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Motor Questions

So I got a question about two different motors.

1. I have an old 70s model 25hp evinrude that has been great to me but the last trip I noticed it was sneezing hard and it got to the point where it was at full throttle and it was barely idling. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a carb cleaning but I just wanted to make sure before I open it up and start working.

2. I have a 98 Johnson 115hp an the last trip I had it out, It would idle fine and then when I would open it to full throttle it would just bogg down and kill and then it would take a little while to get it started again and then it would do the same thing. I know I need to change the fuel filter because it seemed loose and degrading but could this be a fuel problem that the filter could be causing? Also when I got it back to the house I noticed a brown fluid coming from the lower unit where it meets the shaft. I think this couple be a bad seal.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.
Ty Hibbs
On the 25, the 'sneezing' is a common trait of the evenrude/johnson motors. The solution is to get the air/fuel ratio screw just at the right setting for it to stop.

On the 115, it could be a number of things. It could be you have water in your fuel and as long as you are at an idle, it is getting sufficient fuel. It could also be a plugged fuel filter or plugged high speed jet in the carburetor. It could also be the float in the carburetor.

The brown fluid could be the oil from your exhaust and nothing to worry about. Check the level in your lower unit and if you have plenty of oil and it is not milky, you should be good.

Thanks Marshrat.
I tuned up the 25 and cleaned up the carborator an it seems to be running a lot smoother.

The 115 Im gonna tackle later in the week. Good to know that it's nothing serious.
Ty Hibbs