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New Orleans

Moved to NOLA recently from South FL to be closer to my wife's family, brought my 23 Dusky CC/Tw 150 with me am planning to keep it at Seabrook for easy access to lake, pleasure cruising with the wife/kids, fishing lake ponchartrain. My question is how far is it by boat to the oil rigs, not necessarily the deepwater rigs but somewhere I might be able to catch something other than a trout or red? I realize I have the wrong boat for the area (I'd rather fish inshore now that I'm here but my wife won't let me sell the center console to get a bayboat). Any advice on routes, would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone has a recommendation on a mobile marine electrician and/or someone who can work on Suzukis that would be great.


To get to the true offshore rigs you will want to tow your boat to Port Fourchon or Venice and go south from there. To get offshore from Seabrook you would have to run through Lake Ponchartrain, The Rigolets, and on out through the Mississippi Sound -- many many miles. Pick up a few local charts and check it out.
no rigs in the lake
i think this is a picture of the boat he is talking about guys
its a deep vee hull that has a fairly deep draft that you dont want to be exploring shallow marsh in so i agree with him a better boat would be best.

ccwoody is correct there are no deep water rigs within several hundred miles so trailering to the coast or getting a slip is best, try fourchon or venice.

the lake does have shallow water rigs but they arent much and the whole lake is shallow maybe 10-12 ft at deepest spots except for a few deep holes or areas it has been dredged.

its simple math if you explain it to the wife correctly, the money you save with per trip costs on a bay boat vs per trip cost of the big boat plus storage is huge and over the life of the boat it pays for itself not to mention if you get a good price for the rig you have. i dont see how its not cheaper to switch rigs when you add up the cost of keeping and maintaining that big boat.

also it doesnt have to be new, between the price you get for the big boat and what you spend on a good used rig in great shape you might end up at about an even swap out of the deal
What does the CC mean
I went to the Dusky site and didn't see any boat with a CC designation.
Do you mean cuddy cabin or center console?
If it is a cuddy with a toilet that the wife wants there are center consoles with toilets in them.
There is lots of places you can fish inshore and Breton Sound with a 23 footer. Year round.
I think you just got new boat fever! lol ;-)

Good luck ^5
They're right. You'll have to put that baby on a trailor to get to the rigs efficiently. I like Venice or Fourchon. Fourchon is my favorite. Your on the right site. It's winter, so offshore isn't where you want to be, but come summertime you are in for a treat. Welcome to LA.
Welcome to New Orleans
You can use your boat to fish many areas in and around Lake Pontchartrain, but it isn't the best for the marsh. All the areas you can reasonably get to from Seabrook will be for catching reds and specks. Offshore this time of year is tough due to cold fronts and high winds. What kind of fish are you looking to catch offshore? Most except tuna and wahoo can be caught within 10 - 20 miles of Venice or Fouchon. With a 16 - 18' flat boat as a second boat ($5-8,000) you can fish the marsh in the Fall and Winter and offshore in the Summer. Check out the different reports on inshore and offshore areas on this site to get a feel for what is going on.
You can get good Marine electronics from Bayou Marine in Chalmette. They have mobile service. Again, welcome. You posted your question to the right place.
go south
go down to Venice. The choices from there are many.