saturday morning i took off in bayou gentilly around 6:15-6:30 still not quite daylight and plenty foggy well about half way to little lake they had a guy in a kayak paddling on his way out I almost ran him over he never had any lights on and was not even close to the shoreline I told him that he was crazy and that he should have waited for daylight or at least had some lights on he just said I do this all of the time and kept on paddling out

Now I was in a 30ft skiff running 25 mph if I didn't see him at the last min I would have probably killed the man because he wanted to get an early start and never had lights
The law requires a white light capable of signaling another vessel when a yak is used in the dark. Not having one is illegal and, well, stupid! Glad nothing bad happened.

I do everything possible to make myself more visible bright yak, bright clothes, bright flag and bright light when applicable.

As a boater as well as a yaker I understand how hard they are to see sometimes.

Thanks for your courtesy by slowing down to idle. It's much appreciated!
I guess some folks are just crazy I was worried for him they had plenty of other boats running out that morning but I'm sure he made it out and back in ok because im sure I would have heard if something had happened to him but with him taking chances like that something bad is bound to happen I just hope he comes to his senses he starts doing things smarter
Should be a great time for all
The local gang and this should be fun bring your vedio for some great action.
Don't fore get this is the last weakend for Duck hunting.
I'll remind the rodeo officials know so they can advise the 'yakers to be extra cautious since the duck hunters will also be launching before daylight. We certainly don't want anyone to get run over by one of those weed eaters on steroids!
I wanna see the video of 100 yaks putting in at the 1 concrete back down, and the parking lot. Not trying to be a nay-sayer, cause everyone here knows me as a straight up guy, but there could be some snags at the launch. Everyone needs to bring their happy face and work together.
Not too bad
There's also an area to the left of the launch ramp that the 'yakers use to put in. All are encouraged to have everything ready ahead of time to speed launching. Guys pitch in and help each other. It really is organized chaos and not as bad as you would expect. Many of the 'yakers do not have trailers.
clean water
I ran everywhere. I found clean water right here. If you don't have yak, or your not from here don't try to get here right now. If you yakkin tomorrow and wanna go the other way from the crowd, this is the spot(s). The whole area is fishable.
yak in da mine
Where's the pics? Who won? How did it go? I went to Cloverly to avoid the chaos, but I hope yall had fun. Chris, you still typing? Or was it so good it was a cover story?
Tough, tough, tough!
The turnout was great, the weather was very pleasant, the water was extremely low and dirty and the fish were all but nonexistant!

The water was low and falling. The guy at the launch reported several power boats from the day before getting stuck on mud flats and others running hot.

When it's too low for yaks to get in many areas, you know it's low.

Several guys reported having to drag their yaks through mud and the winners all showed signs of mud battles. Bill Crawford came in second remarked that it was the 'Hardest day fishing in my life.' Bill is a Mine regular and a very good fisherman.

Let me tell you that some really good fishermen got their hats handed to them Saturday. Only 25 out of 100 weighed in fish. The most trout caught by anyone was five.

It was a great tournament and the winner deserves a lot of credit considering the conditions and limited lures. It was both a physically and mentally exhausting tournament. Congrats to all that participated.

1st Rodney Soigner 5 reds, 4 trout 35.6 pounds
2nd Bill Crawford 5 reds 19.4 pounds
3rd Casey Brunning 5 reds 17.85 pounds
4th Mark Eubanks 3 reds 16.1 pounds
5th Joseph Chevalier 2 reds, 5 trout 15.65 pounds