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DEE and Gumbo

DEE and Gumbo

the Mud Flat Hunt

It was a beautiful friday morning in .Terrbonne parish hunting a local WMA It was a clear cold morning with a strong North wind. Ducky morning for sure we pulled to the boat ramp 5 trucks i told my buddy as i noticed on the ride their that the water was low .I said mud flats today time to hunt the open water. Well we lanched the Gatortail and motored down the bayou to our spot the water was very low when we made it the pond mud was flying everywhere behid the Gatortail motor we found our old spot of 20 years this pond has been good to us and it should be today the wind was blowing out of the north so we set for a cross wind very effective on late season ducks we put our decoys as far up wind as possible so the ducks would pass us up for very close shot Feet down in the decoys.Well shooting time came and the 1st flock of grays where looking hard 4 of them .I hit my RNT shortbarrel very hard making it bark like a real hen mallard they lock up hard on the spread.they came from very high. I hit my call a few more times as they circiled the spread of decoys .i hit them again a few more times with the dc gadwall call and they fell right in 3 shot fired from 2 guns 3 ducks fell and as the day ran on we seen less and lessduck maybe 20 or so ducks we ended the hunt with 3 grays but it was a fun hunt and a pretty day with a old friend in the mud hole pond. enjoy your season Guys the end is coming
January 05, 2013 at 6:01pm

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