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Swamp deer

The rut looks like its finally starting . Caught this 8 point cruising near lake maurepas this morning .
Swamp Donkey
Congrats on your deer, I've been sticking to my spot in Joyce, but it just ant the same sence the storm.
nice deer
Very nice. Gotta love a boat ride over an atv ride any day. You brought good help too. That brings good karma.
Thanks STP and white boots
STP - we have tons of sign , just not seeing deer . That's the first deer I've seen in two weeks . I've been telling them boys , you gotta hunt the the sign , one of these ghost deer will eventually slip up and come out in the daylight . Just so happen one of them showed up on top of me .

I'm glad I killed that deer but would have much rather my son or nephew kill it . We been hunting hard since before Xmas and that's all we got to show for lol . Boots - I don't leave without those two boys . Those two are some hard hittin deer huntin machines ! Lol Long freezing cold boat rides to them is a joke , they never even mention that its cold .

We are wore out , so today we going to try to hunt from 10 - 2 for this last day . Hopefully the duck hunters will be cooking some of those black birds , and egrets they been shooting every morning and evening .
Nice buck c-man. That was me in the bateau with the pvc duck blind that you passed in chene blanc.
How has the ducks been around chene blanc?
Thanks TBoy
Yeah I saw y'all , wish I'd have known , I would have stopped and talked to y'all .

Marshdeer , not many ducks , a few wood ducks but other than that it seems a lot of the duck hunters are practicing for next year (not all) . I don't see how they can afford all that steel shot just to waste . We could have seen a lot more deer if it weren't for people just riding and shooting .
As far as the ducks go, non-existant. That was my 3rd trip without firing a shot.

Next time Choupic.....
Nice buck
I hunted on the blind river side opening weekend seen some good sign but didn't see any deer that is a nice buck you got man congrats an I guess we'll see what next season brings us
Thanks red top
Last year we hunted a few times up past y'all's camp around the power lines . I wanted to go back up there this year but had too much deer sign to leave where we was at .

We still got primitive weapons , so it's not over with yet . It should be just right for the rut because I think they're just getting started . Hopefully my lil hunting buddys will be able to collect on one of those swamp bucks .
Nice Deer
Love the chocolate horns, will make a great mount.