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Fly Fishing 101 - Sat, Feb 16

Fly Fishing 101 - Saturday, February 16, 2013

Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm
Location: LDWF Waddill Outdoors Education Center
4142 North Flannery Rd, Baton Rouge, LA
FREE and open to the public

An opportunity to learn or improve your knowledge and skill in all aspects of fly fishing. Topics covered include:
- equipment and fishing gear and accessories
- hands-on casting led by FFF-Certified Instructors
- hands-on fly tying
- hands-on knots and leaders
- fishing tactics
- basics of fishing area waters

Lunch and refreshments are also provided at no cost. If you have equipment, it is advised you bring it (best to learn on what you own). However, for those who do NOT have equipment, the club has rods and reels available for instruction.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED as attendance is limited to 40 persons. Please contact our Education Chair, Dugan Sabins, at (225)766-4060 or email Dugan.

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Rules of fly fishing
Does anyone know what are the rules for fly fishing in the Star tour. can you use live bait or do you have to use plastic only.
STAR rules
I assume you're talking about the CCA STAR tournament. The Fly Rod Division rules state, 'Flies must be of the recognized type of artificial fly according to IGFA rules.' According to the IGFA, the 'lure' must be a recognized type of artificial fly, which includes streamer, bucktail, tube fly, wet fly, dry fly, nymph, poppers, etc. It also prohibits the use of scents or 'tipping' of bait on flies.

I know STAR Director Rad Trascher has a catalog of flies for reference, and if there's a particular fly that isn't found, he usually contacts someone who knows, like myself, to confirm. With so many synthetic products now used for flies, the consensus has been as follows: if the body of the 'lure' is secured to the hook with thread or epoxy, contains no metal or plastic (other than eyes or wire), and weighs less than 1/16 ounce dry, it generally is acccepted as a fly.
'Old Rods'
Will there be any vendors there ?...we have two antique split bamboos that needs appraisals...cheers
Yeah, I have an old Heddon, split bamboo I'd like some info on too.
I have been to this class a few times and there were no vendors there. Great class for a person wanting to learn more.
Wish they would have it at one of the BREC parks so that trout fishing would be part of the class LOL
Other events might help
Like E-man said, this event has no vendors. However, you might check out the Texas Custom Rod and Tackle Show near Houston April 19-20. Man, do they have it all! Closer to SE Louisiana, there's usually a couple of rod folks from Texas at the Acadiana Fly Rodders conclave last Saturday in February. Can't guarantee it, but usually there are. Just not a lot of antique rod experts around here, except perhaps for Tom Tripi in Folsom. You might check out his website at for contact info.